Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Been a Monday. All Damn Day Long.

Wow. I am exhausted, peeps. It's been an 'effin LONG day. I have a lot to tell and need to go to bed so let me get started.

So, Saturday night, we watched O Brother Where Art Though? which was quite good and funny. Ending was a little abrupt is my only real criticism. My sis tells me the movie is a modern telling of Homer's Odyssey. So there you go. It's cultural.

Yesterday was a day full of whatnot. Slept a little late, cleaned the house, napped for TOO LONG, did some errands, worked on freelance project. Yeah, that was pretty much it. Then I couldn't go to bed last night because I was not sleepy after the nap. I forget why I do not take naps anymore unless I am sick. It's because I am old fart and it ruins my bedtime.

Today was one thing after another. I went out to water the garden to find my tomatoes STILL are not reddening up, though there are CLUSTERS of green ones. But they are small. Next year, the hubs plants the tomatoes--he did them last year and we had them coming out our butts. But the cukes--OMG--are STILL running out our ears! I bet I've thrown a dozen in the woods because they got to big before I could pick them. I think they double overnight and we still have a bunch of blooms!

The tomato thing SUCKS too because my basil is awesome! I planted like triple the amount of basil this year thinking I would be all rolled up in tomatoes and planning ahead for all kinds of culinary delights. Sigh. Anyway, here is some garden porn:

Ten inches of green goodness. Ha!

Then, remember all the money we plunked down for fabric Saturday?? Well, the lady from the store calls and tells us the sofa fabric is discontinued and there is NONE in the warehouse. I almost weeped. That was our favorite--we LOVED the sofa fabric. So I called the hubs and he was like "well nothing else has 'effing gone our way so what the 'eff is new!" And then I call the lady back because I'm like "hold the check bitch." And she's like, "we'll give you back your money." And I'm like "damn skippy." But then she says she'll find us something else just as great. And I'm like "don't know, we had our heart set on that." Then, she calls back later and says it's not the sofa fabric but the WING CHAIR fabric that is out. Whew! I mean, we like the wing chair fabric but I wasn't as married to it. So she is looking for new wing chair fabric and we may buy what they have in stock to cover our Martha Washington chair. Here's what we're talking about:

The tweedy ribbed fabric on the left is the sofa. The paisley on the right is what was going to be the wing chairs. The pumpkin herringbone is throw pillows (I also would like a skirt made out of it--or a pair of flats. Just saying). It's all very fally earth tones. Something different. We may paint the walls a pumpkin color too.

So that was like ALL DAY DRAMA. Then I got this in the mail today from Everyday Food as my subscription gift:

I don't remember them saying I was going to get this...and I'm not sure what it is. Zester? grater? heel callus remover?

So tonight, I went to Sam's with the moms to get my monthly allotment of bread, chips and meat. Then to Walmart to pick up a few things. I am tuckered. Hey, here's a funny photo of Savannah for kicks and giggles:

What I'm Cooking:
It's been another whirlwind of cooking. Well, until tonight. Yesterday, I made quesadillas for lunch. They were so pretty, I had to take a picture:

Quesadillas are my new "go to" meal--you can throw in whatever you gots, even if it's just some cheese. This was some mushrooms and spinach about to go south, a few leftover frozen peppers and cheese. Yum! And, yes, that's my IKEA grill pan which I LOVE.

Last night, I made hamburger steaks with Simply Potatoes (a recent Publix BOOF purchase) on the side dressed and roasted in garlic, olive oil and fresh rosemary along with a salad with cukes and onions. After dinner I decided to make banana bread:

This is my grandmother's recipe and I must say, it is now a specialty of mine as well. It's really good--it has pineapple, pecans and a lot of oil. Mmmmm! It's delish, esp. right out of the oven, all warmth and goodness. And it's really easy to make--basically you can mix it all in one bowl (or at least I can).

Tonight, since I was out, I picked up one of those roasted chickens at Walmart and that's what we had which was fine by me. I like those quite a bit.

What I'm Listening To:
For the past two days, I have been loading up the moms iPod shuffle which she won like a YEAR ago and never has done anything with. Sigh. So, I've been listening to a lot of old goodies esp. 90's country like Garth Brooks, Clay Walker, John Berry, Trisha Yearwood. I really got into country in the 90's because, well, regular radio SUCKED with all the grunge and country really shifted from Loretta and Waylon to more modern songs. Anyway, there's some really good music from that time so I enjoyed revisiting the "classics."

What I'm Reading:
Yo, yo, yo, bitches! I not only READ but FINISHED a book! The Art of Mending by Elizabeth Berg. It was quite good. If I don't fall asleep, I may try to start ANOTHER book tonight.

What's On My Mind
If the Democrats don't win in November, then we all should move to Canada.

Ok, I'm out! Be back for Hump Day Holla!

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Elisabeth7291 said...

Glad you made the porn comment, 'cause I was going to. . .

The zester is WONDERFUL! I've had one for about three - four years now & use it quite often. I love fresh nutmeg, so I use it for that, for fresh parmesan cheese (the hard stuff), lemon zest, juicing onions (yea, I've got a couple of recipes that call for a T or so onion juice). . . anyway, I love mine!!