Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sigh. Seriously. Sigh.

Dudes. The last 48 hours have been HELL. I mean HELL. Yo. All work related. Suffice to say that I am an editor for a magazine and we have been undergoing a redesign and it has been ROUGH getting the first issue out. A TOTAL CF of madness and mayhem. I thought I would have something great to tell today but all I can tell you is I survived the past two days.

Tonight, I made my hubs take me to dinner. I needed alcohol and some comfort food. So we had Mexican. I had like a gallon of beer and enchiladas. Now all I want to do is go to bed. Which I am doing shortly.

Other than that, there ain't a lot going on here at Casa Bunny. I have been prepping for the George Michael concert by listening to his greatest hits, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael. I forget how great George Michael's voice is--it is quite, quite good actually. Best George Michael song you never heard--Different Corner. Can't wait for the concert--it's like two more weeks.

Last night, we went out to dinner, then tonight too, so no cooking. Last night, we had Thai with some friends. It was really good--I have not had Thai in a while and I forgot how yummy it is. I guess you could say to some extent it has been a week of revisitng old faves.

I am SO SO SO looking forward to the weekend. I will get to see my fams because it is my niece's b-day celebration Saturday. And Sunday, we will be rolling up to see The Dark Knight. Can anyone say Christian Bale is yummers? Poor Heath Ledger though. This would have been his breakout role. Though I LOVED me some Brokeback Mountain--THAT was an AWESOME movie. "You done wurnt me!" (that's a line from the movie).

I know there is probably more to tell but I am to the nub of rawness--the "F" word has been flying freely out of my mouth the past few days. I have got to get that under control. Seriously. It's not attractive but with no exercise, no booze and no one to beat up, cussing is about all I got to get me through the stressful times.

Be back this weekend--have a good one.

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