Monday, June 09, 2008

Downhill Slide

Yow! What a weekend! I CANNOT wait for vaca this weekend, peeps! Saturday started early as I had to rise and drive to the ATL again to get my hair cut. Those who know me know that I have a head FULL of kinky, naturally curly hair. For those of you who don't know, it is the lifelong quest of people with curly hair to find someone who actually knows HOW TO CUT IT so you don't resemble Rosanarosanadana. I mean, I would drive to Alabama if I found someone great to cut my hair. Seriously. I stopped seeing my old guy a few years ago and it took me this long to find someone new and, let me tell you, I think she's a keeper.

Anywho, then it was errands and errands and home in the late afternoon and clean the house and fix dinner and then watch the movie pick of the week (Season 1 of The Office which I fell asleep about an hour into). Sunday, it was up early again and then lunch with the hubs fam to celebrate my birthday and dad's day and then dinner with my fams to celebrate my birthday and dad's day and then home to work. Late to bed and early to rise again today to go to the bank to meet about the house loan. It has been a blurry whirlwind to say the least.

Today was work, work, work in trying to get caught up and ahead before I leave. Tonight I am washing clothes in prep for vaca and making a list of crapola that needs to be done before I leave--clean car, pick up dogs meds, take key to house to cleaning lady, meet with teen who is feeding cat. Sigh.

So I was gonna to do another "favorite things" post the other day, but only took a few photos, so here are "a few of my favorite things" (sing the song as you say it!):

Oh yeah, baby. Chocolate Trinity ice cream from Publix. It's day-um good stuff. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks and caramel filled chocolate bon-bon thingys.

I love me some Jo Malone colognes in summer. They are light and crisp and fresh. My favorites are Verbena and French Lime Blossom. They smell like clean, like soap.

These are those freakin' good roasted potatoes that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE--give them a try.

Yum--summer drinks. For your pleasure on the left, Pete's Strawberry Blonde, which, yes, is a nice golden ale with a strong essence of strawberry. On the right is Captain's Morgan's Mojito--very refreshing on a hot summer evening.

The best self-tanner for pale chicks like me that I have found--Dove Energy Glow in Fair. No steaking, no dirty lines, pretty good stuff.

What I'm Cooking:
Saturday night I grilled pork chops and had green beans and this:

Yes, another yummy and successful risotto from Archer Farms! Yesterday, I made slider burgers for lunch with the inlaws and pasta salad for dinner with the fams.

What I'm Listening To:
80's hits.

What I'm Reading:
Still nada.

What's On My Mind
Whoppi Goldberg smackin' down that ANNOYING Elizabeth Hasselback today on the View. Sweeetie, don't mess with an old black lady with dreds! She acts like such a petulant child. Someone smack her.

Have a good night y'all. I is getting to bed!

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