Saturday, June 28, 2008

Surprise Saturday Blog

OK, I had so much crapola happen today that I decided to post another blog and it's gonna be pic heavy, so hold onto your panties, peeps!

First off, both the pups seem to be doing better. Here are two funny..funny as in weird, not "haha" of each:

AGAIN with the weird neck twists from the Pepster. AGAIN, can you see why we need the doggie chiropractor? Hello??

Devil Dog Part I: Hound from Hell. I took this photo of Savannah, AGAIN barking at the camera, because I thought it was funny but then I saw the one sabertooth-like fang and the red eyes and thought it was even funnier.

So last night, the hubs and I stayed up WAY TOO LATE watching The Office, Season 2, Disc 3 (6 episodes). Hooked, I tell you, we are. Then, we had to get up at the crack of dawn because we had a meeting with the bank at 8:30 am--and the bank is an hour away--to sign the papers for our home equity loan. WOOTS PEEPS! We are now IN DEBT! YEAH! At least the remodel will give me LOTS to blog about.

After the bank, I ran some errands including picking up this puppy:

Yeah, I ordered a book about baking bread. It's supposed to be EASY but we'll see. Anyway, apparently, I need a baking stone and peel to do this mess so I had found this set at Bed Bath & Beyond for $14.99 and I had a 20% coupon which meant it was only $11.99. DEAL! I will keep y'all posted on my trial at being a Keebler elf.

I also went to the local farmer's market and picked up this:

Damn, I don't even hardly LIKE blackberries but these looked so beautiful and lush that I had to buy a pint. As we speak, I have a mixed berry cobbler cookin' in the oven with these mixed with some blueberries and strawberries I had. I hope it comes out good or I am going to be PISSED for messing up these gorgeous berries.

Here is my other haul...yellow bells, pickling cukes and golden zucchini. Did you know there was such a thing? Yeah, me neither. When I cook them, I will report back on how they taste/what I do with them. I was intrigued though so I had to have some. Oh yeah, and I also bought some GA peaches. I LOVE PEACHES! Fresh ones. I could eat them until I have the runs (and I have!). God, they are SO good!

I also gathered the following from my garden today:

WOOT! My first cukes! Dude, I am psyched! The only thing I love MORE than peaches is fresh cukes.

On bad news, the MOTHER 'EFFIN GROUNDHOG is back and has laid waste to one of my squash plants and severly damaged the other. Here is a LITTLE of the evidence:

MOTHER 'EFF! Anyone interested in target practice??? I swear, if that damn thing goes after my cukes, it is WAR! It's ON!

I also went to a tile laying class at the big orange box today (Home Depot). I was the only one who showed up for it, so it was like 1-on-1 which was pretty cool. I learned a lot and think it is doable for the hubs and I to lay our own backsplash in the kitchen without causing structural damage to our house. Here is our other home improvement project we are working on:

This is a "during" photo but it is our guest bath cabinet. We don't have the money to replace it right now with all the other stuff we are doing so we are sanding and painting it. It's sort of a trial--if this works well, we are also going to paint the cabinets in our master bath.

Just for kicks and giggles, here is a SUPER CUTE photo of the Kster:

She's been taking lessons from the Pepster in Contortion 101 obviously. Yes, that is her FOOT her head is resting on.

What I'm Cooking:
In addition to my cobbler, for dinner I made a sort-of repeat of a meal from a few weeks ago: tilapia fillets, roasted red pepper risotto and big salad of field and spring greens with Vidalia onions, fresh tomatoes and cukes (FROM MY GARDEN!), but I changed up the fish:

Rather than broiling in the oven I sauteed the tilapia in EVOO and a healthy dash of white wine and an even healthier dash of a McCormick's spice mix. I tossed in a half container of baby portabellas that were getting sketchy as well. Here it is plated:

Sort of pretty, right? I like to make up "fancy names" for my menus to tell the hubs when he asks "what's for din?" so here is what I would call this: Pan Sauteed Tilapia smothered with Baby Portabellas in Wine Sauce

What I'm Listening To:
Apologize by One Republic. I have this song on repeat. I bet I have listened to it 30 times today. It's great--both the slow version and the Timbaland version.

What I'm Reading:
Nothing. Sigh.

What's On My Mind
Tomorrow, we are starting back to church because we FINALLY have a new minister (long story, another day) so that is good. I am not looking forward to the rest of the day as I have a shit-load of freelance work to do.

Gots to go--have Disc 4 of Season 2 of The Office to watch. Call me a creature of OCD habit. Later peeps!

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