Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Mania

This is going to be a quick one folks--I am overwhelmed and have tons to do and it's already almost 10 pm. Yikes! Where did this day go?

Anyway, yesterday, the hubs and I spent the whole day in the yard deconstructing our front flower bed and front porch in preparation for the remodel. We were outside like 6 hours and I feel every single one of those 360 minutes today, let me tell you. I am tired and sore and sore and tired. I didn't get much else done yesterday but washing a few loads of clothes and throwing together some dinner. I have decided I may give up on house cleaning until after the remodel. Seriously.

Anyway, today I had a mid-day meeting and then my bro came over to help replace our deck door lock and I had to pick up the dog at the vet's again and I had SO MUCH work to do and I am so behind from being off just one damn day. Sigh. The good news, the dog is still doing ok; the bad news is we still don't know what's causing her sugar to be off so I have to take her back AGAIN on Thursday.

Did I mention I have SO MUCH TO DO this week??? Work, freelance work, getting the house ready for the remodel. I am about to make myself really stressed. I am trying to just think about what I need to do TOMORROW and not really past that or I will drive myself crazy.

What I'm Cooking:
I just had to ask the hubs what we had for dinner last night because I COULDN'T 'EFFIN REMEMBER! Nothing special--hot dogs, tater tots (frozen), slaw (Zaxby's 'cause Chik-Fil-A ain't open on Sunday). Tonight was a throw together because I was so behind and didn't feel like cooking what I had planned to cook so it was chicken tenders (frozen), fries (frozen), salad. DON'T GIVE ME THAT LOOK! I am overwhelmed with stuff!

What I'm Listening To:
My heart palpitate.

What I'm Reading:
The new Entertainment Weekly. Can't wait for the new Bond movie and the new Batman movie! Daniel Craig as Bond = YUM! Christian Bale as Batman = YUM-YUM!

What's On My Mind
Mad props to my bro who came all the way to Casa Bunny today to play handyman. The first thing that is going to go is our front porch so we will be accessing our house through the deck door but the lock did not work with the key from the outside so it had to be replaced. Me and the hubs are almost feeble when it comes to anything beyond painting so I REALLY, REALLY APPRECIATE my bro doing this for me. HE ROCKS! SHOUT OUT TO THE BRO!

Gots to go peeps--I have a freelance project I have to finish tonight. I see a midnight bedtime coming down....Be back on for Hump Day Holla in a few. Will try to have pics.

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