Sunday, July 13, 2008

Serendipitous Sunday

Hello peeps! I promised photos, and I am here to deliver! Which is good, because the weekend has been sorta boring overall. Yesterday, I didn't even leave my house--I cleaned like a fiend all morning. It was pretty gross around Casa Bunny. Not filthy, just messy. Things needed to be put away and put up. We finally got the bathroom cabinet finished and cleaned up. Here are the results:

It ain't bad, but for all the trouble that small cabinet was, I cannot IMAGINE doing our cabinets in the master bath. We are now talking about trying to stain our master bath cabinets. We'll see how that goes...

In the morning, I worked in the garden just a bit. Look at this haul:

I ain't got no 'maters but I have cukes coming out my ears! Yows! If it ain't one thing, it is the other, peeps. Maybe some of you will benefit from the cuke overhaul.

In the afternoon, I decided to cop a rest and watched Billy Elliott. If you have never watched this movie, I would highly recommend it. It is a heart string puller, and a good laugh, and just all over good. The young boy who plays the lead character is simply fabulous. LOVE!

Bad news--while watching the movie, I think Savannah had a low sugar attack. I swear, we just cannot get that girl to normal! I am thinking of turning crazy ass parent and starting to take her blood sugar at home. I said I would never go there, but desperate times, peeps...I mean, we have spent $500 on her recently and it looks like we ain't done. I will probably have to take her back this week because of this attack. On another hand, here's some cute pictures of Savannah and Pepsi:

Eagle eye view of sweetness! Though Pepsi has that "green eye glow" doggies get.

Here is the last of my birthday gifts--yes, I know that was way last month, but a good friend of mine recently returned from a study abroad for PA school. She went to Italy and said she would bring me back something from there, so here it is:

A lovely Eye-tal-ian leather purse. I think that color is yellow. Ha! It really is lovely and SMELLS great. Leather is one of my favorite scents. I always get "new car" freshener when I go to the car wash (you know, the leatherish scent).

Last night, the hubs actually made it home before midnight so I cooked dinner and we watched The Office. We are to season 3 now--this is the last until Season 4 comes to DVD in September. Sigh. This morning, I went with the mom's to Sam's and stocked up on meat. Since the packs there are so large, we went and bought stuff and split it up. My freezer is full! I cannot wait to get a side by side so I have more space. Of course, who knows when new appliances will be in the budget...Then, me and the 'rents rolled up to Cracker Barrel and hogged out. It was yummy!

This afternoon, I napped. Yep, damn skippy, peeps! I NAPPED for TWO HOURS! I needed it too. Now, here I am blogging to avoid some freelance work I need to do and am totally NOT feeling. Oh well, guess I better get on it so I can watch some more of The Office this evening. That will be my "reward."

What I'm Cooking:
Last night was the first night I had cooked since Tuesday. Here's what I did:

I had some thin sliced sirloin steak so I tossed it in a baggie with some Kraft Vidalia Onion salad dressing, a little olive olive (to cut the sweet of the dressing), some crushed garlic and then threw it on the grill. I served it over lettuce with tomatoes, cukes and grilled onions with a little goat cheese tossed over the top. Blue cheese would have been better but I had to work with what I had. Served with those good soft Hawaiian rolls (we had some that were about to reach the end of their fresh).

By the way, this is really good:

Sherbert is so GREAT during the summer! It is one thing I LOVE about summer. It is so tart and fresh. I can only eat it when it is really hot and I love the mixed kinds. Publix has quite a few mixed sherbets--this was the first I tried so now I will have to try the others.

Oh, and this is the wine I had Friday night:

I totally bought this wine because of the label. Well, not totally. I was looking for a pinot noir and bought this one because of the label. Ha! I like quirky and plays on words and tounge in cheek references. It WAS good though! Yes, I also buy books totally because of their cover. I can't help it--that's how I roll. I am very visual.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Rocksteady by Marc Broussard. Again, one of the best people you've never heard. His debut album, Caranco, was excellent. Second album, not so much (It was all covers! Why, Marc, why?!?!?) It is one of the few albums I can definitely listen all the way through.

What I'm Reading:
Ok, I have not finished my book...instead I read a few trashy mags today. BUT I did FINALLY get my bread book:

Next weekend, I am going to try my foray into bread baking. I will keep y'all posted on that. I was promised it is super easy.

What's On My Mind
Not to be a broken record, but what am I going to do with Savannah??? Seriously. WTF am I going to do??? I love her but the bank account can't keep taking this hit. And neither can my nerves. I feel tied to my house. At the end of the day, I try to accept that we have done the best we can for her and that's all we can do. I cannot sit and watch her 24/7. That said, y'all know what a worrier I am. Sigh.

Be back later peeps! Gots to get to work. Have a great week!

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rachel/the sheriff said...

Marc Broussard's first album is actually Momentary Setback which was released independently in 2002. His second album is Carencro, which you mention, which was released in 2004. And you ask why he released an album of covers for his third album and it's because he recorded an entire album of originals and his record label at the time (Island) refused to put it out and Marc and the label parted ways. He had to get SOMETHING out and S.O.S.: Save Our Soul was the result - it's actually a GREAT album of covers, but I understand that some people aren't into covers. But Marc more than does them justice. And most recently he put out Must Be The Water, an EP of songs to go along with the NBA using his song to advertise and promote the All-Star Game back in February. He recently finished recording his next full-length album on his new record label, Atlantic, it is called Keep Coming Back and will come out on September 16th!

Take care,

P.S. If you're wondering how I found your blog, I have a Google Alert set for "Marc Broussard" - I work with him and he's one of my best friends!