Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hump Day Holla

This ones gonna be a quick ones peeps. More like a hoot than a holla. It has been a long day and I have not been sleeping well and I have a big old headache.

Yesterday was pretty quiet but started off shitty because I got up thinking it was Wednesday. The rest of the day was work, work, work and not a lot of nothing else. Since I am off tomorrow I have been stressing out about getting my work done so I can be off. Anywho, today was basically more of the same and I am stressing out more because I did not get everything done. But right now I am about to go color my hair, take a shower, get a BIG glass of wine and plop my fat ass on the couch to watch So You Think You Can Dance then I am going to bed. Because I don't give a shit right now.

What I'm Cooking:
Last night, I made a new recipe that I got from my daily Everyday Food email--Chicken Piccata. I was FAB-U-LOUS! So easy too. I pounded some chicken breasts thin, lightly dusted them with flour, sauteed them up then made a sauce of wine, lemon juice, butter and capers. Served with spinach and pasta on the side. I forgots to take a photo but it was pretty too! I will definitely be making again. As the hubs says, it was delush (cross because delicious and luscious).

Tonight, I marinated a pork tenderloin in lemon pepper marinade then grilled it and sliced it up and served it with steamed broccoli and those little sweet potato patties. Nothing special or new but easy to clean up--the pork was grilled, the sweet taters I cooked in the oven on a tin foil covered cookie sheet, the broccoli was cooked in a Ziploc steamer bag. Easy peasy cleanup. THAT I LOVE on a night like tonight esp.

What I'm Listening To:
Sam Cooke. After I mentioned him earlier in the week, I started singing him, then pulled out the CD. Buy it. Really. You won't be sad about it.

What I'm Reading:
Well, I bragged too soon. I have been doing freelance work that last two nights and have not been able to start another book. Oh well.

What's On My Mind
Tomorrow night's GEORGE MICHAEL CONCERT! WOOT! I guess I am going. I have not heard from my ride since Monday. If not, I guess it will be Mexican and margaritas tomorrow night. If not, I will be back Friday with a review! I will try to take photos peeps! Check back on Friday!

Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Been a Monday. All Damn Day Long.

Wow. I am exhausted, peeps. It's been an 'effin LONG day. I have a lot to tell and need to go to bed so let me get started.

So, Saturday night, we watched O Brother Where Art Though? which was quite good and funny. Ending was a little abrupt is my only real criticism. My sis tells me the movie is a modern telling of Homer's Odyssey. So there you go. It's cultural.

Yesterday was a day full of whatnot. Slept a little late, cleaned the house, napped for TOO LONG, did some errands, worked on freelance project. Yeah, that was pretty much it. Then I couldn't go to bed last night because I was not sleepy after the nap. I forget why I do not take naps anymore unless I am sick. It's because I am old fart and it ruins my bedtime.

Today was one thing after another. I went out to water the garden to find my tomatoes STILL are not reddening up, though there are CLUSTERS of green ones. But they are small. Next year, the hubs plants the tomatoes--he did them last year and we had them coming out our butts. But the cukes--OMG--are STILL running out our ears! I bet I've thrown a dozen in the woods because they got to big before I could pick them. I think they double overnight and we still have a bunch of blooms!

The tomato thing SUCKS too because my basil is awesome! I planted like triple the amount of basil this year thinking I would be all rolled up in tomatoes and planning ahead for all kinds of culinary delights. Sigh. Anyway, here is some garden porn:

Ten inches of green goodness. Ha!

Then, remember all the money we plunked down for fabric Saturday?? Well, the lady from the store calls and tells us the sofa fabric is discontinued and there is NONE in the warehouse. I almost weeped. That was our favorite--we LOVED the sofa fabric. So I called the hubs and he was like "well nothing else has 'effing gone our way so what the 'eff is new!" And then I call the lady back because I'm like "hold the check bitch." And she's like, "we'll give you back your money." And I'm like "damn skippy." But then she says she'll find us something else just as great. And I'm like "don't know, we had our heart set on that." Then, she calls back later and says it's not the sofa fabric but the WING CHAIR fabric that is out. Whew! I mean, we like the wing chair fabric but I wasn't as married to it. So she is looking for new wing chair fabric and we may buy what they have in stock to cover our Martha Washington chair. Here's what we're talking about:

The tweedy ribbed fabric on the left is the sofa. The paisley on the right is what was going to be the wing chairs. The pumpkin herringbone is throw pillows (I also would like a skirt made out of it--or a pair of flats. Just saying). It's all very fally earth tones. Something different. We may paint the walls a pumpkin color too.

So that was like ALL DAY DRAMA. Then I got this in the mail today from Everyday Food as my subscription gift:

I don't remember them saying I was going to get this...and I'm not sure what it is. Zester? grater? heel callus remover?

So tonight, I went to Sam's with the moms to get my monthly allotment of bread, chips and meat. Then to Walmart to pick up a few things. I am tuckered. Hey, here's a funny photo of Savannah for kicks and giggles:

What I'm Cooking:
It's been another whirlwind of cooking. Well, until tonight. Yesterday, I made quesadillas for lunch. They were so pretty, I had to take a picture:

Quesadillas are my new "go to" meal--you can throw in whatever you gots, even if it's just some cheese. This was some mushrooms and spinach about to go south, a few leftover frozen peppers and cheese. Yum! And, yes, that's my IKEA grill pan which I LOVE.

Last night, I made hamburger steaks with Simply Potatoes (a recent Publix BOOF purchase) on the side dressed and roasted in garlic, olive oil and fresh rosemary along with a salad with cukes and onions. After dinner I decided to make banana bread:

This is my grandmother's recipe and I must say, it is now a specialty of mine as well. It's really good--it has pineapple, pecans and a lot of oil. Mmmmm! It's delish, esp. right out of the oven, all warmth and goodness. And it's really easy to make--basically you can mix it all in one bowl (or at least I can).

Tonight, since I was out, I picked up one of those roasted chickens at Walmart and that's what we had which was fine by me. I like those quite a bit.

What I'm Listening To:
For the past two days, I have been loading up the moms iPod shuffle which she won like a YEAR ago and never has done anything with. Sigh. So, I've been listening to a lot of old goodies esp. 90's country like Garth Brooks, Clay Walker, John Berry, Trisha Yearwood. I really got into country in the 90's because, well, regular radio SUCKED with all the grunge and country really shifted from Loretta and Waylon to more modern songs. Anyway, there's some really good music from that time so I enjoyed revisiting the "classics."

What I'm Reading:
Yo, yo, yo, bitches! I not only READ but FINISHED a book! The Art of Mending by Elizabeth Berg. It was quite good. If I don't fall asleep, I may try to start ANOTHER book tonight.

What's On My Mind
If the Democrats don't win in November, then we all should move to Canada.

Ok, I'm out! Be back for Hump Day Holla!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's Another Saturday Night....

And I ain't got nobody. That, my friends, is a line from a classic Sam Cooke song. If you have not ever had the pleasure of REALLY listening to Sam Cooke, get the a greatest hits album--he's smoothness personified. Dude.

Ok, so let's see what's happened at Casa Bunny since Hump Day., I really DO have 48 hour CRS! Oh yeah! Not much happened Thursday--the hubs was off so he was here pittering around the house while I worked. I made quesadillas for lunch with the leftovers from Wednesday night burritos. Thursday night, we went to the grocery store--WOO HOO! Switching it up from Fridays! See how TRIPPY and COOL we are?!!?

I did pretty good at groceries this week--only $70. I am trying to slash our grocery bill with some strategies from my mommy and frugal bloggers. So far, it's working. If we could cut our grocery bill in half, that would mean we would save about $200 a month, so I am on a mission. I have about decided I hate debt VERY VERY much--and we have cut all of our non-mortgage debt to around $3000 which I am very proud of--however, we are about to start this home remodel and I want to get that mo-fo payed off/down asap!

Yesterday, it was pretty quiet for the most part though I got an invite to lunch with my bro, his spawn and my moms. That was a nice treat! I love seeing the kids. And my bro. We used to see them a lot--we'd have dinner like once a week. But then they moved far(ther) away.

Today, the hubs was off so we rolled down to the ATL and did home remodel things and errands. We went to this craftsman home store in East ATL (in the ghetto-like, peeps) which was really nice but terribly expensive. Then, we rolled over to this consignment junk hole to look for a deal on furniture and lamps--no luck. Then, we were famished, so we rolled up into here to dine:

Y'all, this place is THE BOMB! It's called Havana's (as you can see) and it's located at the juncture of Buford Hwy and North Druid. It is a HOLE IN THE WALL. There ain't no valet and it ain't about the atmosphere. This guy we go to church with told us about it and said they had awesome sandwiches. Anywho, the food is cheap, plentiful and good--my kinda place. I should have taken a photo of the food, but I got HUGE platter with a half Cuban sandwich (which was as big as a regular sandwich), a mound of yellow rice and big bowl of black bean soup. The hubs got the same platter but with a roast beef sandwich. Then, I got two chicken and cheese empanadas which were SO 'EFFIN GOOD! OMG! WHEN we go back, I will just get those!! With drinks, our whole bill was like $20. Now, I WAS hungry but the food was great. Go. Like tomorrow. They are open everyday.

Then, we went to two fabric stores looking for upholstery fabric for our sofa and chairs. We wound up purchasing some fabric and we are happy but, I'm tellin' ya, plunking down $$$$ for fabric you hope is going to look good spread over a whole couch is a little scary. Why not buy a new couch, you say? Because, trust me, this way is cheaper and our sofa and wing chairs are in good shape, just a little worn and faded. Plus, we are TIRED of looking at that shit after 12 years.

We also rolled up into Trader Joe's for coffee and such today, (Ebeth, I gots that dressing!), so watch for culinary delights coming soon! Speaking of culinary delights....

What I'm Cooking:
Thursday night, since we got groceries, we just got a sub at Publix, but let me tell y'all--if you ain't ever had a Publix sub, they are the BEST! Every time the hubs and I get one, we both are like "these are SO good--why don't we get them more often?" I think it is the bread. We like the wheat.

Last night, we had big salad with tomatoes, cukes, mushrooms, chopped egg, shredded cheddar and Trader Joe's chicken tenders. I made a Dijon vinaigrette out of Dijon mustard and white wine vinegar which was quite tasty. Then, after dinner, I made PEACH COBBLER! Now, dammit, I forgot to take a photo, but that thing was awesome! And huge! We have cobbler for like three or four more nights. It was that kind of cobbler where you put the batter on the bottom, the fruit on top and the batter bakes up around the fruit. It was SO SO good! I am going to try my hand at a STRAWBERRY one next. I will take a photo of that--I promise.

Tonight, we were still so FULL from lunch, we just had PB&J's. And that was ok. They were pretty tasty. Tomorrow, I am going to TRY to get around to making some bread and see how that goes. I also have a some bananas that are somewhere south of Miami and need to be turned into banana bread.

What I'm Listening To:
I decided to pull out something different, so I have been listening to James Morrison the past couple of days. No, not the guy from The Doors. Young Brit dude who had a hit last year with "You Give Me Something." His whole album is pretty good, esp. the first 8 tracks.

Right this minute, I am listening to Colin Hay (Trivia! He's the ex-lead singer of Men at Work!) singing "I'm Waiting for My Real Life to Begin." It's a GREAT song actually. Cool acousticy tune.

What I'm Reading:
I SWEAR I am starting a new book. Tomorrow.

What's On My Mind
Time to go watch tonight's movie. Last night was Annie Hall. It sucked. I really don't know WHAT I was thinking when I chose it other than it was a classic. Woody Allen movies are so WHINY. I hate whiny. Tonight, we are watching O Brother Where Art Thou? George Clooney is in it so it can't be too bad.

Goodnight peeps! Be back soon with more fun, more photos and more Bunny! Can't wait, can ya???

Friday, July 25, 2008

5 Months 'Til Christmas!!

That's right, bitches! HO HO HO Day is 5 months from today exactly. So if you ain't got your shopping down, you better gets busy!

Speaking of busy, I have a jam-packed Saturday so I will be back later this weekend with all the deets. Right now, I have a cobbler in the oven (remember those peaches??) and a movie waiting to be watched.

Be good!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hump Day Holla

Yo, yo peeps--coming at you late tonight but I'm being faithful and doin' my thing. First, I have to share the funniest blog post title I read today:

It's the dog days of summer, and I'm the bitch

I thought of a way to make it even funnier:

It's the dog days of summer, and I'm a bitch in heat
The play on words--ooooo! Ain't I clever??

Anyway, since we parted ways, things have picked up a little. Yesterday we took Savannah to the vet and her sugar was low. It's a long story and I don't want to bore you with the details, but DAMN! Can't we get this straightened out?? And I have about lost faith in all my vets but one. Sigh.

Next, I have to address the Christian Bale SCANDAL since I raved about him here earlier in the week. First of all, let me say that in no way, shape or form do I condone violence against women--even if the woman is being a raving psycho bitch. That said, if this turns out to be true, then he is definitely off my Top 10 and forever shunned by the Bunny.

HOWEVER, the gossip blogs are reporting that CB and his mum did not have a sterling relationship (he lived with his dad since he was 17), that she was talking smack about CB's wife (so he would get points for defending his woman if that is true) and, for the love of Satan, the woman used to be a CLOWN! A performing CLOWN! Now, in my book, that is enough reason to hit her right there. Because anyone who knows me knows I hate (and by "hate" I mean "have an abnormal fear of") 3 things: 1) Clowns 2) Midgets 3) Heights. So yeah, I ain't gonna be running out to see a midget clown high-wire act.

But I digress. Though I have read that CB has sort of a temper, I also think it is EXTREMELY sketchy that these charges appear immediately after CB has like THE BIGGEST weekend of his professional career. Hmmm...trying to get attention anyone?? Or moola?? So, I still support CB for now. After all, can something this pretty really be that bad??!??

Seriously. On other note, his PR people so far deserve a raise. The situation has been handled VERY well by his team.

Last night, I had to do some work for the non-profit I volunteer for (the one I am co-chairing the dinner for) and, other than that, it's been pretty quiet. I have been spending a lot of time online visiting "frugal" blog sites and "mommy" bloggers looking for tips to cut our budget any way I can. With this remodel coming up, we are going to have to watch our pennies for a little bit. I have found some good tips, but most of the peeps have kids and their bargains center around back to school and diapers. But I have learned some good stuff and found some high-larious blogs, so it's all good.

So today I had a stressful morning with work--I won't even go into it but to say that I was PISSED OFF and am SO TIRED of giving other people grace when I get none in return. Speaking of grace, I am listening to this:

I pretty much LOVE me some Joel Osteen and if I lived anywhere near Houston, I would be rolling up into Lakewood every Sunday. He is great. You can't help but feel good after listening to him. But my quest to become better isn't starting out so great--it's only day 2 and I have not listened to today's lesson...but the day is not over yet!

So here is me in my new glasses:

They is aw'ight. They are really hard plastic so wearing them all day makes behind my ears sorta hurt by the end of the day. They are bold, that's for sure. When I look at this photo though, I'm thinking 1) "DAYUM! When did my forehead get so high? Is my hairline receding?" 2) "My face is so OVAL, like a big platter head." and 3) "I REALLY need a brow wax before I start to resemble Groucho Marx. But, wait! Maybe I can brush my eyebrows up over my HUGE FOREHEAD."

What I'm Cooking:
As I was about to eat my pasta salad yesterday for lunch, I though "this is pretty, I should take a photo" so I did:

See, pretty, right?? Those are my vinegared cukes next to it. Today for lunch, I went out with a former coworker and tonight I made the Fabulous Wet Burritos. Nothing terribly exciting, but I am terribly excited about this:

The local peaches my hubs brought home last night! WOOT! These things are MONSTERS! To illustrate:

The small peach is one bought last week at a local touristy produce stand. The HONKING HUGE peach was bought at the local peach grove. Can't wait to eat these--cobbler, grilled peaches, just with ice cream. If anyone has any good peach ideas, let me know. And Georgia Belles, the QUEEN of peaches, come in in about 2 weeks! Cannot wait!

What I'm Listening To:
More George Michael today--the concert is NEXT WEEK! I have read it is spectacular!

What I'm Reading:
I gave up on my other book but have yet to start another. But I have been reading a lot of blogs....

What's On My Mind
That it is time to go to bed. So, be good dudes and I'll be back soon!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Three Days in a Row!

Yo, peeps--third post in a row! Now, don't go wetting your pants or anything. I was just a bad bunny blogger last week and this week looks to be pretty boring so I thought I would plug in a few extra posts while I was ready, willing and able.

So, today was pretty mundane--work, bank (mo-fos were charging me a service charge I was NOT supposed to be incurring!), post office, more work. The hubs and I had rented the John Adams mini-series over the weekend but could not bring ourselves to watch it. Historical mini-series seem so....cold weather. And after 2 months of The Office, I really don't know what we were thinking. Summer is about romantic comedies or thrillers or something light. So we sent the damn disks back without watching them. Yeah, that's how we roll. We CRAZY like that.

What I'm Cooking:
It's been another perfect storm of cooking at Casa Bunny today. First, the pasta salad I made last night for lunch today turned out well. I did give it a little sprinkle of goat cheese for added flavor, but overall, I reckon it was pretty good.

For dinner, I made this:

Yeah, it had been in the freezer a while and in menu rotation a few weeks. It was OK--I won't be rushing back to Trader Joe's for another one. In fact, I'll probably never buy another one. I like my doctored up mushroom smothered tilapia much better than this option.

On the side, I just had some brown rice (woo-hoo--I used up the box! I am on a quest to eat several things that have been in our cupboard for awhile...) and marinated cuke salad. In an effort to use up some of our mountain of cukes, I sliced about 5 or 6 pretty thin, then thinly sliced a Vidalia onion and tossed them in a lidded bowl with 1/2 cup white wine vinegar, a hefty dash or two of sugar, salt, pepper and fresh dill. Refrigerated them and tossed around every so often until dinner. They were pretty good, though a couple of the really vinegary ones made my eyeball pucker.

After dinner, I decided I had to use up my two pints of blueberries that were on the verge of going furry so I decided to make a blueberry peach crumble. Here it is:

I SWEAR this recipe is SO, SO easy. I have made it several times now--large dishes like this, individual tart dishes, peaches, berries, you name it--it all works. I don't even measure-measure anymore--I guess-measure. Here is the recipe link:

If you cannot cut and paste into your browser, go to and type in "blackberry crumbles." Or let me know and I will email it to you.

I know I SHOULD have made cobbler, but I am more of a crisp girl. I like crunchy, crispy goodness, and though I like cobbler, it's a little too cakey/doughy for me to truly love. Plus, I have been pretty much keeping the crisp ingredients "on hand."

The hubs told me today that the peach farm near his work had their "Fresh Peaches" sign out today! WOOT! That means the shayts are on their way! Tune back soon for more peach-lovin' recipes because we will be covered up with peaches soon!

What I'm Listening To:
Nothing today--been quiet.

What I'm Reading:
I've 'bout decide to give up on my book. I just cannot get into it. I am probably going to lay it aside in favor of another this week. Poor book. It's not you, it's me. Well, ok, maybe it is you. You promised good things with your nifty title and cool cover but you just ain't delivering.

What's On My Mind
Tomorrow Savannah is going back to the vet for a checkup so send good wishes!

I am off to eat crumble and work some. G'night!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Dark Day's Knight

Another good day, peeps. Sorta laid back and not a lot going on. We slept lateish, I made breakfast and then I worked on my Shelfari. I know it seems crazy, but I am trying to get all my books in order--what I have read, what I want to read, what I am reading, what I've borrowed, what I've lent out. Just another aspect of my life that needs organization. I just wish I had more time to read--recently it seems all I ever do is work. Of course, in the time I have worked on Shelfari, I probably could have read a book! Ha!

So anyway, we went to see The Dark Knight today and, I have to say, I was a little disappointed. First of all, it is 2.5 hours which is about 30 minute too long. And all of the things I loved about Batman Begins--the character development, the backstory, lots of Christian Bale--are all missing in this movie. It tries to be an action movie, but it even fails at that--there was only one scene (where a semi flips over) that was "wow" worthy to me.

Overall, my review is that it was GOOD but not GREAT. I liked Iron Man better I think. It was too dark, too violent and too much Aaron Eckhart. I mean, he's cute and all (I love me a good cleft chin!) but it is a BATMAN movie and I don't think there was much Batman to it. Anyway, I will leave you with this to savor:

Sigh. This still ALMOST makes it worth it. I just wish somebody would give Christian Bale a good romantic comedy where he could talk in his native tongue--get your mind out of the gutter! I mean British! He would be a great Mr. Darcy! I do really like him as an actor--I only watched Batman Begins after seeing The Prestige. If you have never seen The Prestige I highly recommend it--it is so complex and twisty turny and a great thriller and just really leaves you thinking.

What I'm Cooking:
Well, I have been cookin' up a storm today! First, I made French toast this morning. Then for dinner, I marinated and grilled steaks and served them with the good Ore-Ida roasted potatoes and a salad--I had some mozzerella that was 2 days past due so I sliced it thin (it was in a block) and layered it with thinly sliced Roma tomatoes and fresh basil then liberally drizzled it with olive oil and red balsamic vinegar. YUM! I hope my Roma's come in so we can have this a couple more times this summer.

Then, after dinner, I made some pasta salad for lunch. The hubs and I are trying to cut our food budget--and eating out budget--so I whipped up four hefty serving of pasta salad featuring elbow macaroni, the rest of the mozzerella cut into tiny cubes, diced fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and oregano, and a can of the Trader Joe's marinated bean salad. I thought about adding tuna but decided against it. I hope it turns out well.

What I'm Listening To:
Still TOTALLY hooked on Forever by Chris Brown.

What I'm Reading:
Well, you can now see what I am reading--The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets--which I am going to go work on as soon as I am off the blog.

What's On My Mind
I hope this is a better, less stressful week than last!

Later taters!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Oooooo! I figured out how to update my site and added my Shelfari bookshelf. It's all so SPECIAL now!

A Good Day

So today was a good day, peeps. Yes, indeed it was. Yesterday was more catching up for work and last night I spent some of the evening working and the rest of the evening updating my Shelfari site--it is sort of like an online book journal. I am trying to figure out how to connect it to blogger but apparently I have to do something to my blog site before I can so maybe later.

Today, I slept a little later, then worked in the garden a bit. Here is PART of my haul:

Yo! Cukes coming out of our ears! I gave like half a dozen to our neighbor. The hubs and I have been eating lots of cuke sandwiches. Our tomatoes look like they may finally be coming to life--I did pick that one little-bitty one. Maybe in a few weeks, those will be coming out of our ears.

Then, I had to go over to the nearby outlet malls because I had a return and had to buy bras. Can I tell you how much buying bras arses me? Hate it. So I found a couple bras at the Lane Bryant outlet, then decided to roll up into the Williams Sonoma outlet where they were having a hella sale. I had to throw down with all the ATL soccer moms, but I prevailed and looks what I gots:

Pretty, pretty tablecloth for 70% off which made it $10! And iced tea spoons for $3. Not something we need but I have been wanting some for a while so I was glad to get them for a deal. I was pleasantly happy with my take.

Then, I went to my niece's birthday party. I sent the hubs out to buy a bag the other day and this is what he came back with:

Pink and purple and princesses and kitties and usable wands and handles that turn into necklaces. When asked why he would buy such a bag--something I would have never seen him buying--he said "I thought she would like it." Then, when asked how much it was, I almost passed out--$5!! I buy the cheapo plain bags so I guess that makes me a sucky aunt and him a fabu uncle.

After the party, the whole fams went out for dinner and I asked the youngins to make funny faces and promised to post them for kicks and giggles, so here they are:

Top to bottom: Andrew making frowny face, Drew with my bangle as a nose ring, Matthew with a googly-eyed grin and Kate sticking out her tongue.

What I'm Cooking:
Last night was the first night I had cooked in several and I was totally off my game. I don't often totally muck up a meal, but I decided to cook this coconut ginger rice I had from Archer Farms and serve it with shrimp in orange ginger sauce and steamed broccoli. Well, the shrimp were good but that rice tasted like arse. Ginger-covered arse. So we ate the shrimp and broccoli, but I felt sorta bad so I decided to make peach crumbles from this stash the hubs had brought home:

Those are some hella good peaches, dudes! They are white fleshed and sweet and yummy! THAT'S the kinda peaches I'm talkin' 'bout peeps! And I can't wait to do something with those blueberries. Maybe I will do something with the peaches and blueberries TOGETHER! Damn skippy!

What I'm Listening To:
I am TOTALLY hooked on Forever by Chris Brown. I have had it on constant loop the past 24 hours. I think the hubs is totally sick of it. It is an awesome song! I first heard it this week on So You Think You Can Dance--one of the couples did a hip-hop routine to it. It is SO good! I dare you not to dance when it's playing. LOVE!

What I'm Reading:
Oh no! I just got a batch of mags from the sis but I am still working on my book. I am finding it hard to get into so I don't know whether I should keep ploughing ahead in the hopes it gets better or cut my losses and bail.

What's On My Mind
I have a great family and I love them lots. I need to spend more time with my nephews and niece because they are all awesome kids and I don't want to regret not getting to know them better one day.

Have a great, great Sunday peeps! We are off to see The Dark Knight tomorrow so next time I'm here I will give a review. Bye!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sigh. Seriously. Sigh.

Dudes. The last 48 hours have been HELL. I mean HELL. Yo. All work related. Suffice to say that I am an editor for a magazine and we have been undergoing a redesign and it has been ROUGH getting the first issue out. A TOTAL CF of madness and mayhem. I thought I would have something great to tell today but all I can tell you is I survived the past two days.

Tonight, I made my hubs take me to dinner. I needed alcohol and some comfort food. So we had Mexican. I had like a gallon of beer and enchiladas. Now all I want to do is go to bed. Which I am doing shortly.

Other than that, there ain't a lot going on here at Casa Bunny. I have been prepping for the George Michael concert by listening to his greatest hits, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael. I forget how great George Michael's voice is--it is quite, quite good actually. Best George Michael song you never heard--Different Corner. Can't wait for the concert--it's like two more weeks.

Last night, we went out to dinner, then tonight too, so no cooking. Last night, we had Thai with some friends. It was really good--I have not had Thai in a while and I forgot how yummy it is. I guess you could say to some extent it has been a week of revisitng old faves.

I am SO SO SO looking forward to the weekend. I will get to see my fams because it is my niece's b-day celebration Saturday. And Sunday, we will be rolling up to see The Dark Knight. Can anyone say Christian Bale is yummers? Poor Heath Ledger though. This would have been his breakout role. Though I LOVED me some Brokeback Mountain--THAT was an AWESOME movie. "You done wurnt me!" (that's a line from the movie).

I know there is probably more to tell but I am to the nub of rawness--the "F" word has been flying freely out of my mouth the past few days. I have got to get that under control. Seriously. It's not attractive but with no exercise, no booze and no one to beat up, cussing is about all I got to get me through the stressful times.

Be back this weekend--have a good one.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tiredness Tuesday

Ok, y'all, I have a screaming headache, probably from going out today to run errands in my glasses and squinting for over an hour driving around in the sun. So, this is going to be a REALLY short post because all I really want to do is go to bed after washing down about 10 Tylenol with a quart of wine. Get me??

So, yesterday and today were pretty low key. Not a lot going on--just working and such. The hubs was still at the show yesterday so I singled it last night and decided to go to WalMart to pick up some syringes for Savannah (which they were OUT of) and it was a CF of madness and mayhem since they are renovating the store. Then it was home for a salad supper and not a whole lot of anything else.

Today, I picked up my new glasses. They have red plastic frames--I will have to take a photo when I look and feel better. The hubs told me they were my bitch glasses because I was telling him how peeved I got at a co-worker today. Honey, if these are my bitch glasses, watch out! I will be wearing them all the time!

Other than that, there ain't crapola going on here at Casa Bunny. I almost didn't post at all. Tonight, we had cucumber and tomato sandwiches for dinner because I did not feel like cooking. Now I need to work on some freelance so I can go to bed early. Woo-hoo! To top it off, I accidentally left my sherbert out of the freezer today and it all melted. Mother 'effer!

BTW, Savannah seems to be doing well. I called the vet and they said to take her dosage of insulin back up and I was like, no, ain't gonna do it. Well, I didn't tell the vet that but, seriously, why would I raise her dose when she had a low sugar issue??

I will try to stir up something before the next post, even if I have to make it up. Be good!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Serendipitous Sunday

Hello peeps! I promised photos, and I am here to deliver! Which is good, because the weekend has been sorta boring overall. Yesterday, I didn't even leave my house--I cleaned like a fiend all morning. It was pretty gross around Casa Bunny. Not filthy, just messy. Things needed to be put away and put up. We finally got the bathroom cabinet finished and cleaned up. Here are the results:

It ain't bad, but for all the trouble that small cabinet was, I cannot IMAGINE doing our cabinets in the master bath. We are now talking about trying to stain our master bath cabinets. We'll see how that goes...

In the morning, I worked in the garden just a bit. Look at this haul:

I ain't got no 'maters but I have cukes coming out my ears! Yows! If it ain't one thing, it is the other, peeps. Maybe some of you will benefit from the cuke overhaul.

In the afternoon, I decided to cop a rest and watched Billy Elliott. If you have never watched this movie, I would highly recommend it. It is a heart string puller, and a good laugh, and just all over good. The young boy who plays the lead character is simply fabulous. LOVE!

Bad news--while watching the movie, I think Savannah had a low sugar attack. I swear, we just cannot get that girl to normal! I am thinking of turning crazy ass parent and starting to take her blood sugar at home. I said I would never go there, but desperate times, peeps...I mean, we have spent $500 on her recently and it looks like we ain't done. I will probably have to take her back this week because of this attack. On another hand, here's some cute pictures of Savannah and Pepsi:

Eagle eye view of sweetness! Though Pepsi has that "green eye glow" doggies get.

Here is the last of my birthday gifts--yes, I know that was way last month, but a good friend of mine recently returned from a study abroad for PA school. She went to Italy and said she would bring me back something from there, so here it is:

A lovely Eye-tal-ian leather purse. I think that color is yellow. Ha! It really is lovely and SMELLS great. Leather is one of my favorite scents. I always get "new car" freshener when I go to the car wash (you know, the leatherish scent).

Last night, the hubs actually made it home before midnight so I cooked dinner and we watched The Office. We are to season 3 now--this is the last until Season 4 comes to DVD in September. Sigh. This morning, I went with the mom's to Sam's and stocked up on meat. Since the packs there are so large, we went and bought stuff and split it up. My freezer is full! I cannot wait to get a side by side so I have more space. Of course, who knows when new appliances will be in the budget...Then, me and the 'rents rolled up to Cracker Barrel and hogged out. It was yummy!

This afternoon, I napped. Yep, damn skippy, peeps! I NAPPED for TWO HOURS! I needed it too. Now, here I am blogging to avoid some freelance work I need to do and am totally NOT feeling. Oh well, guess I better get on it so I can watch some more of The Office this evening. That will be my "reward."

What I'm Cooking:
Last night was the first night I had cooked since Tuesday. Here's what I did:

I had some thin sliced sirloin steak so I tossed it in a baggie with some Kraft Vidalia Onion salad dressing, a little olive olive (to cut the sweet of the dressing), some crushed garlic and then threw it on the grill. I served it over lettuce with tomatoes, cukes and grilled onions with a little goat cheese tossed over the top. Blue cheese would have been better but I had to work with what I had. Served with those good soft Hawaiian rolls (we had some that were about to reach the end of their fresh).

By the way, this is really good:

Sherbert is so GREAT during the summer! It is one thing I LOVE about summer. It is so tart and fresh. I can only eat it when it is really hot and I love the mixed kinds. Publix has quite a few mixed sherbets--this was the first I tried so now I will have to try the others.

Oh, and this is the wine I had Friday night:

I totally bought this wine because of the label. Well, not totally. I was looking for a pinot noir and bought this one because of the label. Ha! I like quirky and plays on words and tounge in cheek references. It WAS good though! Yes, I also buy books totally because of their cover. I can't help it--that's how I roll. I am very visual.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Rocksteady by Marc Broussard. Again, one of the best people you've never heard. His debut album, Caranco, was excellent. Second album, not so much (It was all covers! Why, Marc, why?!?!?) It is one of the few albums I can definitely listen all the way through.

What I'm Reading:
Ok, I have not finished my book...instead I read a few trashy mags today. BUT I did FINALLY get my bread book:

Next weekend, I am going to try my foray into bread baking. I will keep y'all posted on that. I was promised it is super easy.

What's On My Mind
Not to be a broken record, but what am I going to do with Savannah??? Seriously. WTF am I going to do??? I love her but the bank account can't keep taking this hit. And neither can my nerves. I feel tied to my house. At the end of the day, I try to accept that we have done the best we can for her and that's all we can do. I cannot sit and watch her 24/7. That said, y'all know what a worrier I am. Sigh.

Be back later peeps! Gots to get to work. Have a great week!

Friday, July 11, 2008

TGIF. Seriously, That's All I Got.

I am tired. Tuckered. Pooped. Wored down. I cannot wait to get this blog done and get in the bed. It's just me and a big ol' goblet of pinot noir (I mean, like, 16 ounces big) with you tonight. I want to make SURE I sleep REALLY WELL and the pinot is already starting to work, so I guess I better get a move on.

Sorry no pics this post peeps. I will try to take some around Casa Bunny tomorrow. It's just been one of those weeks. My hubs is at a show for work for six days so I will be flying solo this weekend. Well, technically, he sleeps here at night, but the past two days, he leaves at like 8 am and gets home around 10 pm or later. It's great--I am like a widow but without the life insurance settlement. I keed, I keed. I do sorta HATE it though. I am left here to do everything by myself and eat peanut butter and drink lots of wine. Of course, that last part ain't so bad...

I could have actually gone with him this weekend, but the thought of being on my feet for like 12 hours makes me weep. So, I have big plans here this weekend--clean the house, nap, freelance work, nap, maybe READ A BOOK. I have so much to do, it ain't even funny and I would love just to get a little rest this weekend between everything else.

Yesterday, Savannah went back to the vet and her sugar was ok, so we can wait a month before taking her back unless she has problems, so that was good news. Today, I had to go into ATL for work--I am SO glad I do not have to work in ATL. I mean, I like to visit but the older I get, the crankier I get about traffic. Though, if my hubs passed away, I would probably move to a big city. Or maybe to a terrifically small town. One extreme or the other. But somewhere with lots of gays so I could have a GBFF. I miss having a GBFF.

What I'm Cooking:
Not an 'effin thing. Seriously. With the hubs MIA, last night I ate some slider burgers made earlier in the week and the last of a bag of crispy crowns (I LOVE crispy crowns! They are like the muffin tops of tater tots. Yum!). Oh yeah, and I polished off a bottle of rose wine. Tonight, I ate my hubs leftovers he brought me home last night (woo-hoo). And I polished off a bottle of pinot. I think I see a trend....It ain't gonna get much better until mid-week.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Love's Divine by Seal. Yeah, Heidi Klum is a LUCKY lady. This is a beautiful's some of the lyrics.

"Love's Divine"

Then the rainstorm came over me
And I felt my spirit break
I had lost all of my belief you see
And realized my mistake
But time threw a prayer to me
And all around me became still

I need love, love's divine
Please forgive me, now I see that I've been blind
Give me love, love is what I need to help me know my name

Through the rainstorm came sanctuary
And I felt my spirit fly
I had found all of my reality
I realize what it takes

'Cause I need love, love's divine
Please forgive me now I see that I've been blind
Give me love, love is what I need to help me know my name

What I'm Reading:
I HOPE to finish the book I was reading this weekend--we'll see

What's On My Mind
Not much beyond how hot this wine is making me feel. Whew! Or maybe it is perimenopause. Anyway, time to back later this weekend taters!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hump Day Holla

Or maybe it is the Hump Day Whimper. It has been a ROUGH week, y'all. Rough like my heels after wearing backless shoes for two months. Rough.

Let's see, when I last left you Monday, we were anticipating starting our remodel this week. Well, yeah, that ain't gonna happen right now. Our little contractor went up to get the building permit yesterday and they told us we are within our setbacks so we have to apply for a variance. And pay $150. And plead our case before the county commission. And postpone our remodel for 2 'EFFIN MONTHS! Yes, it sucks. It sucks the big one. But we don't really have a choice. It seems our survey/plat was not to scale. We are within our setbacks but the only way to PROVE it is to have a new survey done which is like $400+. So the variance is the cheaper option. But this still sucks. I thought my remodel would be DONE by Sept 2 and we won't even be started.

To top it off, our yard has been destructed in prep for the remodel, my house is a terrifically terrible train wreck (again, preparing/waiting for the remodel) but I am so WORN DOWN and WORN OUT that I almost just don't care anymore. I know God has a reason for everything so I am sure there is a reason for this--maybe the interest rates will drop, or prices on materials will go down, or something to benefit this situation will come about. At least that is what I am trying to believe and have faith in right now.

So, that was the perfect end to our day yesterday. The beginning was this:

Yes, peeps, we got our yard ROLLED! That is some old school prankin' right there. I mean, I was doing that like 25 YEARS ago. In one way, it sort of tickled me because its nice to know today's youth (I am assuming they were youths) are doing something other that playing Xbox, getting pregnant and smoking crack. It was good work too--I mean, they ROLLED our vehicles--over and under--that's some nice technique. Of course, we have NO IDEA who could have done it. Usually, rolling is reserved as a prank for those you like, and we don't know any youths who like us. Or dislike us. There was nothing stolen or damaged--just good clean rolling fun! Maybe that got us confused with someone else. Crazy weirdness.

Yesterday was all about the drama, today was just all about work and lots of it. Trying to catch up from the holiday and it's a busy week all around. Anyway, I am pooped so it's gonna be a short one tonight.

What I'm Cooking:
Last night, I went to dinner with friends, and tonight we had unexpected dinner with friends as well, so no cooking. The hubs has got a week of late nights ahead so the cooking may be confined to Lean Cuisines and salads.

What I'm Listening To:
Right this minute, Catch My Disease by Ben Lee. Cute little ditty. "So please, baby, please, come on and catch my disease."

What I'm Reading:
Too tired to read.

What's On My Mind
How to make the best out of this remodel situation and taking my dog back to the vet tomorrow for yet MORE blood curves.

Sorry I have been a bad Bunny blogger--it's just been a shiteous week all around so far but I am trying to stay positive and look on the bright side of things. Be good and I'll be back at ya' soon.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Mania

This is going to be a quick one folks--I am overwhelmed and have tons to do and it's already almost 10 pm. Yikes! Where did this day go?

Anyway, yesterday, the hubs and I spent the whole day in the yard deconstructing our front flower bed and front porch in preparation for the remodel. We were outside like 6 hours and I feel every single one of those 360 minutes today, let me tell you. I am tired and sore and sore and tired. I didn't get much else done yesterday but washing a few loads of clothes and throwing together some dinner. I have decided I may give up on house cleaning until after the remodel. Seriously.

Anyway, today I had a mid-day meeting and then my bro came over to help replace our deck door lock and I had to pick up the dog at the vet's again and I had SO MUCH work to do and I am so behind from being off just one damn day. Sigh. The good news, the dog is still doing ok; the bad news is we still don't know what's causing her sugar to be off so I have to take her back AGAIN on Thursday.

Did I mention I have SO MUCH TO DO this week??? Work, freelance work, getting the house ready for the remodel. I am about to make myself really stressed. I am trying to just think about what I need to do TOMORROW and not really past that or I will drive myself crazy.

What I'm Cooking:
I just had to ask the hubs what we had for dinner last night because I COULDN'T 'EFFIN REMEMBER! Nothing special--hot dogs, tater tots (frozen), slaw (Zaxby's 'cause Chik-Fil-A ain't open on Sunday). Tonight was a throw together because I was so behind and didn't feel like cooking what I had planned to cook so it was chicken tenders (frozen), fries (frozen), salad. DON'T GIVE ME THAT LOOK! I am overwhelmed with stuff!

What I'm Listening To:
My heart palpitate.

What I'm Reading:
The new Entertainment Weekly. Can't wait for the new Bond movie and the new Batman movie! Daniel Craig as Bond = YUM! Christian Bale as Batman = YUM-YUM!

What's On My Mind
Mad props to my bro who came all the way to Casa Bunny today to play handyman. The first thing that is going to go is our front porch so we will be accessing our house through the deck door but the lock did not work with the key from the outside so it had to be replaced. Me and the hubs are almost feeble when it comes to anything beyond painting so I REALLY, REALLY APPRECIATE my bro doing this for me. HE ROCKS! SHOUT OUT TO THE BRO!

Gots to go peeps--I have a freelance project I have to finish tonight. I see a midnight bedtime coming down....Be back on for Hump Day Holla in a few. Will try to have pics.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Schwinging Saturday

Holla peeps! Ok, that's a lot more energy than I actually have right now, but since I missed last night due to Independence Day partying, I figured I better drop a post tonight.

When I last left you, we were waiting to take Savannah back to the vet on Thursday for more blood curves, and we had good news--her sugar levels were quite good. Of course, the bad news, of sorts, is that we cannot figure out what set this round of problems off. Regardless, I have to take her back on Monday for another round just to make sure everything is ok, then keep a peeled eyeball on her for a while to make sure she stays stable.

Other than that, Thursday was pretty calm. I worked and our contractor came by--we are supposed to get started this week on the remodel. I don't know if I am ready for this but I told the hubs that at we are just going to have one hand on a horseshoe and raise the other to heaven and take a leap of faith. Or stupidity. I think I need to have a sitdown with my contractor before we start though just to go over everything ONE MORE TIME before we start.

Thursday night, we went to the grocery store since we usually do that on Friday but Friday was a holiday. We went to the new Firehouse Subs--woo-hoo, it was the partying spot in ol' G-ville! Actually, it wasn't bad but it didn't blow my socks off either. Later that night, I just threw my butt on the couch again and vegged. I have been so tired worrying about the dog and working and stressing about the house...I need a really good night's sleep. Like 12 hours.

Friday, the hubs had to work, so I went to get a Walmart experience. Ok, y'all, even Walmart is going up on their prices! Anywho, I can never get out of Wally World for less than $100-125 and this trip was no exception. Of course, I hadn't been in over a month so maybe that wasn't so bad. After I got home, I balanced my checkbook (THAT was painful) and payed bills and cleaned the house a little. I have actually decided that I may just be giving up on cleaning the house until after the remodel--I mean, seriously, it's just gonna be a disaster here for a while. So here is my buy of the day at Walmart:

Georgia Peaches--.88 cents a pound! I know I have said it before, but I LOVE me some peaches. Those I spent 3 times as much for last week went BAD in like 3 days. I was 'effin peeved! I can't wait to have me a peach--I STILL have not had a fresh one yet this year.

Last night, we had dinner with hubs's fam. Nothing terribly exciting. No fireworks. July 4th isn't really a big holiday for me--just another day off. Today, I had several errands in ATL--IKEA, Trader Joe's, Home Depot Expo. Now that gas is so high, I try to bundle up my trips but, I tell you, it makes for a long, long day. So here is my buy of the day:

It's a grill skillet from IKEA! Can you even BEGIN to imagine all the culinary delights I am gonna prepare on that?? I thought it would come in handy when cooler weather sets in and I don't want to go outside. I also thought I might try my hand at some grilled sandwiches. And maybe some quesadillas. Yum.

What I'm Cooking:
Thursday night, we ate out and last night we were at the hubs fam so tonight was the first night I have cooked in several. I made homemade pizza and I used my new pizza stone and, let me tell you, that thing is pretty awesome! The pizza was super crisp (NO SOGGY CRUST!) and so very good! It was pretty too--all golden brown--but I forgot to take a picture. I would highly recommend getting one of these. I served with a salad on the side--the regular with cukes from the garden, a tomato and a Vidalia onion.

For dessert, I made blueberry crumble--again. Here's pic (I took one before we ate tonight!).

This recipe is REALLY easy. I make it in little individual ramekins for fun, but you could make it in a larger, shallow dish. To make it, you simply toss the fruit with sugar, lemon juice and flour, and the topping is butter, oats, crushed sugar cookies and cinnamon. You mix it with your HANDS! How much easier can that be??

What I'm Listening To:
Yesterday, I was listening to my Trisha Yearwood compilation. I like to pull out some oldies but goodies and remind myself why I love some folks so much as an artist. She is a powerful singer and she's from GA, so what can you say??

What I'm Reading:
Books on Bungalow design in preparation for the remodel.

What's On My Mind
Breakfast tomorrow morning--look what we're having:

IKEA 'EFFIN CINNAMON ROLLS! Dudes, these are 'da bomb! If you ain't ever had them, you are missing out! They were taking them out of the ovens while I was there, and I could not resist.

Well, it's time for Saturday night movie which is actually The Office, Season 3. Have a good night and a super Sunday!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hump Day Holla

Well, peeps, I feel like I have been humped and hung out to dry so I guess it is a good day for hump day holla. I am weary. Bone weary, I tell ya. Between Aunt Flo visiting, worrying about the dog and trying to get a whole bunch of shayt done before the holiday, it's been a crapola day.

To recap yesterday, we had to take Savannah back to the vet. And her sugar was high. REAL, REAL high. Like 400+. So now we are all confused about what's going on and I am worried to death about her and poking her all night to make sure she is not in a doggie diabetic coma. Lawd. And every time we take her for curves, it's like $100. And we have to go back tomorrow. And there will probably be AT LEAST 2 or 3 more trips and that's if things go WELL. Lawd.

Today, I worked all day and put out fires while keeping one eyeball on the dog for signs of distress. It's really wearing, I tell you. I took my blood pressure today and it was high. It's really no wonder, right??

What I'm Cooking:
Last night, we had leftover Fabulous Wet Burritos, corn and black bean salsa and chips. Tonight, I decided to grill chicken. I pounded out the chicken thin (a meat tenderizer is a GREAT thing when you are stressed!) and basted them in this while they were on the grill:

That Trader Joe is one hella dude! This was really good. I served the chicken up with this:

Archer Farms strikes again! The risotto is awesome, the rice is great! And, for veggies, I threw together a tomato, onion and cuke salad and dressed it with a little ranch dressing. Here it all is plated:

Mmm, Mmm, Good!

What I'm Listening To:
My heart beat and my dog sigh. And me sigh.

What I'm Reading:
Book came to a screeching halt with all the dog drama. Maybe tomorrow night...

What's On My Mind
Dog. Beer. Dessert. Hmmm....think I turn to alcohol and food in times of stress??

Well, sorry to cut this short but I am going to go grab a beer and throw my fat ass on the couch and watch So You Think You Can Dance. I need a mindless night of nothing. Be back at'cha over the holiday weekend. Be good, be safe, pray Savannah is better tomorrow.