Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Madness

Whew! I can't believe it's only Monday--am I glad this is a short week. Of course, that means that NEXT week I will be behind and having to play catch-up but I don't care! I get OFF on Friday! Yeah! Which I will probably spend doing some chores and/or remodeling projects....hey, maybe I would rather work after all....

Anyway, yesterday we went to church for the first time since Christmas. We have been bad Methodists but, I swear to the Lord, we could just not stand our minister. We had this AWESOME minister and she left two years ago, then we got, well, a dud. The polar opposite of our AWESOME minister. Well, the church hemmoraged members that had come because of our AWESOME minister and money was being lost so dud got the boot and the new guy started yesterday. First outlook is pretty good but we'll see...I am sad so many people have gone because we love our little church. It was a little awkward yesterday but most seemed glad to see us. We did not hide our reasoning but people were like "at least you came back."

After church, we went to Home Depot to pick out paint colors for our two bedrooms. They were having a good sale on Behr paint so even though it may be a few weeks before we get started, we went ahead and purchased the paint. Then, it was home for naps (dude, I needed it BAD! too much Office watching and not enough sleep!) and freelance work.

Today, the hubs was off so, bless his little heart, he ran a whole bunch of errands including going back to Home Depot for the paint, the bank, the post office, pay the car insurance, etc. etc. But I bought him sushi lunch to thank him! We also went and priced new appliances today. I would LOVE a new range and fridge. I hope it will be in our budget for the remodel...

Tonight I have more freelance work to do so I better get busy. Here's the wrap-up:

What I'm Cooking:
Y'all, I been cookin' up a storm--just call me Martha Deen! First, here is a photo of the cobbler from Saturday night which came out PERFECT!

Yeah, well, I forgot to take a photo until AFTER we had descended on it like locust and ate 1/3 of it, but you can tell it was pretty! We had some last night and still have some more to have tonight. My next attempt at a hot fruit dessert will be a peach crumble later in the week....stay tuned.

Last night, I made the Fabulous Wet Burritos again. Those things are DAYUM yummy! Seriously. I also had "freshened" black bean and corn salsa and chips on the side and served the burritos over "spiced up" white rice (added cilantro and Mrs. Dash Chipolte Seasoning).

Tonight, I grilled up some thin cut sirloin steaks. I put some EVOO in a gallon baggie, a heaping teaspoon of crushed garlic and a healthy toss of McCormick hamburger spice mix. I mooshed it all together then add the steak and smooshed it around in the mix until well covered and tossed it on the grill. It was yummy and earned the hubs seal of approval ("the steak's good, Bun"). I served it with the fabulous Ore-Ida roasted potatoes and the golden zucchini. I decided to keep it simple so here's what I did:

I coarsely diced a Vidalia onion then coarsely chopped the zucchini. I tossed them in a pan with a generous swirl of EVOO, salt, pepper and a single handful of fresh oregano and a triple handful of fresh basil. It was good!

What I'm Listening To:
Still loving Apologize by One Republic. I have also added their song Stop and Stare to the rotation. But, right this minute, I am listening to Boogie Shoes by KC and the Sunshine Band. Did you ever see that scene from Desperate Housewives? Classic! (and I don't even watch that show!)

What I'm Reading:
Ta-da! I started a new book last night--The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets. Hard to tell yet if it's going to be a winner. I will report back. PS, I counted in my book journal and I have read 19 books so far this year--that's not too shabby! I wouldn't have guessed that many.

What's On My Mind
I am terribly worried about the economy and, of course, how everything that's going on will impact me and my loved ones--and already it impacting us. You know me--if I could make a career out of WORRYING I would be a freakin' millionaire 100x over.

On a lighter note, I saw the preview for the new Bond movie today and it looks SO SO GOOD! Can't wait!

Tomorrow, I have to take Savannah back to the vet for more blood curves and I also have a dentist visit. I'll be back Wednesday for Hump Day Holla. Cobbler is calling now! Good night!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Surprise Saturday Blog

OK, I had so much crapola happen today that I decided to post another blog and it's gonna be pic heavy, so hold onto your panties, peeps!

First off, both the pups seem to be doing better. Here are two funny..funny as in weird, not "haha" of each:

AGAIN with the weird neck twists from the Pepster. AGAIN, can you see why we need the doggie chiropractor? Hello??

Devil Dog Part I: Hound from Hell. I took this photo of Savannah, AGAIN barking at the camera, because I thought it was funny but then I saw the one sabertooth-like fang and the red eyes and thought it was even funnier.

So last night, the hubs and I stayed up WAY TOO LATE watching The Office, Season 2, Disc 3 (6 episodes). Hooked, I tell you, we are. Then, we had to get up at the crack of dawn because we had a meeting with the bank at 8:30 am--and the bank is an hour away--to sign the papers for our home equity loan. WOOTS PEEPS! We are now IN DEBT! YEAH! At least the remodel will give me LOTS to blog about.

After the bank, I ran some errands including picking up this puppy:

Yeah, I ordered a book about baking bread. It's supposed to be EASY but we'll see. Anyway, apparently, I need a baking stone and peel to do this mess so I had found this set at Bed Bath & Beyond for $14.99 and I had a 20% coupon which meant it was only $11.99. DEAL! I will keep y'all posted on my trial at being a Keebler elf.

I also went to the local farmer's market and picked up this:

Damn, I don't even hardly LIKE blackberries but these looked so beautiful and lush that I had to buy a pint. As we speak, I have a mixed berry cobbler cookin' in the oven with these mixed with some blueberries and strawberries I had. I hope it comes out good or I am going to be PISSED for messing up these gorgeous berries.

Here is my other haul...yellow bells, pickling cukes and golden zucchini. Did you know there was such a thing? Yeah, me neither. When I cook them, I will report back on how they taste/what I do with them. I was intrigued though so I had to have some. Oh yeah, and I also bought some GA peaches. I LOVE PEACHES! Fresh ones. I could eat them until I have the runs (and I have!). God, they are SO good!

I also gathered the following from my garden today:

WOOT! My first cukes! Dude, I am psyched! The only thing I love MORE than peaches is fresh cukes.

On bad news, the MOTHER 'EFFIN GROUNDHOG is back and has laid waste to one of my squash plants and severly damaged the other. Here is a LITTLE of the evidence:

MOTHER 'EFF! Anyone interested in target practice??? I swear, if that damn thing goes after my cukes, it is WAR! It's ON!

I also went to a tile laying class at the big orange box today (Home Depot). I was the only one who showed up for it, so it was like 1-on-1 which was pretty cool. I learned a lot and think it is doable for the hubs and I to lay our own backsplash in the kitchen without causing structural damage to our house. Here is our other home improvement project we are working on:

This is a "during" photo but it is our guest bath cabinet. We don't have the money to replace it right now with all the other stuff we are doing so we are sanding and painting it. It's sort of a trial--if this works well, we are also going to paint the cabinets in our master bath.

Just for kicks and giggles, here is a SUPER CUTE photo of the Kster:

She's been taking lessons from the Pepster in Contortion 101 obviously. Yes, that is her FOOT her head is resting on.

What I'm Cooking:
In addition to my cobbler, for dinner I made a sort-of repeat of a meal from a few weeks ago: tilapia fillets, roasted red pepper risotto and big salad of field and spring greens with Vidalia onions, fresh tomatoes and cukes (FROM MY GARDEN!), but I changed up the fish:

Rather than broiling in the oven I sauteed the tilapia in EVOO and a healthy dash of white wine and an even healthier dash of a McCormick's spice mix. I tossed in a half container of baby portabellas that were getting sketchy as well. Here it is plated:

Sort of pretty, right? I like to make up "fancy names" for my menus to tell the hubs when he asks "what's for din?" so here is what I would call this: Pan Sauteed Tilapia smothered with Baby Portabellas in Wine Sauce

What I'm Listening To:
Apologize by One Republic. I have this song on repeat. I bet I have listened to it 30 times today. It's great--both the slow version and the Timbaland version.

What I'm Reading:
Nothing. Sigh.

What's On My Mind
Tomorrow, we are starting back to church because we FINALLY have a new minister (long story, another day) so that is good. I am not looking forward to the rest of the day as I have a shit-load of freelance work to do.

Gots to go--have Disc 4 of Season 2 of The Office to watch. Call me a creature of OCD habit. Later peeps!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Lunchtime Lull & Doggie Drama

OK, it's lunchtime at Casa Bunny and while I am munching down on my PB&J (hey, I LIKE a PB&J every now and then! Besides we had no leftovers and tonight is grocery night and I felt a little too lazy to cook me something), I would go ahead and submit my latest and greatest update.

Let's see...Wednesday was pretty quiet. My boss is on vacation this week so I have been filling in for her and trying to catch up my work so things are a little hectic but, luckily, this is an easy week as far as deadlines. Wednesday night, I met one of my best friends to drink (a XXLarge pitcher of Dos Equis!), dine and dish, and good times were had by all. I really enjoy going out to dinner with my friends and having "girl time." I have developed a core of a few close peeps who I dearly love. For years, I couldn't keep friends--people kept moving away, having other priorities (like kids), etc. so it's nice to have some really good ones now.

Thursday, the hubs was off and it was all about the girls. We had scheduled them for a teeth cleaning (Thanks, W--that economic stimulus check DID do something good for my dogs; in case you don't know, teeth cleaning for dogs is EXPENSIVE--like $150 expensive--because they have to anesthetize them), however, we made the decision late Wednesday NOT to clean Savannah's teeth because she was acting like she was not feeling well and we didn't want to put her under if she was sickly. So we took Pepsi for a teeth cleaning and her annual shots and Savannah to have blood curves and a checkup.

Well, turns out that Savannah's sugar was REALLY high, which is SO baffling since we have not changed her diet or anything. May be the reason she was feeling badly. The vet wants us to up her insulin dosage which means another round of regulating her at $100 a pop everytime we take her for curves. Sigh. And we have to keep a close eye on her to make sure her sugar doesn't drop too low. Sigh. Like I don't worry about that damn dog enough already.

Pepsi was SUPER groggy when the hubs picked her up--just pitiful. They pulled two loose teeth so now she is snaggle-toothed AND on antibiotics and soft food for 14 days. It ain't fair for the Pepster! She is coming back around today but, I tell you, seems like they could lower the dose a little. We had to keep an eye on her last night to make sure she didn't try to jump up/down or do anything else to hurt herself.

On another note, this week I started investigating doggie cremation and making arrangements for when the girls die. I know that sounds morbid, but they are getting toward the end of their lives and preparation is never a bad thing in my mind. And I ain't burying my dogs out in the yard where some other animal can dig them up--or a kid dig them up and swing them 'round their head (holla big sis and bro--remember that?!!?). Actually, I found this great place in Decatur and they are sending me some info. It's actually not that expensive--less than my vet bill yesterday!!

Last night, we went out to dinner with my bro, sis-in-law, their young'uns and my mom. It started out as just dinner but became a celebration since my sis-in-law landed a job this week after being out of work since last fall! YEAH FOR HER! WOOT!

I is tired today because I checked on both the girls several times last night and I cancelled lunch with a friend today to stay home and watch both of them. Which was a good thing since Savannah started having loose poop/diarrhea this morning. Yeah! I ain't lying when I say that the last 4 times she's been to the vet, she has come home and within 24 hours starting pooping loose and/or vomiting. I don't know WHY but it's crazy and nerve-wracking because of 1) I don't want smelly poo all over the house and 2) her diabetes and 3) I mean, HELL, I take her to the vet to get BETTER not to get SICK! I mean, somebody needs to figure out what's going on. I don't want to have to change vets.

Weekend plans? Groceries tonight, going to sign our home loan in the morning, some home-improving this weekend, watching the second half of The Office Season 2, some freelance work. We know how to live, don't we?? Fun times.

What I'm Cooking:

What I'm Listening To:

What I'm Reading:

What's On My Mind
I'd like some sleep and a beer and healthy dogs and a life, well, maybe all that in backward order.

Sorry no pics this post but I may take some garden pics over the weekend. I need a little small camera and can carry with me everywhere--that would be fun!

Later taters--have a good weekend!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's All About Me

OK, I have nothing much new to tell, so tonight I will be sharing several photos with you. The last two days have basically been about playing catchup with work, both professional and freelance, so not a lot going on; however, I have dinner plans the next two nights so you peeps may not be hearing from me again until Friday.

First up, pics of the dogters from vaca:

Beach babes! Take a look at that tongue--I swear all they did all week was PANT!

Savannah, the Princess, sleeping on my CASHMERE throw! Sigh. At least my dog has good taste.

How funny is this pic? I call it "Pooped Puddin'"

Yo-Yo! Pep-sta in the house, y'all!

Onto a garden pic--look how my garden grew while I was gone!

I mean, everything EXPLODED. I have several cocktail pickle size cukes and a couple of green tomatoes. I am a little bummed though because my tomato plants, while hughish, don't have many blossoms. Maybe some epsom salts would help....

Here is a cool mag we picked up on vaca...y'all know we are doing a bungalow look with our remodel, right??

I also have bought a couple of books on bungalow exteriors. That is my biggest fear--coordinating the siding, windows, door, roof, trim, gutters and everything else on the exterior so it doesn't look like a mess! I mean, when this stuff goes up, it's gonna be up for 20, 30 years so we better like it or we are 'effed big time!

What I'm Cooking:
Let's see...last night I made this new recipe--crab & orzo salad. Except I didn't use orzo, I used ditalini (sort of like straight elbows). It was the pasta mixed crab, tomatoes, onion, sundried tomatoes and artichoke hearts and dressed with a mixture of dijon mustard, white balsamic vinegar, garlic and olive oil. And I added fresh basil AND oregano. It was good, and even better today when the flavors melded and it was chilled. Served with Wheatsworth crackers which are my faves.

Tonight, I grilled chicken breasts marinated in this:

This is GOOD though the first ingrediant IS high fructose corn syrup. Even the hubs said "this is good!" and he rarely comments on meals. I served it with a salad of butter lettuces, campari tomatoes and Vidalia onions (and used the Kraft dressing!) and Four Cheese Risotto from Archer Farms. I also grilled up this with the chicken:

WOOT! My VERY FIRST PICK from the garden! I sliced that puppy in long strips and tossed with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and grilled it on the top rack. YUMMERS! Last year, the 'effin groundhog DESTROYED my squash plants so I am so glad to get ONE this year at least!

What I'm Listening To:
I am embarrased to admit it, but I am currently hooked on 4 Seconds by Madonna. I don't even LIKE Madonna all that much but it has an AWESOME background beat!

What I'm Reading:
Still wading through my mags.

What's On My Mind
I ordered a book yesterday about making bread so that will be something interesting to report on in upcoming weeks! I am excited about it--I LOVE fresh baked bread. We also will be getting Part 2 of Season 2 of The Office tomorrow from Netflix. The hubs and are ALL ABOUT on The Office right now. I have mentioned my affinity for Steve Carell before on this blog. And, yeah, we went and saw Get Smart Sunday. It was pretty good!

Like I saids, it may be Friday before I return but be good until then!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Did you miss me? Well, since half of the half dozen peeps who read my blog were on vaca with me, I doubt it. Anywho, I am back from vacation and have officially entered into the depression of knowing I have to go back to work tomorrow. Not that I don't like my job, but like most folks, I work to live, not live to work.

So vaca was pretty low-key--lots of doing nothing. Laying on the beach. Laying on the bed watching movies. Laying on a chaise on the porch reading. It was nice, but too short. The hubs and I went with my fams and though I love them, you know what Mark Twain says--fish and family start to stink after 3 days. Or maybe it's guests. But anyway, I think we were all about ready to get home and get away from each other, if you know what I mean (no offense fams--besides, you know it's true!).

Anywho, we wound up taking the girls with us--I will post some cute pics later in the week once I have time to download them from the camera. Other than that, here are the dramatic highlights of the week:

- Saturday, we drive down in torrential rain for most of the second half of the trip and it takes us like 10 hours to get there (which should have been 8).
- Sunday, I clumsily drop Savannah's insulin bottle on the tile floor of the kitchen, shattering it and proceed to freak out. Luckily, the closest pharmacy (which is a 20 minute drive away) has it in stock and is open for another hour. Thank you, Lord!
- Monday or Tuesday (the days start to blur together here), I clumsily dropped one of those large bottles of wine, 3/4 full, onto the tile floor of the kitchen, shattering it, and proceed to have a meltdown. We all had to wear shoes the rest of the week and I was petrified that the dogs would lick up some glass and cut up their bowels internally. The worst part was the waste of wine though. Ha.

Other than that drama, the week, the weather and the food was quite pleasant. I ate and drank way more than I should and did not exercise except to walk to the beach and throw my fat ass down like a whale. The hubs and I watched the first two disks of The Office Season 2 and I read three books. I managed not to get sunburned which is a feat unto itself considering I am pretty pale, and I actually have a nice little tan. I napped quite a bit and, overall, feel rested. Of course, I worried all week about my house burning down, the dogs getting sick and our car breaking down on the trip, but other than that, it wasn't bad.

We got back home yesterday evening and, let me tell you, it was SO NICE to walk into a clean house! I splurged and payed a cleaning service to come clean the house while I was gone so I wouldn't have to worry about it. I mean, we had to get groceries and unpack and wash clothes and pay bills, so it was nice not to have to worry about cleaning the house on top of everything else.

Tomorrow, I get to go get my truck which I had painted while I was gone. I hope it looks good because I am spending 2/3 of my "economic stimulus" check to have it done. Since I plan on driving it another 3 or 4 years, I figured it was a good investment. The rest of our check will be going to getting the girls teeth cleaned and Pepsi's shots--woo hoo! We know how to live on the edge, don't we???

Speaking of groceries, I think I am going to have to start eating soup beans and pasta all the time. Things are getting SO DAMN EXPENSIVE! And now, with the floods, they are predicting meat will go up even more. And a whole bunch of other things as well. Sigh. My mom and I are going to pair up and check out Sam's and see if we can buy some stuff and split it up and it be more affordable. Seriously, this is all getting me down.

For good news, we got back a good appraisal on our house and are proceeding with our home equity loan. Now we will have to worry about paying THAT bill and starting the construction. It all sort of scares me. A lot. But we have to do some things or our house will start to fall in. Well, not really. But we do have to do something here or move. Any we all know how the real estate market is going so we hope this is the better choice.

What I'm Cooking:
Tonight, I grilled feta burgers--here is the link to the recipe on the Knorr website: ( These are yummy--I make them all the time. I served them on whole wheat buns and the sides were the awesome Ore-Ida potatoes and a salad of tomatoes, onions and fresh basil drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

What I'm Listening To:
Say by John Mayer and 4 Seconds by Madonna. All the way to vaca hot spot and back, we listened to Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius. I learned lots of stuff including some good cooking tips.

What I'm Reading:
Hey, I read THREE books on vacation--give me a break! :) Actually, I returned to a PILE of my July magazines so I am wading through those and it may be next weekend before I crack another book.

What's On My Mind
I wish I could win the lottery and set up a foundation and then my daily work would be giving out money to deserving orgs and peeps. Also, on a totally unrelated note, my garden is starting to go gangbusters and I hope in a few weeks I will have tomatoes and cukes starting to come out of my ears. On another unrelated note, I have pledged to get my fat ass back in gear this week and start exercising again since I have gained back 10 of the 25 pounds I lost.

Good night peeps--I am sure over the week, I will think of more vaca news and I will post photos later as well. Have a good one!
The Bun

Friday, June 13, 2008

Checking In & Out

Wow! I didn't realize it had been so many days since I last blogged! It has been a whirlwind week preparing for vacation next week. I have been up to 2 a.m. the last two nights working to get it all done before I left. I am SO READY to go. And sleep. And read. And sleep. And do nothing. And sleep.

So, sorry I was a bad bunny but you will have to miss me some more. I will be back in a weekish with more of my boring life.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Downhill Slide

Yow! What a weekend! I CANNOT wait for vaca this weekend, peeps! Saturday started early as I had to rise and drive to the ATL again to get my hair cut. Those who know me know that I have a head FULL of kinky, naturally curly hair. For those of you who don't know, it is the lifelong quest of people with curly hair to find someone who actually knows HOW TO CUT IT so you don't resemble Rosanarosanadana. I mean, I would drive to Alabama if I found someone great to cut my hair. Seriously. I stopped seeing my old guy a few years ago and it took me this long to find someone new and, let me tell you, I think she's a keeper.

Anywho, then it was errands and errands and home in the late afternoon and clean the house and fix dinner and then watch the movie pick of the week (Season 1 of The Office which I fell asleep about an hour into). Sunday, it was up early again and then lunch with the hubs fam to celebrate my birthday and dad's day and then dinner with my fams to celebrate my birthday and dad's day and then home to work. Late to bed and early to rise again today to go to the bank to meet about the house loan. It has been a blurry whirlwind to say the least.

Today was work, work, work in trying to get caught up and ahead before I leave. Tonight I am washing clothes in prep for vaca and making a list of crapola that needs to be done before I leave--clean car, pick up dogs meds, take key to house to cleaning lady, meet with teen who is feeding cat. Sigh.

So I was gonna to do another "favorite things" post the other day, but only took a few photos, so here are "a few of my favorite things" (sing the song as you say it!):

Oh yeah, baby. Chocolate Trinity ice cream from Publix. It's day-um good stuff. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks and caramel filled chocolate bon-bon thingys.

I love me some Jo Malone colognes in summer. They are light and crisp and fresh. My favorites are Verbena and French Lime Blossom. They smell like clean, like soap.

These are those freakin' good roasted potatoes that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE--give them a try.

Yum--summer drinks. For your pleasure on the left, Pete's Strawberry Blonde, which, yes, is a nice golden ale with a strong essence of strawberry. On the right is Captain's Morgan's Mojito--very refreshing on a hot summer evening.

The best self-tanner for pale chicks like me that I have found--Dove Energy Glow in Fair. No steaking, no dirty lines, pretty good stuff.

What I'm Cooking:
Saturday night I grilled pork chops and had green beans and this:

Yes, another yummy and successful risotto from Archer Farms! Yesterday, I made slider burgers for lunch with the inlaws and pasta salad for dinner with the fams.

What I'm Listening To:
80's hits.

What I'm Reading:
Still nada.

What's On My Mind
Whoppi Goldberg smackin' down that ANNOYING Elizabeth Hasselback today on the View. Sweeetie, don't mess with an old black lady with dreds! She acts like such a petulant child. Someone smack her.

Have a good night y'all. I is getting to bed!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Funk Fest

Ok, y'all, it ain't been a good day, but the show must go on so here I post. Yesterday, I had to roll up in the ATL for a meeting for work which took the better part of the day. And can I just say, Lord above, it has been ROASTING HOT in the GA this week and we ain't even to summer proper yets!

The hubs was off yesterday so he rolled with me. After the meeting, we decided to swing by a door and window showroom to look at yet some MORE doors and windows for the remodel. To replace our existing windows, buy windows for the addition and buy a new front door it is going to be like $6000. Who knew this shit was SO 'EFFIN EXPENSIVE??? We are buying top of the line though because I am telling you now--this shit is not going to be replaced again by me! The next time someone replaces it will be because I am in my condo in Boca or dust in a urn. Get me??

Plus, SUPPOSEDLY, all this stuff we are getting is more energy efficient. All I is saying is we better be seeing a steep drop in the electric bill to help pay for it all. Of course, there will be a 20% savings and the electric rates will go up 20% so that = us screwed. Oh well. So here is the glass in the door we are thinking about:

Very pretty on paper (sorry, I couldn't figure out how to get the whole door but it don't matter anyway 'cuz the glass is configured all different ways) but in person--who knows?? The door is NEW and BACKORDERED ('Eff me! Of course it is!) so we haven't seen it IN PERSON yet, but the hubs and I have a pact that no door is ordered until seen in person. Why you say? Because we were all ready to plunk down $1000 for this beautiful Craftsman door and then saw it, accidentally, in a showroom and it looked like CRAP! So until we know that stained glass doesn't look like a plastic bubble gum ring, the door is on hold. Guess we will just have a gaping hole in the front of the house.

By the time we got home, it was late and I had GOBS of work to do so I worked, on my REAL job, until like 9 p.m. last night. THEN I did freelance. I honestly don't know WHY I said it was boring around here--it is boring in the terms of nothing fun, but it is NOT boring in terms of the AMOUNT of stuff to do. I have SO MUCH SHIT to get done in the next week before vacation it ain't even funny. Freelance jobs. Work work. Finance our remodel. Last minute errands for meds, hair dye and sunscreen. Sigh. I need a personal assistant. Sometimes I just don't think it pays to go on vacation--you rush around getting ready to go, go and are worried the whole time about what you are missing, and get back and rush around getting caught up.

Tonight was grocery night which meant eat out. We had Chinese. I also scored me a bottle of wine because our single neighbor lady came over earlier in the evening and wanted me to help her move a rug in her house. Which I did. Then moved another out. I really did not mind but she pulled a bottle of chilled white out of the fridge to give me as a thank you. Dude! Good deeds are rewarded and the Lord above KNEW I needed that wine after today!!

What I'm Cooking:
Last night, I decided to do country cooking, which I am not really good at. I bought some cube steak and prepped it up. Then I sauteed some frozen breaded squash in olive oil. I was going to have lima beans, but then I realized I didn't have any, so I fixed frozen black eyed peas. I also made some gravy (from one of those mixes) and heated up some frozen biscuits. It was a'ight but too..frozen. That stuff is always better fresh from the garden. The steak was good though--tender. And it was all sort of labor intensive on a night where I was already tired and had lots to do which spoiled it even more for me.

What I'm Listening To:
Nothing today.

What I'm Reading:
Still nada.

What's On My Mind
Should I have ice cream or beer? Would it be bad to have both? If yes, which order should I have them in?

Have a good night y'all. Be back at ya soon!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hump Day Holla

WOO-HOO, peeps--it's the Hump Day Holla! Actually, it's been a big ol' snooze fest at Casa Bunny since b-day Monday. Really. You think it would be more exicting being birthday week but nope. For the bad news, Aunt Flo is visiting this week. For the good news, I had belated birthday lunch AND dinner today with friends and managed to consume more drinks in a day than I usually have in a week. But I don't imbibe all that often so that's not saying much.

So since I have no riveting news (well, I could go on and on about the Dem presidential race but I won't), I decided to supplement today's post with visuals so I took some pics. Here goes--first, more garden shots:

Lovely, lovely clematis bloom, bigger than my hand.

Another daylily.

Yet another daylily.

BTW, the veggie garden is RIGHT ON THE CUSP of taking off. I hope to be swimming in 'maters and cukes by the end of the month!! WOO-HOO! Now for the dogters:

Nobody puts baby in a corner! HA! Savannah sticks her nose up in the corner of the couch all the time. Weird.

See why we are taking Peps to the doggie chiropractor? How the hell does she twist her neck around like that? Crazy.

Pepsi often gets overshadowed by Savannah when it comes to cute, but she is SWEET and SOULFUL. Look at those eyes. I think Pepsi knew some hurt in her pre-Bunny life but I hope we have made her life much, much better.

What I'm Cooking:
Well, I hogged out today with both meals out, but last night we had a great supper that was so simple and courtesy of Target. First, I bought their frozen tilapia fillets:

They are HUGE! I just brushed them with a little olive oil, sprinkled with some spices and broiled in the oven. Delish! And yes, that's the pup in the background (because I was taking a photo and y'all know she HATES the digital camera.) I also sliced up some zucchini, tossed with a little olive oil and spices and threw on the pan with the fish to broil as well. Served with this on the side:

This was GOOD! And SUPER EASY to make unlike a lot of risotto mixes! The hubs REALLY liked it. His quote, "I could eat this by itself--throw a little shrimp on it and that would be a meal." I see supper of the future....

What I'm Listening To:
Right this moment--True by Spandau Ballet. Don't ask. Ok, it's the hubs iTune mix. Geek.

What I'm Reading:
Still nada. Nothing may be getting read until vaca.

What's On My Mind
That I should be in bed. Oh, and why the hell do bank tellers give you all $100 bills when you cash a big check???? No one likes taking $100 bills. Now I have to go BACK to the bank and get them to give me small bills and I am mad at myself for forgetting to tell them NOT to do that very thing.

So tomorrow I am off to the ATL for a meeting for work. Maybe I will have tales from the city for my next post. HA! I think I would generate more riveting tales from the local Walmart. Goodnight!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Birthday Blog

It's My Birthday. It's My Birthday. Got a cake, with my name on it. Well, not really. Not that last part anyway. But it is the start of the last year of my 30's. So next year, I will have to change my little bio thingy to "40-something." Oh, well, I can save that sack of depression until next year.

Before I start recounting the day of birthday bliss, I should replay Sunday. Well, we jumped up early to the sound of thunder because I left all the freakin' yard sale boxes in the back of my truck. So out we run in our jammies to grab and run before the downpour. Which then never came. Oh well.

Then breakfast. Repacking leftover yard sale crap to take to the Goodwill. Then lunch. Yeah, we likes to eat. Then we went to see Iron Man, which was pretty good. I am glad for Robert Downey Jr. that he seems to have finally overcome his demons and now has a hit movie. I always liked him--he's quirky and I do quirky. And, let me tell you, dude WORKED OUT for this movie. Look at this:

Buff, no?? I mean, he was ripped. And age agrees with him. I mean, look at THIS:

Hello!! Patrick Dempsey anyone?? Yeah, sorta yummy in that grown-up good, rumpled way. I like. I may have to move him into my top 5. Anyway, good for RDJ--here's hoping he stays on the sober track. My only critique is Gwynth Paltrow was woefully miscast as humble assistant Pepper Potts. Gwynnie, Gwynnie--from Oscar to Marvel comic??

The rest of the day was spent working on work and cooking a good dinner which I will tell more about later.

Today, I gots to sleep late 'cause the hubs got up and watered the garden since it was my birthday. Then, I gots my gift from the girls:

YEAH! Dan in Real Life! One of my most favoritist movies from 2007! I loves me some Steve Carrell. LOVES! He is definitely in my top 5. Dude, that scene with him playing "Let My Love Open the Door?" What girl wouldn't love to be on the receiving end of that?? Sigh. I may have to watch this weekend. Maybe tonight. No, it's too late. Oh, well.

Then, it was a whirlwind of well-wishes from the fams and friends via phone calls and emails. I still had to work though 'cause I is going on vaca in a few weeks and gots lots to do before then. This evening, the hubs took me out to dinner and gave me his gifts:

Yeah, we sort of have this thingy about monograms/initials right now. These are pretty cool stainless steely blocks.

So, this is my big prezzie--Tiffany necklace. Clover of hearts. Lucky in love, which I am because I have the bestest hubs! LOVES IT!

And here are my gifts to me:

I bought these at the arts festival I attended a few weeks ago. I really like this artist because he repurposes everyday items into these super cool pieces like Face Pan Man and Spoon Dude. I mean, how cool are the earrings on Spoon Dude? And the "hair" brush on Face Pan Man? They are just really quirky. Quirky--that's the word of the day!

What I'm Cooking:
Of course, tonight was birthday dinner, but last night I grilled tenderloin steaks with the lemon/oil oil/garlic rub and also grilled up some zucchini and portabellas with a little olive oil and lemon pepper. Served with big 'ol baking taters and crusty rolls. It was good eatin'!

What I'm Listening To:
Today, I was trying to remember my youth by listening to 80's tunes. Let me just say that one of the best albums you have never heard is Book of Love by Book of Love. The song Book of Love (now, don't get confused--Book of Love is a group which has an album called Book of Love with a song on it called Book of Love) has great lyrics:

I write down
everything that you say
so I don't get lonely
when you are away

I've got a book of love

If you should
ever happen to leave
I'll add your book to my
lovelorn library

I've got a book of love

I know you'd never try
to leave me
'cause I've got a chain
around your heart
and you'll never be free

Seriously great stuff for the lovelorn teen in us all.

What I'm Reading:
Nada, peeps, nada.

What's On My Mind
See Robert Downey Jr. above. Oh, yeah, and not looking forward to the big 4-0 in 2009.

Thanks to all my peeps who made this day great. I loves you all Bunny bunches!!