Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

Since my life is so overwhelmingly boring these days, I thought I would do a twist on today's posting and share some of my current favorite things. I actually Single White Femaled this idea (that would mean "stole it") from another blogger so kudos to her for coming up with it. Here we go:

1) My dogs sleeping:

I mean, Savannah is so freakin' cute in this photo, though she is giving me the evil eye. The hubs and I used to worry that the girls were bored all day at home alone. Now that I work from home, I realize how incredibly stupid we were to feel guilty--all they damn well do is sleep on the furniture all day!

2) This curl gel:

I have extremely thick, naturally curly hair that is hard to manage. Thus, any product from $4 to $54 dollars that promises less frizz, better curl definition or silky locks, I will buy. I have a hair product graveyard under my sink because most of them do not work. But this product, which is around $8 (woo-hoo!), has been working for me so far. We'll see what happens when the humidity of summer hits.

3) This coffee:

My hubs and I didn't start drinking coffee until about four years ago when they put Temptation a few miles from us, also known as Starbucks. The habit became too expensive, so we started brewing our own and now we are fiends. This is one of the best we've tried. Another reason to love Trader Joe's.

4) This coffee creamer:

Seriously, if Coffee-Mate ever stops making this, I will have a breakdown. Seriously. Sometimes it's the only reason I get out of bed in the morning.

5) This candle:

Tyler candles are da' bomb! They smell awesome (but don't buy them if you don't like super strong scented candles; me, that's why I buy candles--to smell 'em). And THEY DON'T SMOKE like some more expensive, uberly-touted candles I've tried (ahem, Votivo, ahem)

6)These rolls:

I first saw these rolls in a "reader favorite" feature in Rachel Ray magazine. The hubs and I go through a bag a week. Now, they ain't good for you per se, but they are SO TASTY--crusty on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. Just like a roll at a fancy restaurant.

7) This artwork:

I bought this piece of folk art at Folk Fest last August. I love this piece because it was 1) terribly inexpensive, 2) had a great message and 3) is so freakin' clever--it is actually painted on a old-fashioned wooden ruler--ruler/ruler! I love the play on words!

What I'm Cooking:
Tonight I cooked thin-sliced steaks again with the garlic, EVOO and lemon marinade, however, the steaks were thinner than the ones I previously bought so they were little well done. I thought about chucking it in and using them to make a steak and spinach salad but I forged ahead with the original menu. The good news is the Simply Potatoes Garlic Mashed Potatoes were yummy and the salad (arugala, spring mix, craisins and almonds with blue cheese vinegrette) was really good too. And, oh yeah, the rolls, the really good rolls (see above).

What I'm Listening To:
My dogs snore.

What I'm Reading:
My Eldorado Stone catalog--"the most realistic stone veneer in the world." Wonder if that means it is also the most expensive.

Good night!

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