Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hump Day Holla

WOO-HOO, peeps--it's the Hump Day Holla! Actually, it's been a big ol' snooze fest at Casa Bunny since b-day Monday. Really. You think it would be more exicting being birthday week but nope. For the bad news, Aunt Flo is visiting this week. For the good news, I had belated birthday lunch AND dinner today with friends and managed to consume more drinks in a day than I usually have in a week. But I don't imbibe all that often so that's not saying much.

So since I have no riveting news (well, I could go on and on about the Dem presidential race but I won't), I decided to supplement today's post with visuals so I took some pics. Here goes--first, more garden shots:

Lovely, lovely clematis bloom, bigger than my hand.

Another daylily.

Yet another daylily.

BTW, the veggie garden is RIGHT ON THE CUSP of taking off. I hope to be swimming in 'maters and cukes by the end of the month!! WOO-HOO! Now for the dogters:

Nobody puts baby in a corner! HA! Savannah sticks her nose up in the corner of the couch all the time. Weird.

See why we are taking Peps to the doggie chiropractor? How the hell does she twist her neck around like that? Crazy.

Pepsi often gets overshadowed by Savannah when it comes to cute, but she is SWEET and SOULFUL. Look at those eyes. I think Pepsi knew some hurt in her pre-Bunny life but I hope we have made her life much, much better.

What I'm Cooking:
Well, I hogged out today with both meals out, but last night we had a great supper that was so simple and courtesy of Target. First, I bought their frozen tilapia fillets:

They are HUGE! I just brushed them with a little olive oil, sprinkled with some spices and broiled in the oven. Delish! And yes, that's the pup in the background (because I was taking a photo and y'all know she HATES the digital camera.) I also sliced up some zucchini, tossed with a little olive oil and spices and threw on the pan with the fish to broil as well. Served with this on the side:

This was GOOD! And SUPER EASY to make unlike a lot of risotto mixes! The hubs REALLY liked it. His quote, "I could eat this by itself--throw a little shrimp on it and that would be a meal." I see supper of the future....

What I'm Listening To:
Right this moment--True by Spandau Ballet. Don't ask. Ok, it's the hubs iTune mix. Geek.

What I'm Reading:
Still nada. Nothing may be getting read until vaca.

What's On My Mind
That I should be in bed. Oh, and why the hell do bank tellers give you all $100 bills when you cash a big check???? No one likes taking $100 bills. Now I have to go BACK to the bank and get them to give me small bills and I am mad at myself for forgetting to tell them NOT to do that very thing.

So tomorrow I am off to the ATL for a meeting for work. Maybe I will have tales from the city for my next post. HA! I think I would generate more riveting tales from the local Walmart. Goodnight!

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