Saturday, May 31, 2008

This 'N That

OK, peeps, so I is WORN OUT. I was up at 6:30 a.m. this morning--remember, it was SATURDAY--and sat around in the blazing heat for a yard sale at which I made $45. Yes, $45. Yes, I know that sucks. Trust me, I KNOW. I mean, I could have stayed at home working freelance projects for 7 hours and made almost 10 times that.

Let's just say it is my LAST yard sale. EVER. FOREVER. For all the work, time setting up and time selling, it just ain't worth it. I didn't have all that much, mind you, but I just couldn't sell my big ticket items. Why? In part, because I would not give them away to the cheap ass mo-fos who want to bicker with you over a FREAKIN' QUARTER! Seriously. I had one of those little thingys you grill fish in which cost like $9.99 at Target. I used it ONCE. I was asking 50 cents. 50 CENTS! This dude asked me if I would take a quarter. I said, "no, I will take 50 cents" and turned around and walked off before I added "you cheap asshole." I should have just given it to the bro or bro-in-law. Or the Goodwill where I could at least write it off for $5. I swear, people wouldn't buy anything over a dollar. I am DONE, DONE, DONE. What's left and hereforward will go to the Goodwill and I'll take it off my taxes.

To top it off, I got crispy fried red on my forehead and forearms though I was hardly in the sun. That's how damn hot it was today. Today was like the first really hot day so far. Really hot. I put on sunscreen but I was SWEATING LIKE A PIG so I think I wiped it all off my forehead. I am starting to feel the burn now. Guess I will be taking some Tylenol before bed.

Once I got home, all I wanted was a cool shower and dinner. And alcohol. So I showered, rested a little, then started cooking dinner. And popped a cork on a nice bottle of chilled rose wine.

So, the rest of this post is going to be garden pics. Oh, and my kitty pics. Here goes:

These are the old-fashioned cottage roses that grow on the bank to the side of our driveway. They are starting to wane, but they are some of my very favorites. They make me think of a quaint English garden.
NOTE: The hubs wanted me to crop out the bricks which is a little hard. He got them from a gardener friend for a gardening project. Please pretend they are not there.

This is the daisy gardenia that grows near our front door. It smells super good!

This is one of a half dozen+ hydrangea bushes in our front side yard. They are just starting to bloom.

This is a pretty purple bloomed plant called ice plant.

This is our monster lantana that has come back for YEARS now. It is just starting but I took this photo so I could take one later for comparison. This damn thing gets like 10 feet wide by 7 feet tall. HUGE! Incredibly HUGE! I think because it is near the septic tank....HA!

These are mini petunias--they have a prettier name but I cannot spell it.

The daylilys are starting--they will peak around Dad's Day.

Here is another variety--we have more varieties than I can count in our yard. I will take more photos as they begin to really bloom.

Here is the yucca plant on our deck--it is quite spectacular.

And here is the kitty!

I mean, how 'effin CUTE is THIS??? I talk so much about the dogs, people forget we have a cat, including me sometimes. But she is a BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL kitty.

This angle shows her shave down a little better--her fur sort of looks and feels like velvet.

What I'm Cooking:
Tonight, I made homemade pizza with dough from the grocery store deli and pepperoni and mushrooms. Side salad with tomatoes, cukes and Vidalias. And another glass of wine.

What I'm Listening To:
Well, not listening, but somehow I have gotten that Dolly Parton song "Here You Come Again" stuck in my head. Yeah, I don't know either.

What I'm Reading:
A bunch of fashion mags my sis gave me today.

What's On My Mind
Props to the sis for hosting the sale. She took in an awesome haul BTW. Raked in the money. Of course, she had a TON of kid's stuff to sell which, in suburbia land, goes like free beer at a college concert. That would be fast.

So, I am taking my beet face and farmer tan to the couch to watch the Saturday night movie, then off to early bed. I is tuckered. I will try to be back by Monday, but Monday is my birthday so we'll see. Yeah. Woo-hoo. I don't do well with birthdays so I may spend the day liquored up. Be good, peeps!

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