Monday, April 14, 2008

Long Cold Monday

It's been a long, dreary Monday. After all that yard work yesterday and staying up later last night to complete a freelance assignment, I did not feel like getting out of bed this morning. Add to that cold, overcast weather and, well, you can get the picture--it was a great day to lay in bed with a book, a quilt and a mug of cocoa (ok, coffee with Bailey's) and nap. In Dreamland.

However, I had to work, and though I work from home, I am very focused and put in my hours. But at around 2 p.m. today, my focus slid off the track and all I wanted to do was put my head on my desk for 10 minutes.

And there is the car door slamming--I asked the hubs to go out to dinner and he is obliging so I guess I have to wrap this up early today. I was just too damn tired to lift a skillet. Anywho, maybe I will be back to fine form tomorrow.

C-ya then!

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