Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hump Day Holla

First, let me say that I guess by now all you peeps have realized that the blogging every day thing just wasn't working for me. But the every couple to three days works well. My life is just 1) too boring and 2) too mundanely busy for me to do more. Plus, it leaves all you dudes panting for more! HA!

Anyway, yesterday, I was like a dog chasing my tail all day. Sometimes I really hate holidays. In my field, 24 hours it like two weeks. Anyway, I was supremely stressed out. To top it off, I am hella tired and PMSy. And my right wrist aches. I don't know what I damn well did to it, but by the end of the day yesterday, I was practically in tears. I am nursing it, wearing one of those old women braces, taking naproxen. But it really hurts like a motha'. If it ain't better by the first of the week, guess I will be calling the orthopedic doc.

Yesterday, I took KK, our kitty, for her annual summer shave down. I tried to take a pic but she was having nothin' to do with it. She's probably embarrassed. In the winter, she is beautiful, long-hair grey tabby, but by summer she is shaved down and a little silly looking. But she gets so dang matted, it's pitiful. I have to imagine it is more comfortable. I wanted to do a post and call it "Shaved Pussy"--that would have got y'alls attention!

Last night, I was weeping when I went to bed I was so tired. And let's just say it was still light outside. I cannot remember the last good night's sleep I got. Seriously. Alcohol, sleep aids--nothing works. I guess it took pure exhaustion because I actually slept pretty good last night. Today was more tail-chasing, more wrist hurting, a Walmart run. Yeah, pretty boring, I know.

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