Friday, April 18, 2008


Whew, it's here! Maybe this wasn't the week to start a blog, but I've surprised myself with staying with it so far, so yeah for me!

I told y'all I did not have human kiddos but I do have furry ones--two girl terriers. They are simply the cutest bitches ever! Don't believe me?? Then, check this out:

See, damn cuteness! We spoil them horribly--in fact, I wish I was my dog! All I would have to do all the time is sleep on the furniture, eat premium food and treats, and get belly rubs. However, we had to do something about chow time--they both were bolting down the food and often gagging on it. I mean, can you do the Heimlich on dogs? Yeah, I don't know either, but I didn't want to find out, so the girls got new food bowls:

They are called Brake-fast bowls and they are quite igenious! The dog has to eat around the little nubs that stick up which slows them down. We saw them at our pet food store but they never had two/were sold out so I finally ordered ours online ( Our youngest dog (Pepsi, the brindle) got a system down right away, however, our oldest (Savannah, the wheaten) has struggled with eating out of it. Of course, she was also the worst of the two to gulp down her chow. Watching her eat from it the past couple of days has been funny and sad. She has sort of gotten it stuck on her nose a few times and it almost scares her. She REALLY does not like it. I hope she will develop a system like her sister or she may just stop eating. Bless her heart!

BTW, I have to interject that we adopted both our dogters as adults so we did NOT name them. And, yes, that is Pepsi, as in the soft drink. She is actually Pepsi VIII, so there are seven ancestors.

So today has been all about working even though it is gloriously sunny outside. I almost considered eating lunch on my deck but the pollen here is so thick you choke on it.

Another happening night tonight at Casa Bunny--dinner out (somewhere fast and cheap) and onto the grocery store! Woo-hoo! The hubs and I had planned to do some more yard work tomorrow but now the forecast is 70% rain, so we may go look at some windows and doors for the remodel. The fun just never ends.

And, hey, I finished that article on dementia. It wasn't my best piece of work, and not my worst either, but it is DONE! Now, I can spend that time cleaning the house instead. Joy.

Have a good one, peeps!

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