Monday, June 02, 2008

Birthday Blog

It's My Birthday. It's My Birthday. Got a cake, with my name on it. Well, not really. Not that last part anyway. But it is the start of the last year of my 30's. So next year, I will have to change my little bio thingy to "40-something." Oh, well, I can save that sack of depression until next year.

Before I start recounting the day of birthday bliss, I should replay Sunday. Well, we jumped up early to the sound of thunder because I left all the freakin' yard sale boxes in the back of my truck. So out we run in our jammies to grab and run before the downpour. Which then never came. Oh well.

Then breakfast. Repacking leftover yard sale crap to take to the Goodwill. Then lunch. Yeah, we likes to eat. Then we went to see Iron Man, which was pretty good. I am glad for Robert Downey Jr. that he seems to have finally overcome his demons and now has a hit movie. I always liked him--he's quirky and I do quirky. And, let me tell you, dude WORKED OUT for this movie. Look at this:

Buff, no?? I mean, he was ripped. And age agrees with him. I mean, look at THIS:

Hello!! Patrick Dempsey anyone?? Yeah, sorta yummy in that grown-up good, rumpled way. I like. I may have to move him into my top 5. Anyway, good for RDJ--here's hoping he stays on the sober track. My only critique is Gwynth Paltrow was woefully miscast as humble assistant Pepper Potts. Gwynnie, Gwynnie--from Oscar to Marvel comic??

The rest of the day was spent working on work and cooking a good dinner which I will tell more about later.

Today, I gots to sleep late 'cause the hubs got up and watered the garden since it was my birthday. Then, I gots my gift from the girls:

YEAH! Dan in Real Life! One of my most favoritist movies from 2007! I loves me some Steve Carrell. LOVES! He is definitely in my top 5. Dude, that scene with him playing "Let My Love Open the Door?" What girl wouldn't love to be on the receiving end of that?? Sigh. I may have to watch this weekend. Maybe tonight. No, it's too late. Oh, well.

Then, it was a whirlwind of well-wishes from the fams and friends via phone calls and emails. I still had to work though 'cause I is going on vaca in a few weeks and gots lots to do before then. This evening, the hubs took me out to dinner and gave me his gifts:

Yeah, we sort of have this thingy about monograms/initials right now. These are pretty cool stainless steely blocks.

So, this is my big prezzie--Tiffany necklace. Clover of hearts. Lucky in love, which I am because I have the bestest hubs! LOVES IT!

And here are my gifts to me:

I bought these at the arts festival I attended a few weeks ago. I really like this artist because he repurposes everyday items into these super cool pieces like Face Pan Man and Spoon Dude. I mean, how cool are the earrings on Spoon Dude? And the "hair" brush on Face Pan Man? They are just really quirky. Quirky--that's the word of the day!

What I'm Cooking:
Of course, tonight was birthday dinner, but last night I grilled tenderloin steaks with the lemon/oil oil/garlic rub and also grilled up some zucchini and portabellas with a little olive oil and lemon pepper. Served with big 'ol baking taters and crusty rolls. It was good eatin'!

What I'm Listening To:
Today, I was trying to remember my youth by listening to 80's tunes. Let me just say that one of the best albums you have never heard is Book of Love by Book of Love. The song Book of Love (now, don't get confused--Book of Love is a group which has an album called Book of Love with a song on it called Book of Love) has great lyrics:

I write down
everything that you say
so I don't get lonely
when you are away

I've got a book of love

If you should
ever happen to leave
I'll add your book to my
lovelorn library

I've got a book of love

I know you'd never try
to leave me
'cause I've got a chain
around your heart
and you'll never be free

Seriously great stuff for the lovelorn teen in us all.

What I'm Reading:
Nada, peeps, nada.

What's On My Mind
See Robert Downey Jr. above. Oh, yeah, and not looking forward to the big 4-0 in 2009.

Thanks to all my peeps who made this day great. I loves you all Bunny bunches!!

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