Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tasty Tidbits

Ok, peeps, it's like this--I am tired, my brain is tired and I have about 3 hours of freelance work in front of me so don't expect fabulosity out of this post. Besides that, after the long, delirious weekend chock full 'o fun, the past few days have been B-OR-ING. So here goes.

Yesterday was work, work, work, followed by a trip to meet with the hubs' boss to talk about more work. Did I mention I am going to be doing some freelance marketing/PR for her? Of course, she will see everything she pays me and then some back on the sofa and bed we are planning on buying at her store.

Last night, after the meeting, the hubs took me to a little local Thai joint near his work for my mom's day dinner. Why is it little hole-in-the-wall places that look sketchy from the outside always have the best food? Anyway, it was delish! I hogged out because I was hungry having had lunch almost 8 hours before. Unfortch, I missed Dancing with the Stars, but I am sort of over it anyway. Sort of like I am over American Idol. Sort of like the rest of America.

On a fun note, if any of you want to pick me up a little some'in-some'in for the b-day, I found out yesterday that a private concert with Michael Feinstein can be had for the mere cost of only $50K plus travel expenses! What a bargain! Why, you ask, did I have the opportunity to find this out? Because we are searching for entertainment for the non-profit fundraising dinner I told you I was co-chairing. I thought, "hey, it doesn't hurt to ask!" Doesn't hurt but sure as hell ain't gonna happen! I also found out that Linda Eder can be had for the bargain price of $35K plus travel expenses. Maybe all my loved ones can go together and chip in for that one.

Today was work, work, work again. I am going to the ATL for training later this week so I am trying to cram everything into three days of working. I don't have lots to tell other than that so here's the wrap up:

What I'm Cooking:
Tonight was Big Salad, Southwest Style. Here's a pic:

Pretty! Romaine lettuce piled with chopped green onion, diced grape tomatoes, browned ground beef with a little taco seasoning, black beans, Trader Joe's corn relish, cheddar cheese and Hidden Valley Ranch Southwest Ranch (cut with a little sour cream because it is spicy!). Served with Multigrain Tostitos and a Corona for me, iced tea for straight-laced hubs. Yummy, quick and cool.

What I'm Listening To:
The Pulse on Sirius and my new mix CDs.

What I'm Reading:
I gots a new Real Simple today so if I can finish my work, I'll be cracking that baby open later!

What's On My Mind
Only 32 more days until vacation, bless the Lord!

Have a good night! This week is going down hill to hell in a loosely-woven hand basket so I'll be back when I can.

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