Friday, August 29, 2008

A B-Minus Week. Seriously.

Jesus, Joseph and Mary, has it been a week! Wow. Let's just start at the beginning. On Monday, as you know, we took the hubs car in and $785 later, got it back. So, that started things off with a bang. D+ for the day.

Tuesday, it POURED rain all day (thanks, Faye!) and we FINALLY got our building permit (but not before I gave myself an ulcer and IBS worrying about it the night before) so things appeared to be on the upswing. Then, Tuesday night, I had a nice dinner with a friend and came home to watch Hillary Clinton tear it up at the DNC. I don't care what people say, I love me some Clinton, 'kay?? I did wind up getting in the bed late though, so B+ for the day.

Wednesday, I had to drive to ATL for a work meeting. I pretty much hate driving and if I ever win the lottery, the first thing I am doing is hiring a driver. Driving Miss Bunny, yes, ma'am! I did, however, on my travels get to go to Fresh Market where I indulged in some (quite less expensive than W-S) olive oils. Wednesday night, I was pooped but I did make dinner (though I forgot to take photos!) of a nice Pomodoro pasta--simply noodles, fresh TOMATOES and basil with my NEW and VERY GOOD olive oil. Then, it was Clinton Part 2 as Bubba took the stage at the DNC. Again, say what you will, but that is one charismatic mo-fo. I mean. Can't we repeal the only 8 years thing and re-elect Bill? Again, late to bed, so a B day.

Thursday, we had to take Savannah for blood curves. Let's just say she's still all over the board with that. Sigh. And a NEW surprise--Wednesday night, I was petting her and felt something weird and crusty on the corner of her eye. Upon closer inspection by the vet, seems the Pud has a cyst:

Yummy, right?? We have this salve to put on it which Savannah just LOVES us applying. She just tries to give us love bites the whole time! So, anyway, guess what? If it doesn't clear up on it's own, she will have to have SURGERY! Yeah! I bet that will be cheap. So please pray for the Pud's eye. On a positive note (yes, there is a TINY one) it's not serious as far as impairing her vision or anything. Let's see, I will give Thursday a C+. (See below for my commentary on Obama's speech).

Then, today, we took the girls for grooms. And it was payday. Unfortch, I also found out we are already like $3500 OVER budget for the remodel. Seems I stupidly did not ask for a written estimate from our siding contractor and developed our budget on his estimate which was way under because he apparently priced the job on a lesser cost siding that we were preparing to buy. And we added cedar accent. And just a whole bunch of shit. So, I am all freaked out and my heart hurts because I am so stressed out. But I have faith it will all work out. Really, I do. Tonight, was dinner out and grocery store where I only spent $53 (thank the Lord because I am SO in the hole for the week!). For Friday, I say a B-.

So overall, grade for the week: B-

What I'm Cooking:
Well, as you see above, it was out Tuesday, pasta Wednesday and out Friday. Thursday, however, I pulled one out of my butt, again to use up ingredients about to go bad:

Lettuce on the verge of slimy, mozzarella with the mold cut off, TOMATOES with bad spots cut off and some boxed shrimps, drizzled with olive oil, red wine vinegar and $10 salt, which makes EVERYTHING better! Ha! Pretty! And yummy!

After dinner, I decided to get busy and made a peach cobbler AND a vat of homemade TOMATO sauce which I stuck in the freezer. I hope it thaws out well later. I have really tried to use ALL THE DAMN TOMATOES! I hope in a few weeks I will be complaining about all my peas.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole.

What I'm Reading:
Still reading The Rest of Her Life by Laura Moriarty. SORRY! I was watching the DNC all week.

What's On My Mind
Politics. Ok, I started out a Hillary supporter. As a woman, I loved the idea of a female prez and I think she is an incredibly smart human, a great orator and motivator, and really cares about the middle class of this country. So, I was a little bummed when Obama pulled ahead and, honestly, I had not warmed to him very much. So my watching the DNC was in hopes I would be voting Democrat not just to be voting against Repubs, but because I believed in the candidate.

First, let me say that I have more respect than ever for Hillary Clinton. I cannot even imagine how much pride she had to swallow, followed by eating shit with a knife and fork, to do what she did Tuesday night. She put it all up for the party, peeps.

Secondly, Bill Clinton threw DOWN the gauntlet then picked it up and knocked W over the head. But if ANYONE has the RIGHT and ABILITY to call out W, it's Bubba. After all, W has 150% effed up everything B. did while in office. I would be PISSED if I was Bubba.

Thirdly, Obama did not disappoint. I turned off the tv last night happy and satisfied with the Dem nominee. He was forceful, articulate, smart, straightforward--how refreshing after 8 years of a moron. Seriously. I am just going to pray every day until November 4 that he can pull this out, or I truly believe we are all in a shit-pot of trouble.

Lastly, WORD to McFarty McCain: That VP STUNT today was so TRANSPARENT. What WERE you and your peeps thinkin', grandpa? You put an inexperienced little twit possibly one heartbeat away from the White House, and, God knows, that's about all the beats you have left. Though you obviously think otherwise, one vagina is NOT equal to another, you stupid old douche. One her VERY BEST DAY EVER, Miss Alaska would not even be able to come within 100 miles of Hillary. I mean. And you better be 'effin glad Hillary ISN'T the Dem VP because she would WIPE THE FLOOR with Little Miss BP Exec Wife. Seriously.

PS, check out mine and the hubs FAVORITE DNC speaker:

"I Cain't Do It!"

Ok, so, there's my political rant. I CANNOT WAIT until the debates. Ha! My next two months will be filled with politics and remodeling.

I will try to be back soon--lots going on this weekend--getting haircut tomorrow, yard work on Sunday (got to plants the broccoli!) and staining cabinets Monday. Other remodel prep. Clean the house. Sounds like lots of fun, no? Oh, and Aunt Flo should be showing up anytime now. Anywho, be good, be safe, and please say a prayer for me and for the Pud.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hump Day Holla for Hillary

Ok, y'all, I was gonna write this great post about Hillary Clinton's great speech last night but I am JUST. SO. TIRED. I will try to post tomorrow night instead. But it might be the weekend. Sorry. Please forgive Blogger Bunny!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And Now the Fun Starts

Yo, peeps! We have a building permit! Let the demo begin. Keep checking back as I will be chronicling the daily progress here on bunnygoround. Woo-hoo!

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Monday Damper. And It's 4 Months 'Til Christmas.

Well, it hasn't been the best of days, but let me back up a little first and recap the weekend.

On Saturday, I slept a little late then decided to poke around in the yard. It was overcast and breezy so it was a great day for working outside. First, I was estatic to see this:

PEAS! Woot! My peas are coming up! Still no carrots though. I think this weekend I am going to try the carrots again and also plant my broccoli (the seeds finally came). And maybe some more peas. I have plenty of carrot seed so I will keep trying until there is none left. Watch me have like hundreds of carrots in a month or so and be here cursing them!

Then, I decided to tackle the monster lantana:

Seriously, I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but this lantana had grown again to mammoth proportions of like 10 feet x 10 feet or something crazy like that. Anyway, it had to be cut back because it had completely overgrown the path and, once they rip off our front porch, the back door, and adjoining path, will be our entryway to our home for the next several weeks.

After playing gardner, I rested, read and did some freelance work. Saturday night was again dinner and a movie, and we got to bed later than we should so we were lazy arses and skipped church Sunday. Bad. Anyway, we WERE able to drag ourselves to the W-S class which, this week, was olive oils. Little Jake did this cool tasting like a wine tasting. Really, it wasn't gross because you spit it out. I thought it was SO interesting. So did the hubs. And the recipes, again, were great. Little Jake even made olive oil ice cream! It was da' bomb! If I didn't already have a part-time job, I think I might have to work there a little for the discount. I could SO be a cooking idiot if I wanted. I really love it. It's the art, the creating, and then, the eating!

Sunday afternoon was my nephews b-day party which was fairly low-key and then home for more work last night. I have several projects perking and am a little stressed. Today was work, work, work, and making some calls about the remodel. Tomorrow we are going to go get our building permit and, I swear peeps, nothing better happen! And hopefully by Thursday, construction may begin!

Today, it was gloomy and rained all day but we need it so bad, I'm not complaining. The hubs stripped our living room down to nothing in preparation for the remodel. After all, they are going to be ripping off our ceiling and we are worried about things accidentally getting broken so we are just going to take everything down and live in plainess for a while.

We did get some crap news today--the hubs has been having vehicular woes and we took his car in and, ouch, it's gonna be a $700 repair. Woo-hoo! More money to spend this week! Anyway, the bright side is it's fixable and will hopefully keep the car in running order a while longer.

What I'm Cooking:
Saturday night, we had the Saturday night special:

Yup. Grilled steaks, those great potatoes and a salad. The twist this week was the salad--it's Panzanella Salad (bread salad), a W-S recipe from the Summer Salads class. It is day-old(s) bread, TOMATOES, cukes, onion, basil, red wine vinegar and olive oil. Yum!

Last night, we indulged in leftovers of bread and orzo salad and the remainder of the yellow gazpacho. I forgot to take photos, but tonight I made this GREAT chicken enchiladas recipe that include cream cheese and heavy cream. Hell, they HAVE to be good, right?? Anyway, I also made fresh pico de gallo with TOMATOES to go with and it was all good.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, Hope for the Hopeless by A Fine Frenzy. This is a beautiful song--look at these lyrics:

cold in a summer breeze
yeah, you're shivering
on your bended knee
still, when you're heart is sore
and the heavens pour
like a willow bending with the storm,
you'll make it
there's hope for the hopeless

The lead singer, a female, delivers the song perfectly, building to a soaring end. It's a great, great song. I loves it.

What I'm Reading:
Still reading The Rest of Her Life by Laura Moriarty. Not LOVING it, but it ain't bad. I am waiting for a surprise twist or something to touch me. Right now, I am having a hard time relating to any of the characters.

What's On My Mind
KK spent much of the day indoors since it was rainy. Here is a sweet pic of her sleeping:

Other than that, I am just overwhelmed with all things remodel right now. I am praying for Christmas, which is four months from today!, because by then, it should all be over and we, hopefully, will be settling in.

What I Don't Know About Bunny: The Daily Meem
Since it is a rainy day, today's daily meem is about rain:

Do you love the rain . . . or hate it?
Love it. Though I hate what it does to my hair. And I also hate driving in it.

Have you ever sung, danced or simply played in the rain?
Yes. On more than one occasion.

What do you like best about a rainy day?
I like best to curl up with my cashmere throw and a good book in a comfy spot and savor the sound of a serene shower.

So have a good one! Again, keep us in your prayers tomorrow and for the next several months!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden Our Time

Ok, maybe that was a lame-o title but it's the best I have right now with my raging headache. A friend said I needed to post about the Dem VP pick since I mentioned it in my last post, so I thought, "why not?"

Anyway, I don't think it will be a surprise to the 4 or 5 people who lurk here that I am, by all accounts, a Democrat. Like most peeps, I also have some conservative leanings (um, yeah, child molesters, baby killers, rapist and certain other criminals definitely need to die and I am not so sure about welfare. At the very least, it needs an overhaul.) But I digress. The main reason I am a Democrat is, based on what I have seen in my life, all the Republicans can seem to do when they are in office is f**k up our country. I mean. All I sayin' is think what you will about Clinton, but when he left office our country was prosperous and in ABSOLUTELY NO DEBT. NO DEBT. I don't even think there is a measurement to gauge how much debt we are in now. And NO WAR.

As it stands now, we are in a embattled and embittered Mideast conflict taking thousands of lives, the housing market is tanking, the economy is tanking, inflation is on the rise, fuel and gas prices continue to kill everything from grocery costs to school field trips to vinyl siding for your house (yes, I know this one first hand right now!). Honestly, it boggles my mind that ANYONE could vote for another 4 years of the SAME OLD SHIT or WORSE. Seriously.

As far as W, I personally don't think we have ever had a more inept, inarticulate and inexcusable leader of this country. HOW he has managed to evade impeachment eludes me. What he has done to this country is far worse than Clinton's little dalliance. Clinton may have gotten blown, but the entire country is taking it up the ass from W and his administration. A 7-year-old mentally challenged child could govern better than him. I mean. That's what is comes down to for me--I personally don't think the Republicans give ONE SHIT about the working class of this country. Do you not THINK that W and his oil buddies are rolling up in the money with the gas prices soaring? HELLO?? My only confusion is that to be so money-grubby, I don't understand why they can't do a better job budgeting. Of course, they don't care because it's not THEIR money. It's OUR money, our taxes to be specific. On yeah, and hefty loans from China. Expect Chinese to be spoken here soon is all I am saying.

Any way, I digress again. On to Biden. I think ANYONE Obama picked would have not made EVERYONE happy but I do think Biden is a smart choice. He fills the #1 gap in Obama's resume (foreign policy), he's relatively clean as far as scandal and he seems to have the respect of world leaders. But Obama-Biden have a long way to go. Here's some suggestions:

1) Right away, Obama needs to promise/allude to the fact that he is going to give Hillary a PLUM cabinet post. I say let her take Condi's place. That should help soothe the people who hate that Hill was passed over for VP. Besides, BO really OWES her that, esp. if Hillary rallies her troops behind the ticket. Seriously.

And I understand why Obama didn't pick Hill--the Clintons are very devisive--people love them or hate them. And they have more baggage than a Mori Luggage store. So, in the end, I was not convinced that a Obama-Clinton ticket would have been a "sure thing." But, OB, dude, do the right thing. Pride won't win you the election. Hillary's voters will.

NOTE TO HILLARY: Tell Bill to SHUT HIS PIEHOLE or you will DUMP HIS ASS which will gain you more favor than his current surly state. He's not helping you, himself or the party by playing the petulant child. I thought Bill was smarter than he's acting. I mean.

2) Address the criticism upfront. Obama needs to say "Yeah, I picked Biden because of his record. I want this party to win! I want the Republicans to suck it! And, hey, I think it should show that I am pretty smart to do so!" Biden needs to say "Yeah, I said Obama wasn't ready but the man has run a tough, tight campaign and over its course, I have changed my mind. Anyway who can run a campaign like this can run this country." And the ticket needs to say "We are still about change--and united we will bring the best change because peeps, we cannot endure another four years of the S.O.S."

3) Prove to us, all of us who are sitting on the fence, that you mean it, Obama-Biden. It's not just about politics. You love this country and want to make it whole again. You have a PLAN to straighten it all out. Let us know it will be hard, but we CAN be a great nation again that is RESPECTED and PROSPEROUS and a TRUE WORLD LEADER.

And, Obama, you may want to rethink that flag thing. It's pissing some people off. Seriously.

So, there's my two cents for now. Hey, if anyone from Obama's camp is googling him daily and reads this, give me a call! I have LOTS more ideas where these came from!

Friday, August 22, 2008

It Ain't Over 'Til the Fat Baguette Sings

Dudes, T.G.I.F. Seriously. I don't know what happened but my get up and go got up and sprinted away about 3 p.m. today. I feel like shayt. My shoulders, neck and head hurt (I think I slept weird last night) and I think I may be getting a cold. Whine. Whine. Anyway, my arse is writing this post, drinking and/or taking something and going to bed.

So yesterday and today were pretty quiet. Yesterday morning, we went and changed over all our insurance to State Farm, so I am worth 2.5 times more now than I was 48 hours ago. I telling y'all, if I go missing, it may be a Laci Peterson. That's all I'm saying. But I ain't preggers.

Last night, we rode over to this nearby subdivision to look at the siding on some of the houses (yes, we are STILL trying to decide on colors) and I swear, I was so PEEVED because this little man comes out on his lawn and like stares at us like we're all shifty or something. I mean, these were EMPTY, FOR SALE houses. Maybe our 2002 Chevy just wasn't high-end enough to be there. Whatevs.

Today, I had to go order this weather-stripping stuff for my driver's door. Actually it's called "drip mold" and I know why--if it's broke, it's like a waterfall when it rains. Drip my ass. I was especially pissed that the last flood 'effed up my George Michael CD case. We are expecting rain here so I thought maybe I would (finally) go order it. Why put it off you say? Well, because it costs, hold on, $70. Insane. And I have to pay to have it put on. $100 for weather stripping. Crazy. It's just the first in a money hemorrage that will be coming this week--there are grooms to be had by the girls, blood curves for Savannah, a haircut for me, the bimonthly trip to Trader Joes. Oh well.

What I'm Cooking:
Last night I was floundering for a meal so I pulled a slap dash save and pulled a whole bunch of things that needed to be eaten out of the fridge. Here is the result:

Goat cheese encrusted tilapia on a bed of roasted red peppers and spring greens. Sounds tasty, right? It was pretty good but I don't know that I will add it into heavy rotation or anything. I had some spring mix three days past expiration, two red peppers about to head south and thought I'd add a little protein with the tilapia. The goat cheese was just to add a little flava. We had the lovely yellow gazpacho on the side. To go with I also made bread:

Yes, I tried my hand at baguettes and, bitches, for the first time, my bread "singed!" When you take your bread out of the oven, it's supposed to "sing" (sort of whistle sound) when it hits room temp. It was cool. I was proud. And, um, yeah, I cut off that end. SORRY! Who can resist hot bread right out of the oven???

Tonight, I made this which is from my W-S class this past Sunday:

Dudes, this is AWESOME! It's called Chicken and Orzo Salad and the recipe is on the W-S website. I mean, it's da shit and it's easy peasy. I cooked the orzo earlier and chilled it in the fridge. Then I just diced up some Roma tomatoes (the recipes calls for cherry but, hey, I have Romas, dudes), shred up some spinach and toss all that with olive oil, white wine vinegar, $10 salt (really, this makes it. ha.), pepper and pesto. Then, I bought I rotisserie chicken at the grocery store (on sale but not as cheap as Wal-Mart) and shredded it up and tossed it in. YUMS! And it makes a TON. Very tasty. I swear, I LOVES the W-S classes.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, Better Be Good To Me by Tina Turner. What a great song:

"You better be good to me
Thats how its gotta be now
Cause I dont have the time
For your over loaded lines
You better be good to me"

Damn skippy. Reading this hubs? I mean.

What I'm Reading:
Finished reading Open House by Elizabeth Berg. Meh. It was okays. I think I am starting The Rest of Her Life by Laura Moriarty next.

What's On My Mind
I hope it rains tomorrow because I am going to lay my arse up on the bed all afternoon and sleep and read and sleep. Seriously. And for 'effs sake, can't Obama NAME his 'effin running mate already??? Jeez.

Oh, and here's a little something new I may do from time to time. It's called a meme (pronouce "meem" like "dream") which has many meanings but, for this purpose, means a personal questionaire answered by moi. This is so y'all can get to know the Bun better. Here we go--first three questions:

What was your favorite cartoon when you were a child?
Scooby Do. "Rot-row."

Pretend you are about to get a new pet. Which animal would you pick, and what would you name it?
Dog, hands down. Another Cairn or a smallish (20 lbs) terrier mix. For girl, Winifred Lucille and call her Winnie Lou. For boy, Jackson Carter and call him J.C.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy getting all dressed up for a special occasion?
8. I like the pomp of the situation. I don't like the pinch of the uncomfortable clothes.

So there we go! Hope that gave you some insight you have been DYING to know. Have a good weekend and I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hump Day Holla

Ok, so I am PMS and haven't had nearly enough caffeine today (I FORGOT to drink my coffee this morning! Can you BELIEVE??) so just bear with me because I am a smidge grouchy. Oh, yeah, and I am bloated like the Michelin man. So, like I was saying, a smidge grouchy.

So anyway, yesterday was pretty quiet for the most part other than the small (huge) part where I am concerned (freaking out) about all the crap I need to do for my remodel. So we are trying to get some siding samples, and finalize our window and door selections, and worry about the planning commission giving us more flack. Seriously. So my heart is palpatating and my stomach hurts but I am trying to stay focused on the end, if it ever freakin' comes.

Last night, I cooked up a storm, did some freelance work, went to bed and read. Today was more work and worry and then out to dinner with a close friend I had not seen in a while. I am thinking of turning in early tonight and just saying 'eff it to the work. One more day ain't really gonna matter, is it??

So, this morning, I did water the garden and look at the cukes I just planted Saturday:

Yeah, all four humps are popping right on up. Wouldn't ya' know? The last thing I really wanted is going gangbusters. No signs of life yet from the carrots or peas. I hope to get my broccoli soon so I can get it in the ground. FINALLY, the tomatoes have somewhat slowed production so that is good, but there are several left on the vine. I really like this gardening thing--it's sorta cool.

Anywho, I have had this photo for a while of the K-ster and wanted to share:

KK, jungle cat. Ha.

What I'm Cooking:
Last night, I grilled marinated chicken breasts--two in vidalia onion dressing and three in tomato bacon dressing, both courtesy of Kraft. To go alongside, I cooked this:

This, my peeps, is TOMATO bread pudding. Another creative TOMATO dish. It was quite good--tomato sauce with all kinds of seasoning poured over day(s) old bread cubes and baked, then topped with parmesan. I think I had a little too much sauce/not enough bread though because it seemed a tad too wet. But very good overall. Sorry I forgot to take a photo BEFORE we dug in--it was pretty too. We had this and steamed broccoli with the tomato bacon marinated chicken.

I also made golden gazpacho again:

I know this photo makes it look a little baby-shit gold, but I SWEAR it is SO pretty in a nice bowl with homemade croutons and a little topping of goat cheese. And SO SO tasty. YUM! And, you know, it's more TOMATOES.

Today for lunch I made a new favorite--whole wheat spaghetti topped with a heaping spoonful of chunky peanut butter (natural variety) and sprinkled with lime basil (basil that smells just like limes! it's awesome!). Today I also added a little of the vidalia onion grilled chicken. It's very tasty. Like a poor man's Pad Thai.

As I said, tonight I went out to dinner but check back later--tomorrow will be something with baked bread and TOMATOES, no doubt.

What I'm Listening To:
Michael Jackson, Old School--Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground), Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough--you know, the good stuff before he turned freak.

What I'm Reading:
Still reading Open House by Elizabeth Berg.

What's On My Mind

Love this photo of the Pud. In your face, bitches! Suck it! Ha.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Funny Pud Pics

Ok, here are some hee-stare-rick-cal photos of Savannah barking and howling after we gots her all riled up the other night. I meant to post them in my other post but forgot and am too lazy to go edit. Anyway, hope you get a chuckle out of them. She's such the drama queen!


Damn skippy. Only $150 and eight weeks later, but we can start our remodel. Now I feel sick because I have so much to do. But happy. And if some m-effer protests the ruling in the next 5 days, I will hunt them down like a baby-killing rapist. But I am sure it will be fine! Anyone want to come help me pack up my breakables??

So, anyway, the rest of Saturday was pretty calm--reading, relaxing, eating, watching a movie. Sunday, we went to church and then went to the "Summer Salads" class at W-S. It was great--more good recipes. Then, we came home for naps and while the hubs cleaned the house, I worked. But last night, we did creep out for a Bruster's ice cream. YUM! I can't wait for the fall flavors esp. all the pumpkin ones.

Today, the hubs was at home and we had lots of stuff going on plus I was trying to work. Then came our hearing and, after our approval (which, BTW, took about 5 minutes. What a crock of rubber stamp BS that was!) we decided to celebrate a little by eating out Chinese. So, here I am at bedtime and overwhelmed with everything that needs to happen in the next 2 weeks or so--order siding, order a door, order windows, get our building permit, pack up our breakables, etc. etc. We just didn't want to do anything until we were A-OK. So now it starts. Pray for me.

What I'm Cooking:
Saturday night, I grilled steaks and made bread and TOMATO salad. Imagine that! I used an heirloom called Gold Medal. It's a little freaky looking--see:

It's yellow with red "stripes". But it looks sorta cool cut up. I sliced it then drizzled it with olive oil, red wine vinegar, $10 salt, fresh ground pepper and crumbled blue cheese. Look:

Yummy, right? It was extra special sopping up the juices and cheese with my FRESH BAKED BREAD:

A little less floury, a little more golden. I think I am getting there.

Sunday night, I made veggie quesidillas and fresh TOMATO salsa which was quite good. Today, we had TOMATO sandwiches for lunch. I am freezing more TOMATOES tonight for future sauce. Whew! It's hard work making sure none of those buggers go to waste.

What I'm Listening To:
Nothing right now, believe it or not. Been a quiet weekend for music. BUT Builder Man said today he could wire us for sound. Surround sound. WOOT-WOOT!

What I'm Reading:
Finished The Last Time I Was Me by Cathy Lamb (ehh, it was ok--tried to hard to be funny and hip) and started another Elizabeth Berg--Open House.

What's On My Mind
Why does the BUSIEST weekend of the month so far have to be THIS weekend?? Anyway, we will get the remodel all done then have a HUGE party! But, really, pray for us. Seriously.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Welcome to the Weekend: The Extended Version

Well, I know I have been a bad blogger this week but, as I mentioned in my last brief post, I have been a little blue and haven't felt well. But I feel better today so I am going to try to catch you up on all things Bunny today.

Let's see--well, seems I have a LOT of catching up to do since I have not really blogged since last Sunday. Well, basically, this week was a bunch of work and not a whole lot of anything else. Monday night, the hubs and I went to Sam's and got a membership. I think I have the hubs buying into the whole bulk/cheap eats. I have found the only bad thing about bulk is storing it. Oh yeah, and eating it fast enough. But the bread at Sam's is like $1.50 and it's double that at the grocery store. So, we'll just be eating lots of toast. I like peanut butter toast with bananas for breakfast--it's filling and has fiber, protein and fruit!

Last night, I went to Folk Fest, a big folk art show in Atlanta. This was my fourth year and one of my good friends went with me and we had a great time. I had never been on opening night and it was SO MUCH better--no crowds, pick of the art, good times. Here's what I bought:

Another S.D. Meadows piece, to round out my collection to three. Because we all know you must have things in threes or fives. Here's the three pieces together:

Now, I ain't gonna hang them this way but it's just where the nails are for now. I do, however, think they look fabulous together.

This is another S.D. Meadows piece. Remember spoon man? Well, this is ladle lady. I just LOVE this art--it's so full of whimsy and so creative.

Here is another C.M. Laster piece--I am keeping with my theme of faith/religion pieces from him, however, while I do love his work, I feel I may have tapped out with him. These are my favorite of his pieces and I have plenty now. He is still a nice man and very creative. Look at his van:

Seriously. That is the Laster family ride. Sorta cool but something only an artist could get away with.

I had to buy something from someone new and I just liked this. It wasn't much at all and, though it does not look like my girls, I like the way the dog is rolling his eyes.

I also wanted to buy a piece from this artist--Robert Rodenburger--but when I went back, someone had bought the piece I liked. M-effer. I also looked at this print by him:

I am sorta kicking myself now I did not get this (I downloaded this from his website). One reason I didn't get the print is I would have had to have it framed. I still have some art I bought LAST year at Folk Fest I have yet to have framed. I mean, I bought these two pieces for $40 (for both) and when I went to look at framing, it was going to cost $400+!!! Um, HELL no! So, for now, those are sitting in my closet. But I digress. My friend said this looked lonely, but I thought it was beautiful--the three trees together, facing a golden sunrise. It looks like love and hope to me. Then, I saw the name of this piece is Trinity. Cool. I saw lots of pretty things and wished I could have taken photos to show y'all all the things I loved but we thought maybe the artists would not like that, ya know.

So this morning, I was up and out in the garden. It was a glorious morning--overcast and relatively cool. I planted my seeds, which came this week--cool weather cukes, sugar snap peas and carrots. My broccoli was backordered. I hope they come up but I won't cry too much if they don't--I will only be out a few dollars for seed. But it will be cool to see if they do anything esp. the peas and carrots. And, Lord Jesus, look at the tomatoes--STILL:

This is just what I picked this morning. 40+ tomatoes. Seriously. Mostly Romas. I mean, I cooked all kinds of tomato stuff this week (see below) and even froze some sliced Romas and gave some away and we were down to like 7 tomatoes, and now this. Wow.

What I'm Cooking:
Tomatoes. Um, Tomatoes. And, oh yeah, Tomatoes. Well, as you know, last Sunday I made traditional gazpacho, then once we ate that, I made yellow tomato gazpacho. It was so pretty, but I forgot to take a photo. And I made stuffed tomatoes (stuffed with Italian sausage, onions, mushrooms) twice. It has been all about the tomatoes this week. I even had a tomato sandwich today for lunch--look:

I thought that kinda looked luscious and I have been bad about taking food photos this week. So, tonight we are going to have a repeat of last Saturday--steak, Insalata (that would be TOMATO) salad, fresh baked bread. I have had bread dough made and in the fridge all week but have yet to make any. I thought I would make foccacia again, but I am out of "good" olive oil. I bought some the other day at the grocery store but I don't love it very much. But I do love my $10 salt:

Make fun if you will, but this salt is great! This is some salty salt too! You don't need but a pinch. It's not cooking salt but more "bring out the flava" salt.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, Housequake by Prince. This is an awesome song! "Shocka-locka boom. What's that? Aftershock." Ha. "Shut up already. Damn."

What I'm Reading:
Finished the Elizabeth Berg book and have started on The Last Time I Was Me by Cathy Lamb.

What's On My Mind
Ok, so I hope this longer post makes up for my bad posting this week. Tomorrow, I have another W-S class--Summer Salads--so I am looking forward to that. Right now, I need a shower and then I may relax and read a little while. So far, it's a good weekend. Hope you are having one too!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hump Day Holla

Well, peeps, after my high on Monday, the last couple of days have been sorta, well, shitty. I don't really have a lot to tell--it's been work, work, work, a little cooking, and a lot of feeling crappy, mentally and physically. I am in a dark mood and a little bit more than depressed. So not a lot of love here at the Hump Day Holla but I will try to get my shit in gear for a bigger and better post this weekend. Sorry to be such a Holla pooper this week.

Monday, August 11, 2008

You Say Ta-may-toe

HOLY CRAPOLA! Remember back when I was all whiny and pitiful because my tomatoes were not coming in but were just languishing on the vine, laughing at me in their greeness and non-growth?? Well, be careful what you cry over. Take a look at this:

Yeah. I know. That's an 'effin lot of 'maters, peeps. And there are that many more on the vine. And while it's an issue, it also makes me very, very happy. We have already had gazpacho for lunch today (and tomorrow). Tomorrow night is stuffed tomatoes. Then I am planning brushchetta and fresh salsa later in the week. And maybe just a good 'ol 'mater sam'ich. THIS is what I love about summer. Fresh fruit and veggies. Sigh.

Then, today when I was out in the garden, it was just overrun again with butterflies and hummingbirds and bees because of all the flowers and veggies. So I snapped a few photos with the digital and look at this:

Isn't this BEAUTIFUL? I mean, I just pointed and clicked but this is like professional-worthy. The color. The details. But I had nothing to do with it--it's just the great awesomeness that is Mother Nature and God. It's lovely. Just lovely. I hope you enjoy.

I love life right now. And I love all of you. And, no, I'm NOT drinking.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Don't Hate Me Because I Am Boring

I know, I know. I should have blogged like two days ago. Fact of the matter is that it has been EXTREMELY event-free and pretty much boring around Casa Bunny. The sad thing is, for it to be so boring, the days have just whizzed by. I cannot believe it is creeping up on bedtime Sunday night!

Well, let's see, here's the breakdown of the past several days. Thursday was work, work, work then I went to meet with the hub's boss who I do some freelance work for and she treated us to dinner which was nice. We went to this BBQ joint and I decided on some Brunswick stew (it had rained Thursday afternoon and was practically chilly! ha!) which was excellent.

Friday was work, work, work except for a lunchtime jaunt to CVS. I have been playing the CVS game of extra bucks and am still trying to get the hang of it but I have figured out to get the best deals, go EARLY IN THE WEEK before stuff gets picked over. Then, Friday night was out to dinner (Mexican), groceries and a movie.

Yesterday was all about freelance work. I had THREE articles I needed to write, so I just hunkered down and knocked them all out. Yes, it sucks to work all day on Saturday, but oh well. Then, last night, I cooked dinner and we watched another movie--National Treasure 2, which was very much like National Treasure 1. The hubs said he liked this one better; I think I liked the first one better because this one just made the series formulaic. (is that a word?)

Today, we were bad (i.e. no church) and slept late then I got up and went to my first Williams Sonoma (to be referred to as W-S from here on) cooking demo. Jake, little cook person, did a good class and I learned several new things including some great-tasting recipes. He did a stuffed tomato with Italian sausage which I hope to try later this week. Lord knows we have enough tomatoes! Then, it was home to nap and read--I laid on the bed and read for like 2 hours. I was joyously blissful. I cannot remember the last time I did that and I needed it. Then I got up and cooked, so onto that...

What I'm Cooking:
Well, as you saw, Thursday and Friday night we ate out. Last night, I grilled steaks and served the good potatoes on the side along with Insalata Caprese (salad of tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, balsamic vinegar). The highlight of the meal, however, was an awesome fresh-baked by the Bunny foccacia made from my bread mix with fresh rosemary (from our shrub in the yard; seriously, it's a freakin' shrub) and sauteed onions. Yum. So easy. I was pleased.

Today, I was all inspired after my cooking class and decided to come home and, after napping, whip up some stuff. So, first, I made gazpacho with fresh tomatoes, cukes and peppers, all from the garden, from a recipe I got today. I am not a HUGE cold soup fan but this soup was really good. I plan on baking up some fresh bread to go with.

NOTE: I went to Target and bought an immersion blender which is the BOMB--powerful, slim so its easy to store, easy clean up. It whipped that soup right on up. Little Jake had one but the W-S one was $100; Target was $40. I did, however, buy some $10 salt at W-S. I felt obliged. It was like when you go for a makeover and then feel guilty so you buy the lipstick. Anyway, the salt was sorta cool--these women in coastal France skim it out of the sea because the water is so salty, the salt just forms right on top of the water. See? Cool.

Speaking of which, I made me up a new batch of dough for fresh-baked bread this week so it's ready to go. While at Target, I also picked up an 8-quart plastic container for the dough. I didn't say, but my first go around, the container was a little small and the dough sorta rose up and out of the bowl. It was a mess.

After all that, I made dinner which was grilled pork chops served with grilled peaches (NOTE: Georgia Belles are TOO soft to grill really well), Kashi 7-grain pilaf (NOTE: This is new--I picked it up at Target too; the texture was really good and I think it would be great jazzed up with craisins and pecans) and a strawberry, pecan and blue cheese salad with a strawberry vinaigrette (another Target purchase) dressing. All quite good.

After dinner, I whipped up a peach cobbler, but just a half one. One disaster though--the top came off the cinnamon when I was sprinkling it in so a TON fell into the peaches. It will be quite cinnamony. I really like cinnamon--I just hope its eatable. Hell, who am I kidding? We'll eat that cobbler and scrape down the sides!

So, I am set with soup and bread for the week, plus lots of fresh tomatoes and peaches. Woo-hoo.

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, Battlestations by Wham. Yes, I am still loving on George. But I have also been listening to Garth Brooks Greatest Hits this week. He is so great. He did it right--make your money, go out on a high note, and retire.

What I'm Reading:
Year of Pleasure by Elizabeth Berg. And I made good headway today.

What's On My Mind
I ordered my fall veggie garden picks--cukes, broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas. I hope they come this week so I can plant next weekend. I am excited about continuing the garden. It really isn't that much effort and fresh veggies are so great. I really like being all domesticy and am enjoying the garden and the food and cooking. I mean, if I'm gonna be fat, I might as well be eatin' GOOD stuff. My new domestic idea is to pick up a craft--I am thinking quilting. But I have to get through the remodel and get my house, and my life, somewhat in order.

I think this week will at least be a tad more exciting than last. I have a lunch planned, maybe a dinner. Next weekend is Folk Fest, a huge folk art show that I love. And I hope to get my garden planted. Then, a week from tomorrow is our remodel hearing. We received a letter in the mail yesterday saying the planning staff recommended approval. Damn skippy bitches. It better be.

Have a great Monday, peeps. I may not be back until Hump Day Holler, so have a good one!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hump Day Holla

Yo, yo, coming at'cha from the back end of Hump Day, peeps. I have to admit it has been a shatty day, so the Bunny has been nipping a little tonight and I am a pillowcase to the wind. Ok, maybe a twin size sheet to the wind. So don't hold any grammar or spelling or other airoors. I mean arrors. I mean errors. against me. :)

So, things have been pretty dead and boring around Casa Bunny so I thought today would be a Hump Day Holla in pics. So, I bring you a few of my favorite things for now:

This is Pepsi barking. I don't think in 8 years I have ever taking a photo of the Pepster barking! So this is a favorite thing of mine now. I think it is high-larious!

This is our "summer" bed. We actually sold our regular summer comforter in prep for the remodel so we were stuck with using a quilt of my grandmothers for a cover. Mixed with the tickling shams and crewel pillow, I love it. And I love red. It's simple, quaint, perfect for summer.

A couple of weeks ago, Publix had Peter Pan BOOF, and I bought this honey flavor PB. It's really good! Great on toast. Excellent spread on a banana. A little much with jelly though, unless you LOVE sweet.

Another Trader Joe's coffee hit. Who would have thought us virgin coffee drinkers--who only started a few years ago--would love this extra dark roast? It is awesome. Smooth, not bitter, a kick in the pants after a late night.

I bought this cute little painting for the hubs recently. Cornbread is a Georgia folk artist and the hubs likes him muchly. His big pieces are tres expensive but this little postcard-size painting gave us a slice of Cornbread. Ha.

These are the books beside my bed right now. Ambitious stack, eh? Three Elizabeth Berg (fell in love after The Art of Mending), the Idiot Girl's Club(love the title), Instant Love (love the cover), Last Time I Was Me (which moms gave me after she read at beach and said was great), Beach House (which I don't really want to read because my sis told me it sorta sucked) and Joel Osteen (which has been there for, literally, a couple of years. Maybe I need to read for my best life. Like now.).

My little paper maiche clown, one of a pair. But you hate clowns, Bunny, you say. Well, yes, I hate those American-Ronald McDonald-white face-red ball nose-freaky clowns. But French-type folk arty clowns I can take. In small folk arty doses.

This is a GREAT rose wine that was on special at Trader Joe's recently. I bought four bottles and I have this one left. It is a perfect summer wine--light, not too sweet, yummy. The notes include strawberry and watermelon. And it was only $3.99 a bottle. What's not to love??

Story People by Brian Andreas. I have 8 of these. I don't love the art so much, but I love the sayings. This one is called "Real Reason": "There are things you do because they feel right & they may make no sense & they may make no money & it may be the real reason we are here: to love each other & to eat each other's cooking & say it was good." That's about a perfect life philosophy if you ask me.

What I'm Cooking:
It has been SO 'effin hot that we have been eating al fresco. Which means sandwiches. Last night, it was roast beef with provolone and spinach on french rolls with fresh cuke and tomato salads on the side. Tonight was two tomato sandwiches (yellow and Cherokee purple) with goat cheese on french rolls with cuke salad on the side. Yummy, easy cleanup, fresh, cool. Again, what's not to love?

What I'm Listening To:
Right now, I Can't Smile Without You by Barry Manilow.

What I'm Reading:
I will start on one of those books by my bed this weekend. Promise.

What's On My Mind
I am planning a fall garden--maybe broccoli, carrots, more cukes, maybe lettuces. Food is so expensive, esp. produce, and growing veggies is fairly easy and sort of empowering. I think I will give it a go.

Ok, I am a little ripped now. Maybe a double sheet. I started out with Sidecars (lemon juice, cognac, orange liqour) and graduated to a Screwdriver to keep the buzz so I think it is time for a good night's sleep. Later peeps!

Monday, August 04, 2008

A Perfect (Culinary) Storm

**This post has been delayed because Blogger wouldn't let my photos post last night! Enjoy today though!

Ok, peeps--I just realized I should have posted LAST night but, oh well, sorry. Not that there is lots to tell--this post is gonna be all about the pics.

First of all, the hubs was off Saturday, Sunday AND today so we've been all up in each others bizness. Saturday, we went off and did errands in the a.m.--drugstore, dry cleaning, Home Depot for paint chips, etc. boring crapola. Then it was home for--yes I will admit it--naps. I guess we are just old farts because both of us have been down and out tired and in pain this weekend. I guess my ass better stock up on ibuprofen before this remodel starts or we are going to be SAD. Saturday afternoon, we cleaned and straightened around the house and, after dinner, watched National Treasure. I probably shouldn't admit this, but that was a GOOD movie! I really liked it and am renting National Treasure 2 for this weekend.

Sunday, we went to church, then home and the hubs went off with his fams antiquing while I worked on freelance work and read a little. That was pretty much it. Then last night, we watched October Sky which was also a good movie, but a little slow. Today has been work, work, work for me, though I did traipse out into the garden around lunch to pick the today's bounty and then, this evening, we went to Lowe's to look at yet more paint chips and we found a great bargin--a new dining room chandelier for $58! Woot! I hope we like it out of the box.

What I'm Cooking:
First, let's start with the strawberry cobbler I made Friday night--gaze upon this goodness:

Here's the closeup:

Then, Saturday night I made steak salad again--grilled steak and onions served warm over greens, cukes and tomatoes except THIS TIME I remembered the BLUE CHEESE:

Sunday night, I decided to make chicken fajitas so I threw up some boneless, skinless chicken thighs in this:

It was quite good--subtle yet flavorful. I grilled up the chicken with peppers and onions and served with yellow rice and black beans.

Today for lunch, we had chicken fajita quesadillas from leftovers, then for dinner, I made tuna orzo pasta salad:

This is a great summer recipe--light, easy to make, colorful and makes a TON. I made this batch with FRESH tomatoes, FRESH basil, FRESH bell pepper--all from MY GARDEN! And FRESH cukes from the garden alongside. And behold, bee-yotches--homemade bread from the Bunny:

This is a boule (boo-lay), which is French for something roundish, I think. I dusted a little too much flour on top, but the hubs said it was quite good for a freshman effort. And with butter on its hot goodness, it was even better. I was pleased as punch, indeedy-do.

The next three Sundays, I am going to be rolling up in Williams Sonoma to take some culinary classes--tomatoes, summer salads and all about olive oils. I am tres excited. It might not be the CIA, but it's FREE and I am terribly excited to see what they have to offer while getting out of the house. And did I mention they are FREE??? And that tomato class couldn't be timlier because FINALLY our tomatoes are coming in, of course all at once:

This is what was picked today. And we ate a few at dinner! That funny lookin' purple one is a Cherokee, which is a heirloom variety.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Superstition by Stevie Wonder.

What I'm Reading:
Well, I returned to The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets this weekend, and found myself liking it quite more than I did before, so I am trucking along on it.

What's On My Mind
Our garden is OVERRUN with butterflies! It's craziness! I counted like a dozen today between the butterfly bush and lantana. Look at this:

THESE ARE FROM OUR GARDEN! Not to be a big dork, but sometimes I am overwhelmed by nature.

Have a good week peeps! Be back for Hump Day Holla!