Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hump Day Holla

Or maybe it is the Hump Day Whimper. It has been a ROUGH week, y'all. Rough like my heels after wearing backless shoes for two months. Rough.

Let's see, when I last left you Monday, we were anticipating starting our remodel this week. Well, yeah, that ain't gonna happen right now. Our little contractor went up to get the building permit yesterday and they told us we are within our setbacks so we have to apply for a variance. And pay $150. And plead our case before the county commission. And postpone our remodel for 2 'EFFIN MONTHS! Yes, it sucks. It sucks the big one. But we don't really have a choice. It seems our survey/plat was not to scale. We are within our setbacks but the only way to PROVE it is to have a new survey done which is like $400+. So the variance is the cheaper option. But this still sucks. I thought my remodel would be DONE by Sept 2 and we won't even be started.

To top it off, our yard has been destructed in prep for the remodel, my house is a terrifically terrible train wreck (again, preparing/waiting for the remodel) but I am so WORN DOWN and WORN OUT that I almost just don't care anymore. I know God has a reason for everything so I am sure there is a reason for this--maybe the interest rates will drop, or prices on materials will go down, or something to benefit this situation will come about. At least that is what I am trying to believe and have faith in right now.

So, that was the perfect end to our day yesterday. The beginning was this:

Yes, peeps, we got our yard ROLLED! That is some old school prankin' right there. I mean, I was doing that like 25 YEARS ago. In one way, it sort of tickled me because its nice to know today's youth (I am assuming they were youths) are doing something other that playing Xbox, getting pregnant and smoking crack. It was good work too--I mean, they ROLLED our vehicles--over and under--that's some nice technique. Of course, we have NO IDEA who could have done it. Usually, rolling is reserved as a prank for those you like, and we don't know any youths who like us. Or dislike us. There was nothing stolen or damaged--just good clean rolling fun! Maybe that got us confused with someone else. Crazy weirdness.

Yesterday was all about the drama, today was just all about work and lots of it. Trying to catch up from the holiday and it's a busy week all around. Anyway, I am pooped so it's gonna be a short one tonight.

What I'm Cooking:
Last night, I went to dinner with friends, and tonight we had unexpected dinner with friends as well, so no cooking. The hubs has got a week of late nights ahead so the cooking may be confined to Lean Cuisines and salads.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Catch My Disease by Ben Lee. Cute little ditty. "So please, baby, please, come on and catch my disease."

What I'm Reading:
Too tired to read.

What's On My Mind
How to make the best out of this remodel situation and taking my dog back to the vet tomorrow for yet MORE blood curves.

Sorry I have been a bad Bunny blogger--it's just been a shiteous week all around so far but I am trying to stay positive and look on the bright side of things. Be good and I'll be back at ya' soon.

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Elisabeth7291 said...

I still vote for the girlies of 'Sham. . .

Thanks again for the day lillies! Can't wait to play in the dirt this weekend!!