Saturday, July 05, 2008

Schwinging Saturday

Holla peeps! Ok, that's a lot more energy than I actually have right now, but since I missed last night due to Independence Day partying, I figured I better drop a post tonight.

When I last left you, we were waiting to take Savannah back to the vet on Thursday for more blood curves, and we had good news--her sugar levels were quite good. Of course, the bad news, of sorts, is that we cannot figure out what set this round of problems off. Regardless, I have to take her back on Monday for another round just to make sure everything is ok, then keep a peeled eyeball on her for a while to make sure she stays stable.

Other than that, Thursday was pretty calm. I worked and our contractor came by--we are supposed to get started this week on the remodel. I don't know if I am ready for this but I told the hubs that at we are just going to have one hand on a horseshoe and raise the other to heaven and take a leap of faith. Or stupidity. I think I need to have a sitdown with my contractor before we start though just to go over everything ONE MORE TIME before we start.

Thursday night, we went to the grocery store since we usually do that on Friday but Friday was a holiday. We went to the new Firehouse Subs--woo-hoo, it was the partying spot in ol' G-ville! Actually, it wasn't bad but it didn't blow my socks off either. Later that night, I just threw my butt on the couch again and vegged. I have been so tired worrying about the dog and working and stressing about the house...I need a really good night's sleep. Like 12 hours.

Friday, the hubs had to work, so I went to get a Walmart experience. Ok, y'all, even Walmart is going up on their prices! Anywho, I can never get out of Wally World for less than $100-125 and this trip was no exception. Of course, I hadn't been in over a month so maybe that wasn't so bad. After I got home, I balanced my checkbook (THAT was painful) and payed bills and cleaned the house a little. I have actually decided that I may just be giving up on cleaning the house until after the remodel--I mean, seriously, it's just gonna be a disaster here for a while. So here is my buy of the day at Walmart:

Georgia Peaches--.88 cents a pound! I know I have said it before, but I LOVE me some peaches. Those I spent 3 times as much for last week went BAD in like 3 days. I was 'effin peeved! I can't wait to have me a peach--I STILL have not had a fresh one yet this year.

Last night, we had dinner with hubs's fam. Nothing terribly exciting. No fireworks. July 4th isn't really a big holiday for me--just another day off. Today, I had several errands in ATL--IKEA, Trader Joe's, Home Depot Expo. Now that gas is so high, I try to bundle up my trips but, I tell you, it makes for a long, long day. So here is my buy of the day:

It's a grill skillet from IKEA! Can you even BEGIN to imagine all the culinary delights I am gonna prepare on that?? I thought it would come in handy when cooler weather sets in and I don't want to go outside. I also thought I might try my hand at some grilled sandwiches. And maybe some quesadillas. Yum.

What I'm Cooking:
Thursday night, we ate out and last night we were at the hubs fam so tonight was the first night I have cooked in several. I made homemade pizza and I used my new pizza stone and, let me tell you, that thing is pretty awesome! The pizza was super crisp (NO SOGGY CRUST!) and so very good! It was pretty too--all golden brown--but I forgot to take a picture. I would highly recommend getting one of these. I served with a salad on the side--the regular with cukes from the garden, a tomato and a Vidalia onion.

For dessert, I made blueberry crumble--again. Here's pic (I took one before we ate tonight!).

This recipe is REALLY easy. I make it in little individual ramekins for fun, but you could make it in a larger, shallow dish. To make it, you simply toss the fruit with sugar, lemon juice and flour, and the topping is butter, oats, crushed sugar cookies and cinnamon. You mix it with your HANDS! How much easier can that be??

What I'm Listening To:
Yesterday, I was listening to my Trisha Yearwood compilation. I like to pull out some oldies but goodies and remind myself why I love some folks so much as an artist. She is a powerful singer and she's from GA, so what can you say??

What I'm Reading:
Books on Bungalow design in preparation for the remodel.

What's On My Mind
Breakfast tomorrow morning--look what we're having:

IKEA 'EFFIN CINNAMON ROLLS! Dudes, these are 'da bomb! If you ain't ever had them, you are missing out! They were taking them out of the ovens while I was there, and I could not resist.

Well, it's time for Saturday night movie which is actually The Office, Season 3. Have a good night and a super Sunday!

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