Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tiredness Tuesday

Ok, y'all, I have a screaming headache, probably from going out today to run errands in my glasses and squinting for over an hour driving around in the sun. So, this is going to be a REALLY short post because all I really want to do is go to bed after washing down about 10 Tylenol with a quart of wine. Get me??

So, yesterday and today were pretty low key. Not a lot going on--just working and such. The hubs was still at the show yesterday so I singled it last night and decided to go to WalMart to pick up some syringes for Savannah (which they were OUT of) and it was a CF of madness and mayhem since they are renovating the store. Then it was home for a salad supper and not a whole lot of anything else.

Today, I picked up my new glasses. They have red plastic frames--I will have to take a photo when I look and feel better. The hubs told me they were my bitch glasses because I was telling him how peeved I got at a co-worker today. Honey, if these are my bitch glasses, watch out! I will be wearing them all the time!

Other than that, there ain't crapola going on here at Casa Bunny. I almost didn't post at all. Tonight, we had cucumber and tomato sandwiches for dinner because I did not feel like cooking. Now I need to work on some freelance so I can go to bed early. Woo-hoo! To top it off, I accidentally left my sherbert out of the freezer today and it all melted. Mother 'effer!

BTW, Savannah seems to be doing well. I called the vet and they said to take her dosage of insulin back up and I was like, no, ain't gonna do it. Well, I didn't tell the vet that but, seriously, why would I raise her dose when she had a low sugar issue??

I will try to stir up something before the next post, even if I have to make it up. Be good!

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