Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's Another Saturday Night....

And I ain't got nobody. That, my friends, is a line from a classic Sam Cooke song. If you have not ever had the pleasure of REALLY listening to Sam Cooke, get the a greatest hits album--he's smoothness personified. Dude.

Ok, so let's see what's happened at Casa Bunny since Hump Day., I really DO have 48 hour CRS! Oh yeah! Not much happened Thursday--the hubs was off so he was here pittering around the house while I worked. I made quesadillas for lunch with the leftovers from Wednesday night burritos. Thursday night, we went to the grocery store--WOO HOO! Switching it up from Fridays! See how TRIPPY and COOL we are?!!?

I did pretty good at groceries this week--only $70. I am trying to slash our grocery bill with some strategies from my mommy and frugal bloggers. So far, it's working. If we could cut our grocery bill in half, that would mean we would save about $200 a month, so I am on a mission. I have about decided I hate debt VERY VERY much--and we have cut all of our non-mortgage debt to around $3000 which I am very proud of--however, we are about to start this home remodel and I want to get that mo-fo payed off/down asap!

Yesterday, it was pretty quiet for the most part though I got an invite to lunch with my bro, his spawn and my moms. That was a nice treat! I love seeing the kids. And my bro. We used to see them a lot--we'd have dinner like once a week. But then they moved far(ther) away.

Today, the hubs was off so we rolled down to the ATL and did home remodel things and errands. We went to this craftsman home store in East ATL (in the ghetto-like, peeps) which was really nice but terribly expensive. Then, we rolled over to this consignment junk hole to look for a deal on furniture and lamps--no luck. Then, we were famished, so we rolled up into here to dine:

Y'all, this place is THE BOMB! It's called Havana's (as you can see) and it's located at the juncture of Buford Hwy and North Druid. It is a HOLE IN THE WALL. There ain't no valet and it ain't about the atmosphere. This guy we go to church with told us about it and said they had awesome sandwiches. Anywho, the food is cheap, plentiful and good--my kinda place. I should have taken a photo of the food, but I got HUGE platter with a half Cuban sandwich (which was as big as a regular sandwich), a mound of yellow rice and big bowl of black bean soup. The hubs got the same platter but with a roast beef sandwich. Then, I got two chicken and cheese empanadas which were SO 'EFFIN GOOD! OMG! WHEN we go back, I will just get those!! With drinks, our whole bill was like $20. Now, I WAS hungry but the food was great. Go. Like tomorrow. They are open everyday.

Then, we went to two fabric stores looking for upholstery fabric for our sofa and chairs. We wound up purchasing some fabric and we are happy but, I'm tellin' ya, plunking down $$$$ for fabric you hope is going to look good spread over a whole couch is a little scary. Why not buy a new couch, you say? Because, trust me, this way is cheaper and our sofa and wing chairs are in good shape, just a little worn and faded. Plus, we are TIRED of looking at that shit after 12 years.

We also rolled up into Trader Joe's for coffee and such today, (Ebeth, I gots that dressing!), so watch for culinary delights coming soon! Speaking of culinary delights....

What I'm Cooking:
Thursday night, since we got groceries, we just got a sub at Publix, but let me tell y'all--if you ain't ever had a Publix sub, they are the BEST! Every time the hubs and I get one, we both are like "these are SO good--why don't we get them more often?" I think it is the bread. We like the wheat.

Last night, we had big salad with tomatoes, cukes, mushrooms, chopped egg, shredded cheddar and Trader Joe's chicken tenders. I made a Dijon vinaigrette out of Dijon mustard and white wine vinegar which was quite tasty. Then, after dinner, I made PEACH COBBLER! Now, dammit, I forgot to take a photo, but that thing was awesome! And huge! We have cobbler for like three or four more nights. It was that kind of cobbler where you put the batter on the bottom, the fruit on top and the batter bakes up around the fruit. It was SO SO good! I am going to try my hand at a STRAWBERRY one next. I will take a photo of that--I promise.

Tonight, we were still so FULL from lunch, we just had PB&J's. And that was ok. They were pretty tasty. Tomorrow, I am going to TRY to get around to making some bread and see how that goes. I also have a some bananas that are somewhere south of Miami and need to be turned into banana bread.

What I'm Listening To:
I decided to pull out something different, so I have been listening to James Morrison the past couple of days. No, not the guy from The Doors. Young Brit dude who had a hit last year with "You Give Me Something." His whole album is pretty good, esp. the first 8 tracks.

Right this minute, I am listening to Colin Hay (Trivia! He's the ex-lead singer of Men at Work!) singing "I'm Waiting for My Real Life to Begin." It's a GREAT song actually. Cool acousticy tune.

What I'm Reading:
I SWEAR I am starting a new book. Tomorrow.

What's On My Mind
Time to go watch tonight's movie. Last night was Annie Hall. It sucked. I really don't know WHAT I was thinking when I chose it other than it was a classic. Woody Allen movies are so WHINY. I hate whiny. Tonight, we are watching O Brother Where Art Thou? George Clooney is in it so it can't be too bad.

Goodnight peeps! Be back soon with more fun, more photos and more Bunny! Can't wait, can ya???

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