Saturday, May 31, 2008

This 'N That

OK, peeps, so I is WORN OUT. I was up at 6:30 a.m. this morning--remember, it was SATURDAY--and sat around in the blazing heat for a yard sale at which I made $45. Yes, $45. Yes, I know that sucks. Trust me, I KNOW. I mean, I could have stayed at home working freelance projects for 7 hours and made almost 10 times that.

Let's just say it is my LAST yard sale. EVER. FOREVER. For all the work, time setting up and time selling, it just ain't worth it. I didn't have all that much, mind you, but I just couldn't sell my big ticket items. Why? In part, because I would not give them away to the cheap ass mo-fos who want to bicker with you over a FREAKIN' QUARTER! Seriously. I had one of those little thingys you grill fish in which cost like $9.99 at Target. I used it ONCE. I was asking 50 cents. 50 CENTS! This dude asked me if I would take a quarter. I said, "no, I will take 50 cents" and turned around and walked off before I added "you cheap asshole." I should have just given it to the bro or bro-in-law. Or the Goodwill where I could at least write it off for $5. I swear, people wouldn't buy anything over a dollar. I am DONE, DONE, DONE. What's left and hereforward will go to the Goodwill and I'll take it off my taxes.

To top it off, I got crispy fried red on my forehead and forearms though I was hardly in the sun. That's how damn hot it was today. Today was like the first really hot day so far. Really hot. I put on sunscreen but I was SWEATING LIKE A PIG so I think I wiped it all off my forehead. I am starting to feel the burn now. Guess I will be taking some Tylenol before bed.

Once I got home, all I wanted was a cool shower and dinner. And alcohol. So I showered, rested a little, then started cooking dinner. And popped a cork on a nice bottle of chilled rose wine.

So, the rest of this post is going to be garden pics. Oh, and my kitty pics. Here goes:

These are the old-fashioned cottage roses that grow on the bank to the side of our driveway. They are starting to wane, but they are some of my very favorites. They make me think of a quaint English garden.
NOTE: The hubs wanted me to crop out the bricks which is a little hard. He got them from a gardener friend for a gardening project. Please pretend they are not there.

This is the daisy gardenia that grows near our front door. It smells super good!

This is one of a half dozen+ hydrangea bushes in our front side yard. They are just starting to bloom.

This is a pretty purple bloomed plant called ice plant.

This is our monster lantana that has come back for YEARS now. It is just starting but I took this photo so I could take one later for comparison. This damn thing gets like 10 feet wide by 7 feet tall. HUGE! Incredibly HUGE! I think because it is near the septic tank....HA!

These are mini petunias--they have a prettier name but I cannot spell it.

The daylilys are starting--they will peak around Dad's Day.

Here is another variety--we have more varieties than I can count in our yard. I will take more photos as they begin to really bloom.

Here is the yucca plant on our deck--it is quite spectacular.

And here is the kitty!

I mean, how 'effin CUTE is THIS??? I talk so much about the dogs, people forget we have a cat, including me sometimes. But she is a BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL kitty.

This angle shows her shave down a little better--her fur sort of looks and feels like velvet.

What I'm Cooking:
Tonight, I made homemade pizza with dough from the grocery store deli and pepperoni and mushrooms. Side salad with tomatoes, cukes and Vidalias. And another glass of wine.

What I'm Listening To:
Well, not listening, but somehow I have gotten that Dolly Parton song "Here You Come Again" stuck in my head. Yeah, I don't know either.

What I'm Reading:
A bunch of fashion mags my sis gave me today.

What's On My Mind
Props to the sis for hosting the sale. She took in an awesome haul BTW. Raked in the money. Of course, she had a TON of kid's stuff to sell which, in suburbia land, goes like free beer at a college concert. That would be fast.

So, I am taking my beet face and farmer tan to the couch to watch the Saturday night movie, then off to early bed. I is tuckered. I will try to be back by Monday, but Monday is my birthday so we'll see. Yeah. Woo-hoo. I don't do well with birthdays so I may spend the day liquored up. Be good, peeps!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Free for All

HEY, HEY, HEY PEEPS! Tonight I am coming at ya from Casa Sis. We are co-hosting a yard sale tomorrow. Since she lives in a posh neighborhood, I decided we ought to host at her abode. We both have been wondering tonight WHAT THE HELL WE WERE THINKING when we planned this several months ago.

Preparing for a yard sale is too much like work. Then you have to fight all the early-bird assholes who coming storming in when you are trying to set-up, yanking shit out of boxes. Damn, I am already getting annoyed!! In the end, I probably won't make enough money to cover the gas it took me to get down here and back since it is taking about $60 to fill up the truck these days.

Actually, when I planned this, I thought we would be farther along in the remodel process and I might have some furniture pieces for the sale. Alas, that is not the case. We considered selling our headboard and some other pieces but it would be my damn luck that we would not get the loan or some shayt like that and I would be without a place to sleep.

Anyway, I AM SO FREAKIN' GLAD this work week is OVER! It hasn't been a bundle of joy. I am SICK AND TIRED of hearing adults whine. If I wanted to placate whiny adults, I could have been a shrink. Seriously. SHUT THE 'EFF UP!!

By the way, check back later in the weekend--I gots a picture of my shaved kitty to post! I also have some good shots from the garden--everything is starting to bloom and it's so pretty.

So no extras tonight peeps--sorry. I had wings and beer for dinner anyway so there ain't a lot to tell there. No reading. No thought except I hope no mother 'effers cross me tomorrow or I may choke them with a Walmart bag. But music??? Hey, I've been singing "Little To Late" by JoJo. Sis has a rockin' iPod--who knew she liked Nickelback and Timbaland??? HA!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hump Day Holla

First, let me say that I guess by now all you peeps have realized that the blogging every day thing just wasn't working for me. But the every couple to three days works well. My life is just 1) too boring and 2) too mundanely busy for me to do more. Plus, it leaves all you dudes panting for more! HA!

Anyway, yesterday, I was like a dog chasing my tail all day. Sometimes I really hate holidays. In my field, 24 hours it like two weeks. Anyway, I was supremely stressed out. To top it off, I am hella tired and PMSy. And my right wrist aches. I don't know what I damn well did to it, but by the end of the day yesterday, I was practically in tears. I am nursing it, wearing one of those old women braces, taking naproxen. But it really hurts like a motha'. If it ain't better by the first of the week, guess I will be calling the orthopedic doc.

Yesterday, I took KK, our kitty, for her annual summer shave down. I tried to take a pic but she was having nothin' to do with it. She's probably embarrassed. In the winter, she is beautiful, long-hair grey tabby, but by summer she is shaved down and a little silly looking. But she gets so dang matted, it's pitiful. I have to imagine it is more comfortable. I wanted to do a post and call it "Shaved Pussy"--that would have got y'alls attention!

Last night, I was weeping when I went to bed I was so tired. And let's just say it was still light outside. I cannot remember the last good night's sleep I got. Seriously. Alcohol, sleep aids--nothing works. I guess it took pure exhaustion because I actually slept pretty good last night. Today was more tail-chasing, more wrist hurting, a Walmart run. Yeah, pretty boring, I know.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Holiday Haze

Oy. Where did the past three days go? I'm not sure either but let's get on with it because I is tired and need to go to bed because tomorrow will still be Monday (if you know what I mean!).

So Saturday...let's see, my 48 CRS is kicking in...oh, yeah! Saturday, a friend and I went to the Decatur Arts Festival. I had never been before and I receive a postcard from an artist I purchased something from at Folk Fest and I thought "that sounds sorta cool" so I asked a buddy and away we went. It was pretty cool (well, not the damn weather--it was hotter than Hades. I mean, my underwear was soaking wet by the time we left, and, no, not because I have bladder control issues!) but most of the artists REALLY liked their stuff, so much so they wanted to keep it, if you know what I mean. But I did buy a couple of pieces from the artist who sent the card and we found a cool jewelry vendor who I would have bought a necklace from but she didn't have a longer size. It was this beautiful pearl strand with every different colored pearl you could think of--a Jacob's coat of pearl necklaces. I was sad she did not have a longer length than choker. I don't do chokers.

Anyway, like most fairs/festivals, the best part is the FOOD--we had alligator on a stick--I shit you not, it is fried alligator on a big 'ol thick kabob-like stick. Pretty good--tastes like chicken! And these HUGE onions rings that were about 8 inches wide with batter. I am just regretting getting the gelato rather than the funnel cake for sweet. Cannot tell you the last time I had a funnel cake.

So then it was home, piddle around the house, dinner, Saturday night movie. Nothing terribly exciting. Yesterday, we cleaned house, I went on a Walmart run, then we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie which was pretty good. The hubs and I agreed that it was not as good as the first three, but still a reasonable effort.

After the movie, it was home and I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening working on work. Sigh. I never escape it. Today, we decided we needed to do something productive so we cleaned out our crawl space. And found three rat nests. And killed a small snake. Seriously. The hubs pinned it with a hoe and I chopped it in half with a shovel. It was like freakin' Animal Planet under there! Animal Planet meets Home Depot.

This afternoon, we headed to a friend's house for food and socialization with other couples. It was quite a nice, relaxing time. We never do stuff like that so we really enjoyed it. Good food, good people, good times.

The next two weeks are going to be hectic--preparing for vacation, wrapping up our construction loan (hopefully! we got final plans today!), birthday and dad day celebrations. It makes me tired thinking about it, which means it's time for bed!

What I'm Cooking:
Saturday night, I got all creative and made little "slider" burgers--small hamburgers which I served on Hawaiian rolls. Like a Krystal. They were super yummy (it's the soft, sweetish roll!) and I think I am going to always serve burgers that way. I dished them up with a tomato and onion side salad and roasted potatoes (I tried a new one that was on sale this week but they were NO MATCH for the Ore-Ida ones!).

Sunday evening, I whipped out the Trader Joe's Mandarin Chicken served over rice, which is quite good. Better than any take out Chinese around and probably healthier. Definitely cheaper. Today, for lunch, we had a California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza (the chicken and garlic) and tonight, I just made black bean and corn salsa to take to the cookout. Tune in later this week though because I think I have some new recipes on tap.

What I'm Listening To:
Nothing peeps, nothing.

What I'm Reading:
Finished my chik-lit book and started a Jodi Picoult--Perfect Match. Aren't you proud?? I will let you know how that turns out.

What's On My Mind
I must go back on my George Michael concert musings of a few posts back and now admit that I am going to the ATL concert in July! WOO-HOO! A friend had an extra ticket and the hubs said "feel free." Terribly excited. I used to have one of those big WHAM saying shirts--too bad I didn't keep it. I could break it out with some leggings and rubber bracelets. HA!

Hope you all had a safe and fun weekend! Be back soon!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Free For All

I have just realized that I have a disease--48 Hour CRS. I cannot remember anything that happened more than 48 hours ago. Yes, Wednesday is simply a blur. Wait, I do remember! Here we go!

Wednesday morning the Pepster was still a little gimpy but overall much better. I took her on to the doggie chiropractor though and, let me tell you, it was a Hump Day Miracle! I sat there and watched as the doc ran his fingers up and down Pepsi's back like a piano keyboard. And as she sat in my lap, you could literally see her visibly relax. It was amazing! Who knew?? She walked out of there with her head and tail held high and mom's pocketbook was only $25 lighter. Whoo-hoos all around for the Doggie Chiropractor!

Honestly, here is the story about the doggie chiropractor--his dad was a vet. At one time, their practices were next door to each other. They started talking about the similarities between animal and human spines. Daddy Vet started sending some of his patients with pain over to the son. The son applied modified human techniques. Animals were relieved. All was good. I am now a believer and will be taking the Pepster back for regular adjustments.

Wednesday night was American Idol finale which was actually pretty good. I ESPECIALLY LOVED ME SOME GEORGE MICHAEL! He's old, but he still rocks it. I was so enthused, I checked out his ATL concert date to see about tickets. Do you know how much they were?? $150!! FOR ONE TICKET!! OH HELL NO, GEORGE! I like you and all but, dude, that's ridiculous. Plus gas, parking, dinner, etc. it would be a $250 night. That's a piece of jewelry, dude.

So, the last two days, I haven't left my house--I have been hermiting. Working, watching tv, chores, etc. Though not sleeping very good. The hubs has insomnia and it has kicked back in. I told him he better get his ass back on Rozarium or he was moving to the couch. That's all I have to say about that.

Last night was the Grey's Anatomy season ender. It was pretty good though not as dramatic as I hoped. Ugly Betty at least left you hanging. No hanging on Grey's. But I still can't wait until next season. I didn't watch the first two seasons but now I really like it.

Well, I better be wrapping this up--you know what tonight is--dinner out and groceries! I am so hungry I cannot decide where I want to eat. Don'cha hate that? I will probably wind up eating more than I should. I am ill from being hungry and ill at the hubs because he hasn't made it home yet and I need to eat!

What I'm Cooking:
Let's see--Wednesday night was Big Salad, American Style. Romaine with tomatoes, cukes, mushrooms, cheddar and breaded chicken strips with Ranch dressing. Last night was spicy shrimp & grits casserole (YUM!--mix cooked grits with cheese, shrimp, bell pepper, onion and a can of Rotel and bake topped with more cheese) with a side salad of spring mix, tomatoes, cukes and Ranch dressing.

What I'm Listening To:
The rain fall outside. Seriously been out of the music loop again. Just keep singing "Praying for Time" by GM in my head again, and again, and again....

What I'm Reading:
Read my new Cooking Light (some good recipes this month!) and Entertainment Weekly. Still working on the book. Been watching too much tv this week.

What's On My Mind
My hunger, how glad I am David Cook won American Idol over weird lip-licker boy and how much I love Ranch dressing so why don't I eat it more often?

Well, it being a long weekend, there is plenty to do. Tomorrow I am going to an arts festival with a friend. Sunday I need to do a Walmart run and clean house, but I think we are also going to try to see the new Indiana Jones movie. Monday we will probably work in the yard and then are going to a friends for a cookout. Nice balance of the mundane and the fun. Check back later and be safe, peeps!

PS, I CANCELLED my mother-effin Burpee order today. You know it has been SIX WEEKS Monday since I ordered my plants?? Oh, hell no, Burpee!! Those a-holes were quick to charge me, not so quick to ship. Screw that. I have PLENTY of 'maters anyway.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Cable's Not On & No One's Home

Ok, it's been a trying couple of days, dudes. Let's start with Sunday. I got up, piddled around the house, decided to do a little shopping then came home and worked on freelance work. Completed a couple of projects. Made pepperoni and mushrooms pizza for dinner with a tomato, onion and spring green salad. Pretty blah.

Sadly--well I say sadly now--I picked back up my book Sunday night to start reading again. You know, the book I had laid down over a week ago and had gotten a nice coat of dust. Anyway, for some reason, it hooked me in and I had to finish it! Now, I ain't saying this was a stellar piece of writing, but for some reason, it appealed that night so I stayed up PAST MIDNIGHT reading it. I know, I am crazy. Then, I guess because I passed my point of no sleep return, because I didn't sleep worth a toot the rest of the night.

Well, Monday started off ok. Hubs was off, decided to spend the day working in the yard. More on the fruits of his labor later. I was working for work. Lots to do--busy deadline week, holiday next week, blah, blah, blah. I made some egg salad for lunch with fresh dill off the herb garden on the deck. We ate outside and the weather was glorious.

Then, around 4 p.m., the hubs got frisky and decided to dig. And dig he did. Right through our cable line. Did I mention we have cable internet? Did I mention I work from home? Did I mention 85% of my work from home is done through cable internet? Yeah, not good. So, I was about furious. As I explained to him, I wasn't so mad at him as the situation. Well, not entirely true. I was pretty freakin' mad at him for a long while! Then, the cable company cannot promise me a repair time range but "within 24 hours." Well, let's see, 24 hours from now, I have to have a magazine completed so THAT'S NOT GOING TO WORK! So I have to plan to drive into ATL to work today. Joy.

So I am off to bed at 9:30 p.m.--after all, there is NOTHING ELSE TO DO. No Dancing with the Stars finale. No freelance work. NO BLOGGING. Nope, nope, nope. I felt like Laura Ingells Wilder, peeps. Sad how attached we are to technology.

I set the alarm for 6 a.m. hoping to get a jump on traffic and head to bed before the hubs. I am still pretty sore about the situation. Then, this morning, I open a eye and see sun. Sun is not up here before 6 a.m. I roll over and it is 6:35 a.m. The hubs turned off the alarm and did not wake me. I consider smothering him with his pillow. I jump out of bed in a tizz, leave the house 30 minutes later, and arrive at corporate headquarters at 8 a.m. The hubs calls at 8:45 and GUESS. THE. EFF. WHAT?? Yes, the cable company is at my house. And are done by 9. Well, SCREW ME. If I had stayed at home, I probably wouldn't be writing this because the assholes still would not have showed up.

Anyway, I leave at lunch, come home and find a gimpy dog. Actually, hubs warned me that Pepsi--yes, not the sickly one but the OTHER one--was gimping around badly. So I nurse on her and she is in obvious pain, so I make an appointment for her at the chiropractor. Yes, peeps, I found out from a good friend whose doggie had some recent spinal issues that there is a chiropractor near my home who works on animals and helped her doggie. I figured it was worth a try--the vet will just charge me an arm and a leg and want to give her drugs (yeah, I know they will because I already called them). Now I love my vet for the most part, but I thought maybe this was a good alternative to help the Pepster. I will let y'all know how that goes. PS, we have plied the Pep with aspirin and heating pad therapy so she is doing better now.

Anyway, I guess I am over being mad at the hubs though he IS paying for the cable repair when the bill comes. I will brag on him now by posting some photos of his work in our yard:

The clematis is simply stunning--hard to picture. I wish I had a shirt that shade of purple. The white iris also is very beautiful--again, hard to picture. The lantana is the lemon cream variety we bought on Saturday. The wagon is just a cute old metal wagon we use as a planter and I just like it! Our yard is super pretty. In a few weeks, when the daylilys are in, I will have to post photos of those. They are spectacular!

So, I am really tired peeps and am off to bed, but before I go:

What I'm Cooking:
OH. MY. LAWD. Tonight I made a new enchilada recipe and they were so AWESOME! Let me just say this--the recipe includes a whole block of cream cheese and a cup of heavy cream. Not for the lactose intolerant. But SO. FREAKIN'. GOOD., PEEPS! Unfortch, I didn't know how long they needed to cook and started a little late and since we were pretty hungry, so we polished off a bag of chips before they were done and were kinda full. But they were still great and will warm up even better I'm betting.

What I'm Listening To:
My computer hum. It's very lulling....zzzz...

What I'm Reading:
Believe it or not, I started a new book--another chick lit. I just cannot make myself face a heavy book right now. I have to be in the mood. But I have one on tap for when I am ready.

What's On My Mind
A coworker--her 6-year-old son has had a hard little life, including several organ transplants, and is in the hospital with internal bleeding. I know I think my life sucks but it is a sunshine lit bed of roses with dancing unicorns compared to hers right now. Please say a prayer for her family.

Good night!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Catch Up Chat

Hello, y'all! Sorry to go AWOL for several days. It was one hella week. Honestly, I don't even remember Wednesday except I was probably running around stressing out about the rest of the week. See, on Thursday AND Friday, I had to go to ATL for work. So I had to IRON NICE CLOTHES and PUT ON MAKEUP and FIX MY HAIR and do all the professionally kinda stuff I don't have to do on regular work days since I work from home. Oh yeah, and wear DRESSY SHOES, which freakin' rubbed blisters on my heels. Birkenstocks don't rub blisters, dude.

Anyway, Wednesday night, I awoke at 1 a.m. with intestinal issues. That alone is probably TMI for most of you, however, to add to the info, it wasn't a one-time-and-get-over-it thing. No, no. It went on most of the night. So I had to move to the couch so I wouldn't bother the hubs and got, maybe, 5 hours of sleep. Didn't I feel fresh the next morning! Anyway, two Imodium and a packed extra pair of undies later, and I was off to ATL. And as soon as my meeting was over, I bolted home, where I had a magazine to proof, a grocery list to complete and some freelance work to do. And all I really wanted to do was crawl into bed and cry myself to sleep. Luckily, I got everything done and got into bed at a decent hour. But Luck is a bitch of a mistress, and at 2 p.m., our electric went out. For like 2 hours. It got hot. And it was too damn quiet. So another night of interrupted sleep. Woo-hoo.

So, I was off to ATL early the next morning, stopping at Micky D's on the way to purchase a gallon of iced coffee. Every had one of those? They are great. And MUCH cheaper than that other place.

Oh, let me take this opportunity to give props to my hubs. Bless his little heart, he cleaned the house pretty good on Thursday when I was running around and freaking out. He is a good little hubs. I loves him.

So, more meeting, blah blah. I actually got home early afternoon Friday but my arse was dragging. Really low, peeps. Rug burn low. Anywho, you know what Friday night is--eat out and groceries. So I kicked off work a little early (since I started early) and then the hubs and I went to Panera (try their new creamy tomato soup--YUM!) and to get groceries. Then I was in bed earlish and slept the clock around. I didn't get up until almost 9 a.m. today. It was hella awesome!

The hubs was off today and though we got a late start, we decided to go to a local nursery. What a great place! And cheap! We bought some beautiful lantana called Lemon Cream and tomatoes, cukes, squash and bell peppers. And more basil. And some other plants for color. Those were part of the hubs Dad's Day.

We came home and decided to nap. For two hours. Don't judge. I still had some catching up to do.

This afternoon/evening, we spent outside. It was simply lovely outside. 70 and sunny with a breeze. I planted my veggie garden and the hubs worked on various project. Check this out:

Above: 5 bell pepper plants--3 yellow and 2 red/green

Above: 8 pickling cuke plants and 2 cuke runners

Above: 10 tomatoes plants--Better Boy, Parks Whopper, Golden Boy, Cherokee Purple, Romas

Above: 3 straightneck yellow squash

Yeah, all you loved ones better be praying for good crops beacause you will benefit too. I obvs went a little overboard with tomatoes (and I totally forgot that I have like 8 more plant coming from 'effin Burpee. I mean, I hope they are coming because it has been FIVE WEEKS since I ordered the MFers. Seriously.) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE homegrown tomatoes. Fresh salsa. Fresh brushchetta. Drizzled with oil and sprinkled with basil. Yum. Yum. Yum.

What I'm Cooking:
Tonight, I grilled. The hubs gots us a replacement gas tank earlier in the week so we should be set for summer. Anywho, I rubbed down some steaks with garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper and served them up with those awesome Ore-Ida roasted potatoes and a tomato, cuke and Vidalia onion salad drizzled with olive oil and white balsamic vinegar. We ate outside on the deck--it was SO nice.

What I'm Listening To:
Let My Love Open the Door by Pete Townsend. Which makes me think of the movie Dan in Real Life. I LOVE me some Steve Carrell. And I love that movie. I hope I might get it for my birthday (HINT, HINT, peeps)

What I'm Reading:
I got a new Cottage Living, Rachel Ray and about three other mags this week so I need to catch up with my periodical reading.

What's On My Mind
I was so happy to see that CA decided to allow gays to marry. I know it won't hold, but I wish it would and every state in America would follow suite.

Well, I am off to get a shower and watch our weekly movie--27 Dresses. Have a good one and I will try not to flake off for so long again anytime soon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Swimming in Shat

Ok, I ain't forgot about the blog. I am just swimming upstream in shat with ankle weights on. Tune back Saturday. By then, I will be caught up on my sleep, partially on my life and I will catch you up.

Love, B

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tasty Tidbits

Ok, peeps, it's like this--I am tired, my brain is tired and I have about 3 hours of freelance work in front of me so don't expect fabulosity out of this post. Besides that, after the long, delirious weekend chock full 'o fun, the past few days have been B-OR-ING. So here goes.

Yesterday was work, work, work, followed by a trip to meet with the hubs' boss to talk about more work. Did I mention I am going to be doing some freelance marketing/PR for her? Of course, she will see everything she pays me and then some back on the sofa and bed we are planning on buying at her store.

Last night, after the meeting, the hubs took me to a little local Thai joint near his work for my mom's day dinner. Why is it little hole-in-the-wall places that look sketchy from the outside always have the best food? Anyway, it was delish! I hogged out because I was hungry having had lunch almost 8 hours before. Unfortch, I missed Dancing with the Stars, but I am sort of over it anyway. Sort of like I am over American Idol. Sort of like the rest of America.

On a fun note, if any of you want to pick me up a little some'in-some'in for the b-day, I found out yesterday that a private concert with Michael Feinstein can be had for the mere cost of only $50K plus travel expenses! What a bargain! Why, you ask, did I have the opportunity to find this out? Because we are searching for entertainment for the non-profit fundraising dinner I told you I was co-chairing. I thought, "hey, it doesn't hurt to ask!" Doesn't hurt but sure as hell ain't gonna happen! I also found out that Linda Eder can be had for the bargain price of $35K plus travel expenses. Maybe all my loved ones can go together and chip in for that one.

Today was work, work, work again. I am going to the ATL for training later this week so I am trying to cram everything into three days of working. I don't have lots to tell other than that so here's the wrap up:

What I'm Cooking:
Tonight was Big Salad, Southwest Style. Here's a pic:

Pretty! Romaine lettuce piled with chopped green onion, diced grape tomatoes, browned ground beef with a little taco seasoning, black beans, Trader Joe's corn relish, cheddar cheese and Hidden Valley Ranch Southwest Ranch (cut with a little sour cream because it is spicy!). Served with Multigrain Tostitos and a Corona for me, iced tea for straight-laced hubs. Yummy, quick and cool.

What I'm Listening To:
The Pulse on Sirius and my new mix CDs.

What I'm Reading:
I gots a new Real Simple today so if I can finish my work, I'll be cracking that baby open later!

What's On My Mind
Only 32 more days until vacation, bless the Lord!

Have a good night! This week is going down hill to hell in a loosely-woven hand basket so I'll be back when I can.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mom's Day!

Hope all the mothers of children human and furry had a great day today! It has been a busy weekend and it ain't over yet, but I decided to squeeze in a quick post as I have about 20 minutes to do so.

First of all, I need a good night's sleep. I have been worrying too much about the damn dog again and it must stop. Friday night, after signing off, I had a big 'ol cocktail (whiskey and Coke Zero) to help me sleep, but then storms woke me about 4 a.m. and I never went back to sleep. Same thing again last night (drink AND storms!). Sigh.

Anywho, I arose Saturday morning and decided to hit Wally World before meeting my moms for a pedicure. Since we have been eating outside a lot, I picked up the following items for outdoor dining:

A tray will make it SO much handier to take stuff outside and the pitcher is so pretty--it reminds me of the Gulf of Mexico--and old-fashioned looking with the bubbly "glass."

Moms and I got our toes done. I sprung for the deluxe pedi for moms--I got a brow wax instead of the deluxe. I mean, I was beginning to resemble Big Foot with the brows. Here is the “after” of the peds:

Much better, eh? And, yes, I have tiny toenails. Trust me, the little Asian folks at the nail place I go always have to remark on my tiny toenails. Which is odd because I gots big 'ol feets.

Then, it was home to clean house and an afternoon of errands in suburban ATL--take back a lipstick to MAC (and I got a FREE one--MAC has a great program where you bring in six used containers and get a free lipstick! And I loves me some lipstick--it is my favorite!), buy hair gel at Ulta (which they did not have and I panicked and thought Matrix was not making my gel anymore! But I looked it up on the Internet and, apparently, Matrix is still making it so not sure why Ulta was out), exchange some dog food...exciting stuff, I tell you and, to make it even more exciting, there were TONS OF PEOPLE out, shopping for Mom’s Day I guess, and it was a Charlie Foxtrot of madness everywhere I went.

I arrived at Casa Sis at 5 p.m. for the oldest nephew’s b-day party. He is 7 years old, peeps! I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. Wow. So, we partied down and hard with the chil'ins (ha!) and I was close to 10 p.m. getting home. It is a sad day when a 5 year old outlasts you partying.

This morning, my dogters gifted me with my Mom’s Day gift:

I loves it! Now, I have to make sure Pepsi doesn’t eat it--she sometimes likes to chew on wood. I also bought the following bouquet for myself:

I love alstroemeria lilies--they are simple, come in lots of pretty colors and, most of all, remind me of my wedding.

We met the in-laws for lunch, the back to the house for pie and gifts with Mama B (the hubs moms). Then a nap! Yeah! Tonight, my ‘rents came over for dinner. I was going to grill pork loin chops, marinated in lemon pepper marinade, but started to fire up the grill and realized the propane tank had tanked. Screw me. So, I tossed the chops on the stove to fry up instead. Served them with lima beans, corn souffle, crusty rolls, iced tea and, for dessert, cranberry walnut tart with ice cream. I don't know about my folks, but my arse is fat and stuffed!

Last, but not least, I have a funny photo of Savannah to share. I know, I know, it's always about Savannah but she is quite the card. This is her "wha'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?" pose:

Head cocked to the side, quizzical look, like she's saying "WTF?? Oh, nos yous don't!"

What I'm Cooking:
See above.

What I'm Listening To:
Yesterday, Christian music, old and new. My sis sent me one of those email questionnaires that asked what song I wanted played at my funeral which got me thinking, then listening, to hymns.

What I'm Reading:
Haven't had the time this weekend to work on my book.

What's On My Mind
How blessed I am to have a great husband, a great family, wonderful dogs, a good job, good health and wonderful friends.

Good night and happy Monday!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Free For All

T.G.I. freakin' F. Whew! Made it through another week. And even better, I think I am finally caught up at work. Now I have to strive to get AHEAD since vaca is coming up in about a month. Woo-hoo!

So today was a good day overall. The weather was bee-you-tee-full! I didn't do much--work, sushi lunch with a friend, work. Of course, Friday is our super smokin' hot grocery night--dinner out, tonight at the Waffle House (yes, again! OK, I LIKE the Waffle House. Hot, crispy waffles are very comforting. Esp. smothered in butter and hot syrup. See, I bet you want some right now!) followed by the trip to the local Publix. And, ok, here is my rant. Yes, I do believe groceries are up, folks. For years, we would spend around $90 per week on average. For the past several months, we cannot get under $100 to save our lives. Yes, maybe it's just $10, but multiplied times 52 weeks in a year, and that is $520 peeps. Sigh. Tell me, IS a change going come??

Plans for the remodel seem to have come to a grinding halt as my designer AND contractor appear to have fallen off the face of the earth. If I don't hear from somebody by Monday, a whole mess of hurt is going to happen.

Anywho, all of a sudden, I am a little stressed out because I have a plethora of freelance projects being cast my way. None of it is solid though which worries me it will either 1) all come due at one time or 2) all fall through. It's always that way though--feast or famine. In two weeks, I won't have a thing to do and I'll be wondering what happened.

So, on the medical front, the hubs has poison ivy. In four places. Picked it up Sunday when he was out in the yard. He can be within 10 yards of a plant and he gets it. I, on the other hand, have never had it. After telling him what a 'tard he was to be weeding near where he KNOWS there is a patch WITH NO GLOVES ON, I sprayed him down with ointment. Several years ago, he had it so bad, he had to have a cortisone shot and was almost hospitalized. It ain't to be trivalized, folks.

I was hoping for some cute pics of the girls to post but y'all remember Savannah's freaky thing about the camera??? Well, it makes it a little hard to take a candid of her, so no pics today.

What I'm Cooking:
No cooking tonight. No cooking tomorrow. But, again, lots planned for next week, so tune back in peeps!

What I'm Listening To:
For some reason, "Keep It Comin' Love" by KC and the Sunshine Band started playing in my head earlier, so now I am listening to it for reals. Yeah, I don't know either. But it IS quite a catchy little tune!

What I'm Reading:
Nada, peeps, nada.

What's On My Mind
I have two tonight:
1) The freakin' baggers at Publix cannot 'effin pack those damn green bags they sell!!! We have had several different baggers and they all stuff the damn bags TOO DAMN FULL so you can barely lift them!!! We have SIX DAMN BAGS and we wind up with all our groceries in like FOUR and breaking our arms from carrying them. I SWEAR TO THE LORD ABOVE, I WILL START PACKING MY OWN GROCERIES!!!!

2) It scares me how much hate people have in their hearts. On Grey's Anatomy last night, there was a man-on-man gay kiss. Personally, I thought it was kinda hot. Anyway, I was reading another blog today that mentioned the kiss and then read the comments, quite a few of which were disgusting, hateful and just simply scary. It just makes me sad for our world people cannot be more open-minded and open-hearted. God hates hate, peeps.

Busy weekend y'all so you may not hear from me for a few. Tomorrow, I have a pedi with Moms for her Mom's Day. My oldest nephew's b-day party tomorrow. Mom's day Sunday with the in-laws for lunch and my 'rents for din. Check in later, taters!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring....

My whole life is boring me to tears. Actually, that first part ain't true but that second part is. It was supposed to be all stormy and stuff here today and it has rained so far for maybe 5 minutes. Not that I want the bad storms we had back in March but things are getting pretty dry, which does not bode well for the summer ahead.

So after my blog yesterday, the rest of the day was pretty much a snooze. Lunch out with a friend (which was great--had not seen her in a while) then work, work, work. I had a splitting headache by the end of the day so I asked the hubs to go out so we ran to Target for a few things then went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner--I don't know why but it appealed. I had a TALL beer and a burger, which, honestly, was not as good as I remembered it being. Then home, a little TV and bed.

Today, my hubs was off so his dad, Pop, came down to help him construct some yard art. I love my Pop--he is a good man with old-school, self-taught skills like changing the oil in your car and constructing just about anything you could want. I wish he was about a decade younger and I would hire him to do our remodel. Anyway, here are the fruits of their day:

Garden bench crafted out of old gate and new wood

Garden fence crafted out of old gate and new wood

Birdie condo village from birdhouses Pop made mounted on platforms

See, Pop is mad talented. I have told the hubs for years he should have been out in the barn watching Pop be crafty when he was growing up rather than in the house being a geek reading a book. Where has the geek got him? Uh, nowhere. But those crafty skills would come in mad handy with a house.

What I'm Cooking:
Tonight I made Chicken Carbonara for dinner, a Kraft recipe. I boiled 3 chicken breasts, then diced them and mix with a cup of frozen peas, instant rice, water and cream of chicken soup. Bring to a boil to cook rice and peas, which "thickens" the mixture. Serve with crumbled bacon and parm cheese on top. It is a pretty dish--I should have taken a photo. Served with salad with pecans and golden raisins and the good crusty rolls.

What I'm Listening To:
My dog grunting like a pig while she rolls around on the floor.

What I'm Reading:
No progress on book, folks. Sigh.

What's On My Mind
That it's pretty damn sad that your life is so boring that you cannot even find something to write about EVERY other day! Oh well.

TGIF tomorrow AND it's payday! Woot!
Have a good night!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hump Day Holla

Sorry to go AWOL peeps. I have been feeling pretty crappy-do the past couple of days. I think it is a combo of last week's dog drama catching up with me, my friend Flo visiting this week and a little sinus situation on top. Anyway, I feel ROUGH today--tired, mild headache, just blah.

I really don't have much to report anyway. Monday night, we went to dinner at the local cantina with my bro and his fams to celebrate Cinqo de Mayo, so I did get to have my big 'ol margarita. Monday and Tuesday day were basically filled with work, work, work--I am a little behind, again the dog drama of last week catching up with me, so I have been working overtime to get back on track. Yesterday, I started early and worked late (which is why I don't feel all that bad about blogging in the middle of work time!)

My new Crocs arrived yesterday--it was an early birthday gift to me. I decided to order a summer style so here they are:

Now, I know Crocs are not pretty, but they are DAYUM comfortable. I don't think I have took them off but to sleep since I got them yesterday. Plus, you don't have to worry about gooping them up with water or dirt or dog poop if you go outside because you can hose them off. I chose slides because I am really not a flip-flop girl--I really don't like things between my toes. PS, don't look at my skanky toes! I know, I know! I am going to try to get a pedi this week!

Here are some funny pics and a funny story. Savannah goes CRAZY every time I turn on the digital camera and am using it. Something about all the little beeping noises it makes drives her insane. This morning, when I was downloading my Crocs photo, she came running FROM ACROSS THE HOUSE when she heard the camera, going cuckoo. Here are the photos of her:

This is her thumping her tail, whining and growling, looking like evil devil dog.

This is her seconds later getting ready to HOWL! HOWL, y'all! I don't know why the camera disjoints her so but it is quite comical yet somewhat disturbing. At least she is back to "normal."

What I'm Cooking:
Like I said, I had Monday lunch with a friend, Monday night out, Sunday leftovers for lunch yesterday, but last night I made Tuna Orzo salad. It is a pasta-like salad that's great for the warm months. We ate it quite a bit last summer. It is a Rachel Ray recipe--tuna, small pasta (I actually used Fiori rather than orzo last night because I had a box in the cupboard I'd had for a while), chopped bell pepper, chopped grape tomato, chopped red onion, chickpeas, fresh basil and feta dressed with red wine vinegar and olive oil. Serve with a hearty wheat cracker (we like Wheatsworth). Very refreshing and light. No heating up the stove.

What I'm Listening To:
Yesterday and Monday, running errands, I was listening to a mix CD I made, and kept repeating Seasons of Love from Rent.

What I'm Reading:
I started a new book but have not gotten very far. It is so hard to read during the week. I will report back later.

What's On My Mind
That I would sell my soul to make this headache go away. Not really. But I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to vaca in a few weeks!!!!!

C-y'all later taters!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Where'd the Weekend Go?

I mean, really, it seems like Saturday morning was about an hour ago. Time just flies so fast folks. Really. The older you get, the faster it goes.

Today was a pretty laid back day at Casa Bunny. We arose pretty late for us--9 a.m.--and piddled around for a bit. Later in the morn, the hubs went outside to work in the yard, where he stayed most of the day, and I cleaned, cooked and did some freelance work and also some work work. I got behind a little last week with the dogter's illness.

So, we watched Lars and the Real Girl last night. It was a little slow but funny. Not "tears down face funny" but "quirky humor funny." It was a little sad too. The movie didn't explain a lot of why Lars did what he did--you really had to take some mental leaps and intellectual guesses to figure out what was going on. But I liked it. I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

In between doing all of my other stuff today, I spent about 30 minutes outside planting my new herbs. Here are some pics:

Left to right: Dill, oregano and thyme in one pot; sage, which is blooming; and more oregano.

Left to right: Lime basil; Italian basil and spicy basil; and another pot of dill, oregano and thyme. That little plant on the right is my Cherokee Purple heirloom tomato I bought yesterday. I need to get it in the ground but I am waiting for my other plants to come from Burpee which STILL ARE NOT HERE! I am really peeved with Burpee and sent them a note which I still have not received a reply to. I, mean, they've had my money, FOR THREE WEEKS, but I have NO plants and NO idea when I am going to get them. Bad customer service.

What I'm Cooking:
Bow down, y'all--I made lunch AND dinner today! OK, lunch was just egg salad, but it was so good. I added some fresh dill from the herb pot garden and the egg salad was warm and I served it on soft wheat buns. MMMM! I also made a big picture of iced tea with about three lemons in it--good and lemony like I like it.

For dinner, I made some Ore-Ida Home Fries (which were buy one, one free at the market this week)--we had never had them before and they were quite good. And I made feta burgers which are hamburgers with feta cheese and Knorr Spinach Dip mix mixed in. They are really good. The recipe is on the Knorr website. I served it with a side of tomato-onion salad--some chopped Roma tomatoes that were about to go bad, the other chopped half of a huge Vidalia onion I used in another recipe earlier in the week and fresh chopped basil, all drizzled with balsamic vinegar and EVOO. Yum. I had a Corona with mine.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention we ate BOTH of our meals on the deck today--our first outside eatin' of the year!

What I'm Listening To:
The dryer tossing the last few minutes of towels that need to be folded.

What I'm Reading:
I finished that chick-lit book today. Like I said, it wasn't that challenging but was a nice, enjoyable read.

What's On My Mind
I just got one of these emails earlier today, so I have to say that one of my annoyances are people who hit "reply to all" when they shouldn't. PAY ATTENTION FOLKS! I don't want to read your message back, I don't want to receive your message back and I just think you are 'effin stupid because you don't know how to simply hit "reply" (or you must be an ego-tard [egotistical retard] who thinks everyone wants to know that you are replying).

OK, time to start thinking about bed. Happy Cinqo de Mayo tomorrow, peeps! If I don't post tomorrow, you will know it was a good one for me!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sa-Sa-Sa-Saturday Night

Those of you who are truly old will get the title of this blog--S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT! Woot! Bay City Rollers!

Anyway, folks, here we are on Saturday eve and I do not know where the day has gone. Wow. Here's the catch up of the past few days.

First, I spoke to soon about Savannah being on the mend. I took her out for a walk Thursday evening and, let me tell you, I have never seen such nasty stuff come out of human or beast. She pooped this DISGUSTING wad of mucus-encapsulated diarreahea. With blood in it. Needless to say, I freaked out a little, called the vet who said it sounded like she had colitis (simply put, an irritation/infection of the colon, apparently brought on by her intestinal virus earlier in the week) and we could come get some medicine the next morning. But, first, we had to make it through the night. So, it was ANOTHER night of sleepless, poop-cleanup duty.

I actually did get a few hours of fitful shut-eye on the couch between 2 and 6 a.m. If I was Martha Stewart, I would have been fresh as a daisy Friday. However, I am the type of person who needs a minumum of 8 hours of sleep, 9 hours preferred. So, Friday was rougher than my heels after winter. Which is why I didn't post. Because about 2 p.m., I hit the sleepy wall. I even made coffee mid-afternoon but it did nothing for me. Luckily, it was Friday Night Eat Out so we went to the Waffle House, the grocery store and then I was in bed at 9 p.m. After taking a honkin' Tylenol PM to ensure I would sleep well. And I did. 10 wonderful hours of solid sleep. Bliss.

Poor hubs slept on the couch to keep an eye on the dogter last night. I lovingly informed him it was his turn, as in "damnit, it's your damn turn tonight, dude." Of course, as Fate would have it, she was perfect last night and no mid-night pooping. Bitch. Really. That little bitch. Sometimes I just think she hates me.

Anywho, today we met with our contractor and designer about our remodel and we all agreed on a look so we are progressing forward with designs. Excitement! It is all a little nerve wracking though--so much money and so many things to consider. I told the hubs if we are done by Christmas, I will be surprised. Of course, the whole process took HOURS so by the time everyone left, we just ate a bite and laid down for a nap. We both have had a rough couple of night with the dogter and were just bone tired.

After naps, we went for a little ride to some local nurseries. I bought three different kinds of basil--Italian, Spicy and Lime. Last year we had a bumper crop of tomatoes, and I thought if we did again this year, I wanted plenty of basil on hand to make great salads. I am excited about the Lime basil--sounds like it will be fab-u-lous in salsa!

Since we were already out, we just grabbed a quick bite to eat at the local greasy spoon. It sounded good at the time, but now my stomach is sort of turning. Maybe a beer will calm it down. Ha.

What I'm Cooking:
Tune in later this week--lots of good stuff planned (if no more dog drama keep me up and eating out!)

What I'm Listening To:
My dogs whining and carrying on as the hubs prepares their dinner.

What I'm Reading:
Started a new book--yeah!--but it is simple chick-lit sleuthy-thing. Since I just read a "hard one," I had to stagger with a non-challenging pick.

What's On My Mind
Ok, this is a new one. It's just sort of a place for me to put odd thoughts or cool words or sayings or annoyances that I am fixated on. For today, here it is--it annoys the hell out of me when people are waiting in line, and then when it is their turn, they are not ready. Like standing in line to order at a restaurant and then getting to the counter, but you haven't made your decision. Or waiting in line at the Walmart pharmacy, and then cashing out and having to fumble for your insurance card or wallet/money. DAM-YUM PEEPS--GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! Seriously. You should be ready to go when it is your turn. Remember how annoyed you were when you were waiting?? Yeah, well that's the way everyone feels about YOU now.

Well, it's Saturday movie night, so I gots to go. I will give a review of the movie on my next blog--it is Lars and the Real Girl, which is supposed to be a quirky indy flick. We'll see. Sometimes we love those (Little Miss Sunshine) and other times we don't (Junebug--actually, we loved Amy Adams in Junebug, but she was the only good thing in it). G'night!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Short and Sweet

Well, not much to tell today now that the doggie drama is dying down. In fact, I am going to avoid talking about the doggies today, which was pretty much boring. Work, ran out at lunch for some errands, bought a new tshirt and blouse at Kohls--both dark brown. I am getting more and more into chocolate brown. You know, it is the new black. Ha.

Big news--today I started applying self-tanner! Now, what you have to know is I am pretty much a ghost so I need all the help I can get. I use the Dove Glow stuff for fair to medium. It is the only one I have found that does not make me look dirty. I actually do not get too bent out of shape about being pale. Pale means no wrinkles from sun damage, dude, and I fear wrinkles MUCH MORE than pale skin.

OK, here's a favorite thing the hubs and I recently latched onto.

It is CoffeeMate's new International Series, Italian style--Italian Creme, which is just a super creamy yummy treat, and Hazelnut Biscotti, which is like a super sweet hazelnut. Mmm, mmm, good!

What I'm Cooking:
Look at this peeps:

Yeah, damn skippy, that was dinner tonight. New recipe--Fabulous Wet Burritos. Ground beef, green chilis, onion and refried beans rolled into a tortilla and topped with a sauce made from beanless chili and enchilada sauce. Topped with cheese and sour cream (not pictured!) and served on a bed of rice mixed with fresh cilantro and Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipolte Seasoning. It was so pretty, I had to take a pix!

What I'm Listening To:
At this exact moment, Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J.

What I'm Reading:
Proofs, proofs and proofs for work.

I know this was a short one but I have lots to do tonight between some freelance stuff, making a grocery list and watching Grey's Anatomy's. Have a good one, folks!