Monday, July 21, 2008

Three Days in a Row!

Yo, peeps--third post in a row! Now, don't go wetting your pants or anything. I was just a bad bunny blogger last week and this week looks to be pretty boring so I thought I would plug in a few extra posts while I was ready, willing and able.

So, today was pretty mundane--work, bank (mo-fos were charging me a service charge I was NOT supposed to be incurring!), post office, more work. The hubs and I had rented the John Adams mini-series over the weekend but could not bring ourselves to watch it. Historical mini-series seem so....cold weather. And after 2 months of The Office, I really don't know what we were thinking. Summer is about romantic comedies or thrillers or something light. So we sent the damn disks back without watching them. Yeah, that's how we roll. We CRAZY like that.

What I'm Cooking:
It's been another perfect storm of cooking at Casa Bunny today. First, the pasta salad I made last night for lunch today turned out well. I did give it a little sprinkle of goat cheese for added flavor, but overall, I reckon it was pretty good.

For dinner, I made this:

Yeah, it had been in the freezer a while and in menu rotation a few weeks. It was OK--I won't be rushing back to Trader Joe's for another one. In fact, I'll probably never buy another one. I like my doctored up mushroom smothered tilapia much better than this option.

On the side, I just had some brown rice (woo-hoo--I used up the box! I am on a quest to eat several things that have been in our cupboard for awhile...) and marinated cuke salad. In an effort to use up some of our mountain of cukes, I sliced about 5 or 6 pretty thin, then thinly sliced a Vidalia onion and tossed them in a lidded bowl with 1/2 cup white wine vinegar, a hefty dash or two of sugar, salt, pepper and fresh dill. Refrigerated them and tossed around every so often until dinner. They were pretty good, though a couple of the really vinegary ones made my eyeball pucker.

After dinner, I decided I had to use up my two pints of blueberries that were on the verge of going furry so I decided to make a blueberry peach crumble. Here it is:

I SWEAR this recipe is SO, SO easy. I have made it several times now--large dishes like this, individual tart dishes, peaches, berries, you name it--it all works. I don't even measure-measure anymore--I guess-measure. Here is the recipe link:

If you cannot cut and paste into your browser, go to and type in "blackberry crumbles." Or let me know and I will email it to you.

I know I SHOULD have made cobbler, but I am more of a crisp girl. I like crunchy, crispy goodness, and though I like cobbler, it's a little too cakey/doughy for me to truly love. Plus, I have been pretty much keeping the crisp ingredients "on hand."

The hubs told me today that the peach farm near his work had their "Fresh Peaches" sign out today! WOOT! That means the shayts are on their way! Tune back soon for more peach-lovin' recipes because we will be covered up with peaches soon!

What I'm Listening To:
Nothing today--been quiet.

What I'm Reading:
I've 'bout decide to give up on my book. I just cannot get into it. I am probably going to lay it aside in favor of another this week. Poor book. It's not you, it's me. Well, ok, maybe it is you. You promised good things with your nifty title and cool cover but you just ain't delivering.

What's On My Mind
Tomorrow Savannah is going back to the vet for a checkup so send good wishes!

I am off to eat crumble and work some. G'night!


Elisabeth7291 said...

we tried that talipia as well, and well, let me say we ended up going out for dinner that night. Since then, I haven't been able to bring myself to cook the chicken from TJ's we got the same day.

What IS the bomb from TJ's is their muscot citrus vinigerette for slaw! They had it out one day we were in & it is Yum Yum! I actually made it last night to go with Paula Dean pre-marinated pork chops (Kroger) and canned apples w/ poppy seed dressing.

Recipe: (so easy)
1 bag slaw (the kind with carrots)
2 T. minced vidalia onion or green onion (I've used both, either is fine)
feta cheese - either a container or whatever is left of one
1/2 bottle of TJ's Muscot Citrus dressing
Mix & let sit for at least 30 minutes - overnight is great.

Last night I also threw in cherry tomatoes, just 'cause I love 'em!

bunny said...

Thanks for the tip! We will probably be going to TJ's this week. Is that where the salad dressings are?

PS, the TJ chicken like the fish is better. Not loads better but definitely better (the gorgonzola one--after all, how can you 'eff up gorgonzola!?!?)