Thursday, May 01, 2008

Short and Sweet

Well, not much to tell today now that the doggie drama is dying down. In fact, I am going to avoid talking about the doggies today, which was pretty much boring. Work, ran out at lunch for some errands, bought a new tshirt and blouse at Kohls--both dark brown. I am getting more and more into chocolate brown. You know, it is the new black. Ha.

Big news--today I started applying self-tanner! Now, what you have to know is I am pretty much a ghost so I need all the help I can get. I use the Dove Glow stuff for fair to medium. It is the only one I have found that does not make me look dirty. I actually do not get too bent out of shape about being pale. Pale means no wrinkles from sun damage, dude, and I fear wrinkles MUCH MORE than pale skin.

OK, here's a favorite thing the hubs and I recently latched onto.

It is CoffeeMate's new International Series, Italian style--Italian Creme, which is just a super creamy yummy treat, and Hazelnut Biscotti, which is like a super sweet hazelnut. Mmm, mmm, good!

What I'm Cooking:
Look at this peeps:

Yeah, damn skippy, that was dinner tonight. New recipe--Fabulous Wet Burritos. Ground beef, green chilis, onion and refried beans rolled into a tortilla and topped with a sauce made from beanless chili and enchilada sauce. Topped with cheese and sour cream (not pictured!) and served on a bed of rice mixed with fresh cilantro and Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipolte Seasoning. It was so pretty, I had to take a pix!

What I'm Listening To:
At this exact moment, Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J.

What I'm Reading:
Proofs, proofs and proofs for work.

I know this was a short one but I have lots to do tonight between some freelance stuff, making a grocery list and watching Grey's Anatomy's. Have a good one, folks!

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