Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Green Eggs & Spam

Well, today started off by me sleeping in. I am so freakin' tired. Sometimes I think I have a disease. The hubs says, yeah, and it's called "Old Age." (bastard!)

Anyway, it was work, work, work again today. I missed Dancing with the Stars last night since we were watching the Indiana Jones movie, but I caught up by watching it online while I ate my lunch. Watching online is awesome because, like a tape, you can fast forward through the boring bits.

This afternoon, UPS delivered part of my Burpee order--the non-plant parts. I don't think they ship the plants until they are ready to go into the ground--I hope they give me a heads-up before they send or I will be scrambling to find a place to put 24 strawberry vines!

I also had yet another contractor come today to give me a quote on another piece of the remodel. People are going to think I am the neighborhood whore with all these men coming by all day--"we know what she's working at home!" Anyway, this company will completely redo your crawl space with concrete and spray insulation so it is super useful and efficient. Dude, I am more excited about that than anything we have planned! I hope it will make our house warmer, our electric bill cheaper and the crawl space better for storage overall. I will have to take "before" and "after" photos and post.

Tonight, I worked on freelance stuff and watched Hell's Kitchen--Chef Ramsey is da' bomb! I think it's a hoot when he calls people "donkey!" Ha!

What I'm Cooking:
Tonight, I made frittata which is like a big omlet you cook in the oven. Or maybe it's better to say it's a crustless quiche. We eat frittata a lot in the summer because it is a nice, light dish. And it's super easy to cook. You can put in pretty much any meat or veggie for filling. For this one, I browned mild Italian sausage then stirred in a heap of arugala. Then I whisked together a cup of Eggbeaters and 4 eggs (I couldn't use the dozen eggs the recipe called for--sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen) with about a half cup of sour cream and poured it on top of the sausage and arugala. Because I have hard anodized aluminum cookware, I stuck the whole skillet in the oven until it was set, about 30-40 minutes. In hindsight, it could have used a little savory cheese--maybe goat or gorgonzola. I served the frittata with a salad of spring mix, sliced strawberries, roasted pecans and blue cheese with an olive oil and white balsamic vinegar dressing. Mmm, mmm, good!

What I'm Listening To:
I don't know that I even heard a note today. Sad.

What I'm Reading:
My to-do list and window and door catalogs for the remodel. Gripping stuff!

Tomorrow my hubs boss is coming to the house. Long story but I cannot be bothered to go to any extra effort. Of course, this past weekend was "light cleaning" weekend. Oh well!

Off to Sleepy Town! Toodles!

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