Friday, June 27, 2008

Lunchtime Lull & Doggie Drama

OK, it's lunchtime at Casa Bunny and while I am munching down on my PB&J (hey, I LIKE a PB&J every now and then! Besides we had no leftovers and tonight is grocery night and I felt a little too lazy to cook me something), I would go ahead and submit my latest and greatest update.

Let's see...Wednesday was pretty quiet. My boss is on vacation this week so I have been filling in for her and trying to catch up my work so things are a little hectic but, luckily, this is an easy week as far as deadlines. Wednesday night, I met one of my best friends to drink (a XXLarge pitcher of Dos Equis!), dine and dish, and good times were had by all. I really enjoy going out to dinner with my friends and having "girl time." I have developed a core of a few close peeps who I dearly love. For years, I couldn't keep friends--people kept moving away, having other priorities (like kids), etc. so it's nice to have some really good ones now.

Thursday, the hubs was off and it was all about the girls. We had scheduled them for a teeth cleaning (Thanks, W--that economic stimulus check DID do something good for my dogs; in case you don't know, teeth cleaning for dogs is EXPENSIVE--like $150 expensive--because they have to anesthetize them), however, we made the decision late Wednesday NOT to clean Savannah's teeth because she was acting like she was not feeling well and we didn't want to put her under if she was sickly. So we took Pepsi for a teeth cleaning and her annual shots and Savannah to have blood curves and a checkup.

Well, turns out that Savannah's sugar was REALLY high, which is SO baffling since we have not changed her diet or anything. May be the reason she was feeling badly. The vet wants us to up her insulin dosage which means another round of regulating her at $100 a pop everytime we take her for curves. Sigh. And we have to keep a close eye on her to make sure her sugar doesn't drop too low. Sigh. Like I don't worry about that damn dog enough already.

Pepsi was SUPER groggy when the hubs picked her up--just pitiful. They pulled two loose teeth so now she is snaggle-toothed AND on antibiotics and soft food for 14 days. It ain't fair for the Pepster! She is coming back around today but, I tell you, seems like they could lower the dose a little. We had to keep an eye on her last night to make sure she didn't try to jump up/down or do anything else to hurt herself.

On another note, this week I started investigating doggie cremation and making arrangements for when the girls die. I know that sounds morbid, but they are getting toward the end of their lives and preparation is never a bad thing in my mind. And I ain't burying my dogs out in the yard where some other animal can dig them up--or a kid dig them up and swing them 'round their head (holla big sis and bro--remember that?!!?). Actually, I found this great place in Decatur and they are sending me some info. It's actually not that expensive--less than my vet bill yesterday!!

Last night, we went out to dinner with my bro, sis-in-law, their young'uns and my mom. It started out as just dinner but became a celebration since my sis-in-law landed a job this week after being out of work since last fall! YEAH FOR HER! WOOT!

I is tired today because I checked on both the girls several times last night and I cancelled lunch with a friend today to stay home and watch both of them. Which was a good thing since Savannah started having loose poop/diarrhea this morning. Yeah! I ain't lying when I say that the last 4 times she's been to the vet, she has come home and within 24 hours starting pooping loose and/or vomiting. I don't know WHY but it's crazy and nerve-wracking because of 1) I don't want smelly poo all over the house and 2) her diabetes and 3) I mean, HELL, I take her to the vet to get BETTER not to get SICK! I mean, somebody needs to figure out what's going on. I don't want to have to change vets.

Weekend plans? Groceries tonight, going to sign our home loan in the morning, some home-improving this weekend, watching the second half of The Office Season 2, some freelance work. We know how to live, don't we?? Fun times.

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I'd like some sleep and a beer and healthy dogs and a life, well, maybe all that in backward order.

Sorry no pics this post but I may take some garden pics over the weekend. I need a little small camera and can carry with me everywhere--that would be fun!

Later taters--have a good weekend!

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