Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Free For All

I have just realized that I have a disease--48 Hour CRS. I cannot remember anything that happened more than 48 hours ago. Yes, Wednesday is simply a blur. Wait, I do remember! Here we go!

Wednesday morning the Pepster was still a little gimpy but overall much better. I took her on to the doggie chiropractor though and, let me tell you, it was a Hump Day Miracle! I sat there and watched as the doc ran his fingers up and down Pepsi's back like a piano keyboard. And as she sat in my lap, you could literally see her visibly relax. It was amazing! Who knew?? She walked out of there with her head and tail held high and mom's pocketbook was only $25 lighter. Whoo-hoos all around for the Doggie Chiropractor!

Honestly, here is the story about the doggie chiropractor--his dad was a vet. At one time, their practices were next door to each other. They started talking about the similarities between animal and human spines. Daddy Vet started sending some of his patients with pain over to the son. The son applied modified human techniques. Animals were relieved. All was good. I am now a believer and will be taking the Pepster back for regular adjustments.

Wednesday night was American Idol finale which was actually pretty good. I ESPECIALLY LOVED ME SOME GEORGE MICHAEL! He's old, but he still rocks it. I was so enthused, I checked out his ATL concert date to see about tickets. Do you know how much they were?? $150!! FOR ONE TICKET!! OH HELL NO, GEORGE! I like you and all but, dude, that's ridiculous. Plus gas, parking, dinner, etc. it would be a $250 night. That's a piece of jewelry, dude.

So, the last two days, I haven't left my house--I have been hermiting. Working, watching tv, chores, etc. Though not sleeping very good. The hubs has insomnia and it has kicked back in. I told him he better get his ass back on Rozarium or he was moving to the couch. That's all I have to say about that.

Last night was the Grey's Anatomy season ender. It was pretty good though not as dramatic as I hoped. Ugly Betty at least left you hanging. No hanging on Grey's. But I still can't wait until next season. I didn't watch the first two seasons but now I really like it.

Well, I better be wrapping this up--you know what tonight is--dinner out and groceries! I am so hungry I cannot decide where I want to eat. Don'cha hate that? I will probably wind up eating more than I should. I am ill from being hungry and ill at the hubs because he hasn't made it home yet and I need to eat!

What I'm Cooking:
Let's see--Wednesday night was Big Salad, American Style. Romaine with tomatoes, cukes, mushrooms, cheddar and breaded chicken strips with Ranch dressing. Last night was spicy shrimp & grits casserole (YUM!--mix cooked grits with cheese, shrimp, bell pepper, onion and a can of Rotel and bake topped with more cheese) with a side salad of spring mix, tomatoes, cukes and Ranch dressing.

What I'm Listening To:
The rain fall outside. Seriously been out of the music loop again. Just keep singing "Praying for Time" by GM in my head again, and again, and again....

What I'm Reading:
Read my new Cooking Light (some good recipes this month!) and Entertainment Weekly. Still working on the book. Been watching too much tv this week.

What's On My Mind
My hunger, how glad I am David Cook won American Idol over weird lip-licker boy and how much I love Ranch dressing so why don't I eat it more often?

Well, it being a long weekend, there is plenty to do. Tomorrow I am going to an arts festival with a friend. Sunday I need to do a Walmart run and clean house, but I think we are also going to try to see the new Indiana Jones movie. Monday we will probably work in the yard and then are going to a friends for a cookout. Nice balance of the mundane and the fun. Check back later and be safe, peeps!

PS, I CANCELLED my mother-effin Burpee order today. You know it has been SIX WEEKS Monday since I ordered my plants?? Oh, hell no, Burpee!! Those a-holes were quick to charge me, not so quick to ship. Screw that. I have PLENTY of 'maters anyway.

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